February Freeze Out! (it’s March Hare Madness all over again oh no)

EDIT: Sorry for the late post today, guys! I kind of forgot it was Tuesday. Aha.


good morning, cyberspace!

If you’ve been around Smudged Thoughts since last March, you already know that I’m screaming.

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“It’s flat!” you say. // A Poem

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Apparently the moment you tell the world that poetry just “isn’t your thing” is the moment a poem decides to stick itself into your noggin in the middle of the night whilst you’re trying to sleep.

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Voted Most Likely! — A Writer Tag

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As you can most likely guess by the title of this smudge, today’s post is going to be extremely fun.

Just recently (literally yesterday. aha. #oops?), I was tagged by the amazing, the glorious, the absolutely FANTASTICAL Phoebe from over at So It Is (Re)Written to do her brand spanking new writer’s tag, Voted Most Likely!!

And let me tell you guys, this tag looks fabulous. I read through the post just this morning and immediately knew I had to participate. The questions are perfect. The GIF’s Phoebe used are perfect. The fact that I get to use my own original characters to answer this tag, rather than use a bunch of characters created by other writers is — you guessed it — perfect.

Basically every single thing about this tag is absolute perfection, and I just couldn’t wait until next week to post my answers.

Aaaaaaand I may or may not have been busy over the weekend, which means that a blog post did not get written for this week. So I mean, not only is Phoebe an amazing friend, but she’s also my lifesaver for the day. #yay!

So without any further ado (and because I’m super lazy and don’t want to write a giant intro) let’s jump right into the tag!!

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An everlost Update — Third Drafts, Stubborn Trees, and Organization, OH MY!


I feel like I’ve done that with a title before. . . aha.

good morning, cyberspace!

As promised, today is going to be a very rambly, slightly incoherent post about ALL OF THE THINGS that have been going on in the world of everlost. Over the past few months weeks, a lot has happened with my smol little book son, and though I can’t necessarily tell you guys everything that I’ve been struggling with and scheming and writing — because of spoilers, obviously. ain’t no one got time for that — I do want to continue doing update posts for this book.

Even if they are slightly vague and bizarre.

Because someday I’ll be able to look back on this conglomeration of posts that make absolutely no sense and think — Oh yes. I remember when I was struggling with that. What jolly good memories, chappie.

So even if it’s slightly rambly, I do hope you enjoy this very incoherent word vomiting of thoughts.

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My First Ever Micro Short Story!

good morning, cyberspace!

Today’s post is hopefully going to be severely, SEVERELY short, but — as I have slowly begun to understand — this is completely okay. I’ve been saying it numerous times lately, and I feel like it’s finally beginning to sink in (even if it’s sinking in a little slowly.)SHORT BLOG POSTS ARE PERFECTLY OKAY.

So today we are going to be doing just that! Partly because the blog post I’ve been working on all weekend (and sorely neglecting everlost for) was a total fail, which left me once again at Monday night without anything to post for this morning. And also partly because I don’t want to spend all of today writing the new blog post I’ve chosen, which is basically a giant update post on ALL OF THE THINGS everlost. That’s going to take a lot of time and graphics, and though I’m really excited to begin writing it, I want to spend today working on my book.

Because, as I said, it has been severely neglected over the weekend, and I now need to write 3,000 words in one afternoon just to catch up.


When We Struggle

photo credit: Hello I’m Nik

good afternoon, cyberspace!

You guys, I’m going to be blatantly honest with you. I’ve been having a really hard time getting posts written up lately. As I believe I briefly mentioned last week, it’s not that I have a creative block when it comes to blogging. I’m actually more excited about being a blogger right now than I have been in quite some time. But for some reason, every time I go to write one of the many posts I want to get scheduled, I just sort of. . .fizzle out of inspiration and drive.

Lately, my writing has been feeling sub-par at best. Every word I write feels wrong or forced somehow, and each time I think I’ve finally hit the right track, I end up backing over myself and deleting the paragraphs I’d spent the last fifteen minutes working on.

In fact, as I’m writing this right now, it’s Monday night. Mere hours before the deadline for this week’s blog post. And yet, even though I’ve been working on a blog post all day for tomorrow — a delightful little romp about what it’s like having a bird bean as a friend — something in my heart is telling me that that is not the post I should be writing.

Something is telling me that I need to be writing about the struggle I’m currently facing.

So guess what, peasants? Today we are going to talk about the struggle

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The Little Bookshop of Whimsy — Episode 01. . .PROLOGUE

A quick note from Furious Kenzie. . .


swear I posted this yesterday!!!!!! I wrote this up, punched the Publish button, and then promptly closed out my window and left the room.

