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A Fantastical Q&A– Part Two (in which I answer the greatest riddle of all time)

Good morning, Cyberspace! Seeing as though the title of this Smudge is A Fantastical Q&A– Part Two, I’m just going to assume that you’re here because you’ve already read (and hopefully enjoyed???) Part One and want to know how this drudgingly long Q&A ends.

And if that isn’t the case, and you just decided to click Part Two having no idea whatsoever as to what you were clicking, then you’re just plain weird.

Which is awesome. *flings cookies at your face*

But since I’m trying to keep this post much shorter than the last one, I’m going to skip the lengthy and slightly unnecessary intro and just jump into the questions.



Let the questioning COMMENCE!

— A Fantastical Q&A- Part Two (in which I answer the greatest riddle of all time) —

Question Thirteen– What’s your favorite language (other than English) and what language would you want to learn most (or are currently learning)? [yes, I do realize that was two questions 😛 ] —loverofbunnies2

(I included that second part because I find it hilarious, and also because I highly approve of your parenthesis usage)

I’m not sure if this actually counts as an entirely different language, but I think my favorite language besides English would have to be sign language, or ASL in particular. Technically, ASL is sort of still English, but I’m going to treat it like a completely different language, anyway. I mean, it’s pretty much a complete language all its own, right?


I took a sign language class in school a few years back, but for my senior year we decided to pick it up again, and I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s just so extraordinary to be able to talk without using any words. Almost magical.

And I also love flopping my hands around and having it mean something.

Question Fourteen– What fictional world do you want to live in? —shewillwriteandwrite

*sucks in deep breath*



Give me Wonderland or give me DEATH!

did I actually just do a short answer? #miracle

Question Fifteen– What made you wake up and say “I want to start a blog today.”? —kirsten

For me, starting a blog wasn’t really an “Oh! I’m gonna start a blog today!” sort of thing. It was a long-time coming, really, and the initial thought actually sprouted into my mind late at night, which is…not normal.

But my initial plan for a blog was nothing like what you’re seeing today. In fact, what I was initially going to do was make a short story blog, where I would post chapter-by-chapter stories weekly/yearly/never.

And then I found Wattpad, and my dream was crushed.

But then I wrote a short story for a competition (which I never actually entered???) that they were hosting, and thus spawned Gretel. So technically it wasn’t an entire disappointment, yes?

But the desire to blog still nagged at me like an irritating mosquito bite, and I decided that I should still start a blog because #whynot. Sure, it wouldn’t be what I had initially planned, but I’ve always been deathly afraid of story-stealers, anyway.

So I decided that my little blog would house all of my fantabulous (bahahahahahahaha)writing advice, and also some book reviews and other such nonsense that I’ve never actually done on here.

I’m not sure of the exact date when I decided to make a web address and everything, but all it took was one summer morning, about three billion years of web design and widget frustration, and BAM!

Smudged Thoughts was born.

You’re welcome.

Question Sixteen– What’s your favorite computer game? —rosedalearts

I think a lot of people would probably answer this question with Minecraft, but if I’m being totally honest here, Minecraft freaks me out.

There’s just too much freedom. It’s terrible.

Sometimes I’ll play with my brother when he spawns a new world, and I’ll just be wandering aimlessly around trying to make a tree hut whilst he’s down in the depths of a mine digging up diamonds and emeralds and a bunch of other random stuff while simultaneously creating a four-story mansion and going into monster horde dungeons to collect treasure.

It’s really quite unfair.

I actually don’t play many computer games… I used to, and my absolute favorite game was Webkinz. I mean, I guess that’s more of a website than a game, but still. It was the best.

But now I’ve lost my password and my email address has changed so there’s literally no way I can ever go back and play it again.


I feel like I really failed at answering this question…

Question Seventeen– If you were to borrow a theme-song, which one would it be? —To be a Shennachie

I’m not exactly sure if you mean ‘borrow’ as in another super-hero’s theme-song, or if you mean ‘borrow’ as in any song on the entire planet.

I’m going with the latter.

And my theme song would be–


You know that feeling when a song just speaks to you on a personal level? This song does that for me. It lifts me up when I’m feeling down. It gives me hope when I have none.

I really don’t know what I would do without this song, guys. If you have a moment, you should really give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Question Eighteen– WHY ARE WRITERS GENERALLY CRAZY, HYPER PEOPLE? #me —monkeyeverythingblog

#metoo, monkeyeverythingblog. #metoo

And the answer to this question is quite simple.

Writers are generally crazy, hyper people because we literally sit in a chair all day and do nothing besides flex our brainy muscles until they turn to mush.

