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Beautiful People – August, 2017: Thao Edition

Good afternoon, Cyberspace! This past weekend has been super crazy hectic, what with my glorious birthday, proving my existence to the local DMV because apparently I am the mythical sasquatch, and going to Cedar Point (in which I was the lone rider of the Max Air [standing in line was so awkward]), all spaced out within four days. In fact, it was so super crazy hectic that I completely failed in putting together an original smudge to post today.

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Beautiful People ~ March Edition: Introducing The Girl With No Name

Good afternoon, Cyberspace! Thankfully, I have finally managed to return to my normal posting schedule today, so let us celebrate for a moment by stuffing our faces full of cookies and crying enthusiastic tears of joy.

Now, in the past I have participated in the Beautiful Books linkup hosted by Cait and Sky, which, basically, is this wonderful linkup designed to help writers get to know their NaNoWriMo stories (or just writing projects in general); however, now that NaNoWriMo is over, it seems to have reverted back into its natural state of Beautiful People, which I believe focuses more on the individual characters, rather than the whole book, in all of its glorious, plot-hole-filled entirety.

I could, however, be extremely wrong.

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Beautiful Books 2016: Ever Lost Update

Gooooooood morning, Cyberspace! Today is a wonderful, bright and shiny Saturday!


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