AND SOMEHOW IT DID NOT ACTUALLY GET PUBLISHED?????????? WHAT?????? I am so confused right now.

And also severely upset.


. . .

Okay. Fine. So this didn’t get posted yesterday. Whatever. I am sending it hurling out into the blogosphere today.

It’s not like I totally worked my butt off to get it read for yesterday or anything, ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

*punches computer in the face*


. . .and this has been — a quick note from Furious Kenzie. Please enjoy the rest of the smudge.


happy september, cyberspace!

As promised, I have something super duper special for all you lovely marshmallow fronds today!

And I know you guys are probably getting sick of me by now — two posts from Kenzie in TWO DAYS???? (#lies, apparently) What on earth is wrong with me? — but don’t worry. This is definitely not the new norm.

Like at all.

We’ll be reversing back to the one-post-per-month schedule here in a little bit, I can assure you. But for today. . .well, let’s just say that I’m really excited about what I’m about to show you. . .


(and if you don’t know what it’s a teaser for, then you obviously did not read the title page. what is wrong with you, peasant.)

And I know that I promised you guys that this thing would be officially up and running by August (and it is now the first day of September. . .aha.) — but let’s just say that last month was. . .weirdly packed.

And also that everlost has been severely demanding. So.

BUT I REALLY DO WANT TO WRITE THIS LITTLE SHORT THING! So we’re going to do it, one step at a time.

And step one begins today! But as I said, this is just a teaser. I don’t have any solid chapters drafted up yet, and once I do get them drafted up, I’m still going to be so absorbed with EV and possibly my BRAND NEW NANO PROJECT!!!! (*coughCOMINGSOON!cough*) to actually. . .you know. . .take the time to polish them up.

Which means that for the time being, The Little Bookshop of Whimsy is going to be slightly first drafty.

a.k.a it’s going to be absolutely atrocious ahahahahahahahahahaha–HACK.

But that’s not going to stop me from writing this, peasants!!! I’m low-key obsessed with writing random short stories, so even if it turns out terrible — and even though I have literally no clue how the plot of this story is going to go ahahahahaha — WE ARE STILL GOING TO GIVE IT A WHIRL.

So buckle up, my precious bits of peanut brittle! We’re gonna go on this adventure together. . .Read More »

The Get To Know Me Tag (Writer’s Edition!)

good morning, cyberspace!

As you can most likely already decipher from today’s lamely transparent title, today we are going to be doing the Get To Know Me Tag! (writer’s edition!)! Because I love doing tags. And I am a writer.

And also because I needed a cop-out post this week since my life has been super crazy hectic and I have not had a chance to come up with something clever and original.

Seriously, guys, I literally cannot even remember the last time I was able to sit down for a solid period of time and work on my book. It has been days. It has been weeks. IT HAS BEEN AN ETERNITY. But — thank the stars — my life finally looks like it’s about to calm down again (assuming I don’t get killed with a jackhammer over the weekend. . .? #demoday)which means that not only will I be able to work on everlost here in the next couple days, but I ALSO have something super special planned for next Tuesday!

Something glorious! Something spectacular!

Something suspiciously like the second installment in the Storytime With Kenzie! series. (*hint hint*)

So. If you can just bear with me for today and let me do this happy little tag, then I can personally assure you that next week you will be able to hear all about the frightening and woeful tale of how I nearly died. Sounds fun, amiright?

So without further ado and guilty apologies, let’s dive right into the tag!Read More »

Villain School 101 — The One About Clichés

good morning, cyberspace!

With all the story excitement buzzing around me lately — what with me actually finishing the second draft of everlost (and also having a real live human actually read it hahahahahahahaha #help) and already diving straight into some minor-ish revisions (someone please help me.) — I’ve been finding myself thinking a lot about the craft of building a story.

Relatable heroes, witty (and at times slightly corny) dialogue, vivid storyworlds, understandable and heart-wrenching character arcs. . . These are but a few of the necessary ingredients in the delicious cherry pie that is a good book. But above all these things — sitting high and proud upon the perfectly blended crust — is my personal, completely unbiased favorite — the ice cream.

Or, as it is more commonly known to the average mortal man — VILLAINS.Read More »


good morning, cyberspace

and yadda yadda yadda —


As of 3:11 pm on April 9th, everlost’s second draft is complete.


*vultures exploding*

*pitchforks dancing*

*babies screaming*

*one kenzie dying*

I know. I know. This is shocking. You’re shocked. That vulture is shocked. I am currently in a state of severe shock that is prohibiting wordly things from coming out of my mouth holes and fingers.


I don’t even know where to begin explaining this. My brain feels like a fried maggot meatloaf. I am a burning marshmallow. The world is my oyster.

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