And thus, once we actually begin to physically move, our bodies immediately think, “OH MY WORD WE’RE ACTUALLY MOVING SOMETHING OTHER THAN THE FINGERS WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING????” and so–in their immense state of panic and confusion–they find it completely impossible to stop moving/making loud noises out of their food-holes.

We’re basically like the energizer bunny. Except not pink.

Or fluffy.

(I am actually both pink and fluffy, but whatever. No biggie.)

Question Nineteen– What’s your favorite TV show/movie? —shewillwriteandwrite

So, just to be clear on this, you want my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TV show/movie, correct?



Here’s my list:

— TV Shows —

  • Sherlock
  • Doctor Who
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Fringe

— Movies —

  • Alice In Wonderland (Tim Burton Version)
  • Harry Potter
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Lord of The Rings
  • Corpse Bride


Question Twenty– Do you throw cookies at people in real life? What do you think would be the most useful cookie for throwing at people? Would you carry cookies with you to throw, and how often would you throw them? —kirsten

Now these are very, very good questions, and I thank thee muchly for asking them.

However, I must disappoint you and say that…no.  I do not currently throw cookies at people.


Because I have a plan, Cyberspace! Oh ho ho, I have a plan! And it is a beautiful plan. It is a glorious plan.

It is the bestest, most wonderful plan that has ever existed in the history of plans.

And it shall take place if/when I ever actually finish a book that’s worth publishing.

So basically never.

But as for the most useful cookie to throw, it is my firm belief that Chips Ahoy, Oreos, and basically any of those weirdly delicious-yet-hard-and-crispy-cookies-that-look-and-taste-nothing-like-a-real-cookie would be perfect for throwing, as they will not crumble into absolutely nothing upon impact.

And you also get an entire bag of them without having to sit near a stifling oven all day whilst donning a chef’s hat.

(you cannot bake cookies without donning a chef’s hat, sir)

However, I also believe that chocolate chip oatmeal cookies would be deliciously fling-able, as well, so that has to be my second choice…

And also they’re my favorite cookie.

And I would most definitely carry cookies with me to fling at people’s faces! Dost thou ever doubt?

But, of course, I cannot do this yet, because #STICKTOTHEPLANSMOLKENZIE! 

But I will do this someday…

Oh, yes. Yes, I will…

And I would pretty much fling them at everybody constantly. I mean, who doesn’t want to get hit in the face with a cookie? I know I would want to get hit in the face with a cookie…

Especially if it was chocolate chip oatmeal…

Question Twenty-One– Would you rather have tea with swamp monsters or posh skeletons? —rosedalearts

Seeing as though the foul substance known as tea is my MEGA ARCH-RIVAL, my initial reaction to this question was a resounding, BLECH!

However, it has since come to my attention that they shall also be serving fruit punch as well as the disgraceful tea, and therefore I shall humbly accept their offer of fruity liquid.

And I’ll admit it, I kept bouncing back and forth between my two options here. At first I was going to go with the swamp monsters, because skeletons just really freak me out, okay?

They’re people…who are dead.


And then they’ve got those grinning jaws and weird pushed-in noses and maggots crawling out of their rotting brains and I just really don’t like skeletons, guys.

But then, as I continued pondering my answer, I realized that swamp monsters are pretty much a dime a dozen around here. Posh skeletons on the other hand…well…

I really need to see this with my own eyes.

So I shall be drinking fruit punch with the moldy posh skeletons, please. They probably have better manners than the swamp monsters, anyway.

And they’re posh.

Question Twenty-Two– Where’s Waldo? —To be a Shennachie

Right behind you…

Question Twenty-Three– Among all the “novels” or stories that you’ve written, which one inspired you or gave you the biggest feeling of accomplishment? … or I could also ask, which one was your fav? —monkeyeverythingblog

Okay, so I’ve got like three different answers depending on which way I look at this question, and I don’t know which one to give…

So I’mma give them all.

The story that gave me the biggest feeling of accomplishment really has to be the very first novel I actually completed–The Dragon Elements. I was around 13-ish when I wrote it, and by the time I was finished, it weighed in at about 515 computer pages. To me, that was one of the biggest milestones I’ve ever achieved.

And also probably one of the most junkiest stories I’ve ever written.

But it really was a giant accomplishment for me. I was so proud of that cliche little (giant?) book, and I remember very clearly the night that I actually finished the first draft. (or shall I say, the only draft)

Oh. And did I mention that I wrote the entire thing by hand?

Because I wrote the entire thing by hand.

(and it was painful)

But when it comes to which story inspired me the most, I’m going to have to go with T, which is a story that A) you have not heard anything about yet, and B) I have not even written at this current point in time.

HOWEVER. This story is so inspiring to me, and is therefore the most inspiring story that I have ever not written.

