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The Top 5 BEST Halloween Movies of All Time

good morning, cyberspace!

For those of you who have been living underneath a hollowed-out log for the past 30 days, tomorrow is Halloween.

i know. so shocking.

Ah, yes. Halloween. The most spooky day of the year, filled with children and candy and pumpkins and ghosties and those weird little gummy Dot things you find in the yellow boxes that no one really knows what they are, but they taste okay-ish so you eat them anyway.

Halloween. I’m probably on the opposite end of most Christian people, here, but I absolutely love Halloween. I love the candy and the dressing up. I love eating chocolate until I feel like I might burst and having no regrets because it’s Halloween. I love making caramel corn with my mom and handing out candy and taking back the candy because HOLD UP, G.I. JOE., THAT IS MY SNICKERS BAR!!!!!!! seeing what all of tiny children are dressing up as nowadays. I love dressing up as a mime and breaking my vow to stay silent all day after three hours of pure and intense torture. And above all this — at the very tippity top of my list for ALL THE THINGS that I love about Halloween — I absolutely adore watching Halloween movies. Continue reading “The Top 5 BEST Halloween Movies of All Time”

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All The Many Things I Have Learned From Preschoolers

good morning, cyberspace!

Today’s post is a little bit shorter than usual, folks. In fact, I have a feeling that a lot of my near-future posts are going to be slightly shorter than usual, which, if I’m being honest, is kind of depressing. I thought that once July ended, my proverbial plate would get a little lighter, but due to some very idiotic decisions* and a thirst for storytelling**, this has not come to pass.

you shall not pass lord of the rings GIF

However, because I am nothing if not a DO ALL OF THE THINGS! kind of peasant, I have decided that even though it would be remarkably nice to go on a Hiatus during the month of August, I am not going to.

In fact, I completely and irrevocably refuse to. Because I just got off an? Hiatus. Obviously.

So while all my posts in the near-future might be looking a little less than (and possibly a little late ahahahahahahaha….hahaha…ha [blame my siblings, folks. they coerced me into playing Hello Neighbor yesterday. they’re evil. {jk. i love you, butts}]), I am still going to continue blogging through this slightly stressful time. I’m not going to promise that I’ll have a post out every week, because quite frankly, I’m not sure if that is going to happen. But I can promise that there will be a post at least every two weeks. I’ll shoot for every, but if all else fails. . .at least you’ll know I’ll be coming ’round the mountain eventually, amiright?


. . .

Now let’s move on to the actual meat of this post.

*more details on this are coming soon

**please see above. Continue reading “All The Many Things I Have Learned From Preschoolers”

In Which The Cookie Queen Dominates The World (if only for one day)

Happy Friday, Cyberspace!

Now I know that this post is rather out of the blue, seeing as though I absolutely never post on Fridays, but it has come to my attention (via the wonderful bean, Jethan [GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG, GUYS]), that today is probably the most special day that has ever sprung into existence.

And what is this most glorious day, you might ask? What could possibly pull the Cookie Queen out from her lumbering sleep on a Friday such as this?

Well now, dear beans, the answer is quite simple.

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

So of course I had to post something to honor this most momentous occasion! After all, a Cookie Queen should acknowledge her noble subjects on their special day, should she not?

Of course she should.

And so, in honor of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, I have come to fling ALL OF THE COOKIES at your beautiful faces.

Because I am just that amazing, obviously.

So here you go, my marvelous followers!!!


*flings cookies everywhere and disappears*