About Smudged Thoughts

When I created Smudged Thoughts, I wasn’t exactly sure why. Why would I want to put a piece of myself out into the most terrible place known to man — the great and powerful cyberspace — when I wasn’t even all that great a writer? There are much better writers out there — much better bloggers. Smudged Thoughts would simply get lost in the mass of successful blogs that I was plunging it into. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

And then I realized. . .

I was creating Smudged Thoughts, not because I wanted success, but for something much more personal. Something that a writer will always feel, no matter how terrified they are of rejection.

I created Smudged Thoughts because I wanted to share something with the world. Whatever that may be.

I have learned in my few years on this earth that self-doubt is the most toxic poison to any person. Whether they are a writer, an artist, a musician, it doesn’t matter. No amount of outside rejection can crush you more than self-doubt. Rejection hurts, but pain doesn’t last. Never trying anything because you are too afraid, never experiencing new things. . . That lasts forever.

So I took a hop, a skip, and a flutter of my slightly crumpled wings, and Smudged Thoughts burst into existence. It may not be perfect. It may not even be good. But it’s mine. And I love it for that.

So what is Smudged Thoughts, you ask? It’s a place for writers to unite, a place where I give my top tips and tricks for the wondrous craft of writing (the helpfulness of which is entirely debatable). I’ll share my book recommendations for readers who are looking for good, clean fiction, and post excerpts and updates for my current works in progress.

And yes. Our tagline is The Worst Blog in Cyberspace. Maybe that’s a joke. Maybe it’s not. All I know is that not everything has to be the best to be perfect.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy my Smudged Thoughts as much as I enjoy writing them!

— Kenzie