But my favorite book (that I’ve actually written) has to be everlost. Not necessarily plot-wise, but character-wise, it is quite literally a masterpiece.

Thao is perfection, Adaline is adorably insane, Peter is a nerd (which is awesome) and “Bella” is nearly everything I wanted her to be.


The plot could obviously use some tightening and correcting and maybe even some twisting, but other than that, I’m totally in love with this story, and I cannot wait until the second draft is done so that I can share it with my betas.

Who will promptly shred it and tear it and burn it at the stake, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves, here.

Question Twenty-Three– How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? —My Flawless Sister


Well, that’s it from me, Cyberspace! Those are my answers to all of your delightfully weird, wacky, and absolutely wonderful questions! (If I forgot one, feel free to stab me with your favorite rusted pitchfork) I would like to thank each and every one of you for commenting with your questions! None of this would ever have happened without you, and you, sir, deserve ALL OF THE COOKIES!

Also–if there’s one recluse out there like me who hasn’t noticed–it is officially July, folks. And you all know what that means.


I know. I know. This is sad for all of us. How will you survive without me here to yak at your face every Tuesday? What will you do without my somber words of wisdom? Who will fling cookies at your face, if not I?

No one. You shall have no cookie flinging while I’m gone, obviously.

But you shall survive, dear bean. You shall survive. For I will only disappear until August, and by then I’ll be so behind on the blogosphere rejuvenated that I shall crumple into a puddle of tears write ALL OF THE POSTS and fling ALL OF THE COOKIES at your sad faces until you smile.

But until then, I must leave you. It has been an honor, my dearest peeps, but now I must say farewell. Farewell, my smol crumblings, my marshmallows, and my fellow crazies. Farewell.

Until the seven suns rise again…

*flings cookies in your face and disappears*

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A Fantastical Q&A– Part One (in which I force you to read 3392 words of complete insanity[#ihavenoshame])

Good morning, Cyberspace! This past Friday I came to you with a plea for help. I needed questions for a Q&A that I’ve been wanting to do ever since I started this blog for a small period of time now, and so I asked you–my fellow cookie crumbles–to give me the weirdest and wackiest questions you could come up with.

And I’ll be honest, guys. I thought this little project was going to be a complete and utter FLOP. I thought I was going to have to hide my head in a paper bag of shame and completely delete my last post so that no one would see the horrendous mistake I made.

But alas, I was (as usual) wrong.

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A Fantastical Q&A (but only with your help [because you’re the Chosen One, obviously])

SURPRISE, CYBERSPACE!!!!! Bet ya didn’t think I would ever post this early on a Friday morning, did you???


Well, you were wrong, so let us take a moment to bask in the glory that is my spontaneity.

And also to weep violently in the nightmare that is my current predicament, because #help.

See, if you were just randomly sucked into this post by force of my sheer and rather overpowering will and never got a chance to actually glance at the title, you would have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, which is that I am planning on doing A Fantastical Q&A for next Tuesday’s blog post!!! WHOO!!

Because what better way to blast much more personal information than is healthy onto the Great and Terrible Cyberspace than by doing a Q&A, am I right?

Of course I’m right.

There’s just one little problem.

I have no questions to answer.

And since it is physically impossible to answer questions that do not exist, I have decided to come to you, my fellow marshmallow peeps, with a plea for help.

Because I need you to make this Fantastical Q&A actually work.

I need you. I need your brain meats. I need all of the weird, wacky, writerly, and completely random questions you always never wanted to ask me.

I need you to ask these questions, which I will then flawlessly answer like the majestic blogger that I am.


It’s sort of a game, see? A way for us to connect, get to know me each other a little better.

And all I need you to do is ask me ALL OF THE QUESTIONS down in the comments below!

Want to know what my favorite cheese is? Ask it! Want to know what the earliest writing project I can remember was? (HINT: it’s probably about horses) Ask it! Want to know why I became a writer, what my favorite cookie is, or why in the world did I decide to begin blogging in the first place???

Ask it!

Ask me ALL OF THE QUESTIONS, and I shall do my best to give ALL OF THE ANSWERS!

And if this decides to turn into the giant flop that I foresee happening in my near-future, we’ll just completely forget this ever happened and move on with our daily lives like the happy little biscuits that we are.

And now, without further ado–

Let The Questioning Begin!!!

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*

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everlost: A Second Draft Update (and also a smol rant because #whynot)

Good morning, Cyberspace! It is currently 11:32 am on Monday, the 19th of June, and I have decided to take a smol break from rewriting everlost because A) I need a post for tomorrow and even though I have like 11 posts that should technically be ready to schedule in my writing folder, they’re all unfinished so it’s obviously easier to just write an entirely new post one day in advance, and B) I am physically and mentally dead.

