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Do you have a specific request or suggestion for a future post here on Smudged Thoughts? Are you a newbie writer looking for some help or motivation to get you on the write track? (#punpunpunpunpunDo you enjoy connecting with other writers, want the chance to be a guest writer for The Worst Blog in Cyberspace, or simply have a question for Yours Truly(HINT: my favorite cookie is all of them) If any, all, or absolutely none of these things apply to you, go ahead and fill out the contact form below to tell me what’s on your mind! I absolutely love hearing from you guys, and you can bet your buttons that you’ll receive cookies in return.



Or, if filling out a really weird form thing-a-ma-jig just REALLY isn’t your thing, feel free to shoot me an email at, or come and stalk me at any one (or all!) of the following locations! *thumbs up*

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