The Get To Know Me Tag (Writer’s Edition!)

good morning, cyberspace!

As you can most likely already decipher from today’s lamely transparent title, today we are going to be doing the Get To Know Me Tag! (writer’s edition!)! Because I love doing tags. And I am a writer.

And also because I needed a cop-out post this week since my life has been super crazy hectic and I have not had a chance to come up with something clever and original.

Seriously, guys, I literally cannot even remember the last time I was able to sit down for a solid period of time and work on my book. It has been days. It has been weeks. IT HAS BEEN AN ETERNITY. But — thank the stars — my life finally looks like it’s about to calm down again (assuming I don’t get killed with a jackhammer over the weekend. . .? #demoday)which means that not only will I be able to work on everlost here in the next couple days, but I ALSO have something super special planned for next Tuesday!

Something glorious! Something spectacular!

Something suspiciously like the second installment in the Storytime With Kenzie! series. (*hint hint*)

So. If you can just bear with me for today and let me do this happy little tag, then I can personally assure you that next week you will be able to hear all about the frightening and woeful tale of how I nearly died. Sounds fun, amiright?

So without further ado and guilty apologies, let’s dive right into the tag!Read More »


The Five Most Commonly Used Writerly Abbreviations (that make me want to barf my cookies into a plastic bag)

Good evening, Cyberspace!

Today I am here–in my full pixie glory–with a deliciously spontaneous smudge for you all!

Because who am I if I am not both delicious and spontaneous?

my soul is made of cookie crumbles. obviously I am delicious.

Now, it has been a constant thought brewing in the back of my marshmallow mind that there is a remarkably wonderful community of writer-bloggers out there in the world–some of which I have had the amazing opportunity to communicate with through my own smol blog–and it finally occurred to me that there are two things in the bloggerly world that never seem to be addressed:Read More »