*breathes in deeply because #longsentencewithterriblepunctuation*

And what better way to take a break from writing my book than to hop on over to my blog and rant about my book, am I right?

Of course I’m right. I’m always right.

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The Evil Writer Award (in which I am evil and ruthless [as usual])

Bonjour, mon Cyberespace! I am so uber (yes this is a word what are you talking about) excited for today’s Smudge!!!! And do you know why?

Do you?

Do you???


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“You only have ONE CHANCE to tell this story!” (and why this advice is utter rubbish)

Good afternoon, Cyberspace!

There are about a million and one tips and tricks that people just LOVE to blurt out when it comes to the struggle of writing, aren’t there? Writers love to give other writers encouragement. NON-writers love to give writers encouragement.

Pinterest loves to give writers encouragement

And I’m willing to bet that all of you have heard this lovely piece of advice at one time or another:

This is your ONE CHANCE to tell this story! This is your story, your words, your world that you have built from nothing! Own it! You have one chance!”

In fact, I’ll admit it–I’m completely guilty of flinging out this little line when it comes to giving writing help.

And I’m sure that this particular piece of advice comes from the well-meaning encourager trying to tell people that their story is 100% uniquely their own and only they can tell the story the way that they want to tell it and they shouldn’t worry about throwing ALL OF THE THINGS into their story because, again, their beautiful minds are unique and perfect and all that–


I have come to the firm conclusion that this is one of the most rubbish pieces of advice that I have ever heard in my entire life.

And here’s why.

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7 Websites I Initially Thought Were Scams (but will not, apparently, hack into your computer and rob you blind)

Happy Friday, Cyberspace!

Remember last Tuesday when I said that I wasn’t going to just randomly disappear into thin air? Well, guess who just randomly disappeared into thin air this past week?

That’s right. This cookie right here.

But never you fear, my smol crumb, for I have returned to you with a thousand and one excuses as to my absence that I shall not be naming because A) they’re extremely lame and not at all worthy of my absence, and B) I only have like three excuses.

HOWEVER! I have not been completely MIA, as I actually wrote a guest post over on the wonderful Alex’s blog, Lord Of The Trekkies, which was posted yesterday! So technically I still posted something this week? Just…not on my own blog.


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My Amazing (and completely impossible) Summertime Goals (In Which I Disappear For About A Month [or three?])

Happy Tuesday, Cyberspace!

Now, I’m not sure if any of you have noticed this, but it seems that no matter what blog I happen to stumble across in the maniacal blogosphere lately, every human, cyborg, and chocolate chip cookie is posting their totally envious writing/blogging/life goals for this upcoming summer. And seeing everyone get so excited to make goals and be held within the gnarly, snaggled claws of accountability of the Great and Terrible Cyberspace, well…

I was inspired.

I mean, what better way to stick to your writing goals than by blasting them out into the internet for everyone to see? If you happen to achieve them, everyone cheers and applauds and throws cookies at your face in celebration.

And if you fail, everyone screams at you like a wild black-toothed banshee and stabs you in the left toe with a rusted metal pitchfork.

Or, in other words, you feel extremely ashamed of yourself and stab your own left toe with a rusted metal pitchfork whilst looking like you just got the worst sunburn across your face because #SHAME.

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Book Bites: Five Books You Probably Have Not Read (and that you totally should)

Good evening, Cyberspace! As you all probably know by now, Smudged Thoughts is basically a Writer’s Resort where I scream and yell at you all with spittle flinging from my snarled teeth about how to be a better, more productive (bahahahahahaha) writer.

Well, today I’m going to be doing something a little bit different. (as usual)

Today, we shall be venturing into the world of books.

As in books that are actually and physically available to buy, and not just sitting on a hard-drive in your computer looking like the soggy, half-finished cookie that it is.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award (YET AGAIN!)

Good afternoon, Cyberspace! I have come to the conclusion that I must be the most sunshiney person on this beloved planet, because WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

I have been tagged YET AGAIN for the Sunshine Blogger Award!! Which is fantastic, because obviously I love telling all you stalkers sane human beings ALLLLL about me and the relatively boring life that I lead.

Anyway, this time around, I have been tagged by the amazing Anna from Writerly Wonderings (and you should totally go check out her blog, because it is one of my absolute favorites).

Thank you SO much for nominating me, Anna! I absolutely love doing these tags… (not to mention they provide a ‘get out of doing an original blog post free card’ [but we shall not linger on that fact…]) I am literally dying to answer these (especially 1, 2, 3, and 8), so I’m going to just jump straight in, because I’m really bad at intros.

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