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The Smudged Thoughts PictoPrompter: Episode Two

G’day, Cyberspace! As you can probably guess by my extremely boring and predictable title, today is the second installment in my brand new bloggy fandangle thingy-ma-bobbin–The Smudged Thoughts PictoPrompter! WHOO!

*crickets chirping*

I was actually expecting episode one to be a giant flop, but it turns out that people actually responded really well to it, and, to my immense shock, we even got some participators!

So before we dive into this month’s prompt, I’d like to give you a few moments to go back and check out last month’s participants, who wrote some really spectacular stories based on last month’s image, which was–

–that thing.

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PictoPrompter: Episode I

Good afternoon, Cyberspace, and welcome to Episode I of the Smudged Thoughts PictoPrompter!!

I am so excited to get this project up and running, and I really hope to get all of my writer friends out there involved! I mean, what better way to grow closer to the writing community than by writing together? Right???

Ah??? Ah???????

Now, as I literally have no clue what I’m doing right now, this will probably end up being one epic fail, but I’m hoping that you guys will just play along and pretend that EVERYTHING IS GOING PERFECTLY FINE, because that is obviously what is going on here.

Okay? Okay!

Now, I’m sure that most of you out there are probably all like, “Wait a minute… What’s a PictoPrompter? What’s going on? Why am I strapped to this electric chair??? WHERE IN THE WORLD AM I??????”

And all of those are wonderful questions! So before we dive straight into this month’s picture, I have prepared this wonderful FAQ section that will hopefully explain this whole enchilada a little bit better…

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