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Do you have a request or suggestion for a future post here on Smudged Thoughts? Are you a struggling writer looking for motivation to get you on the write track? (#punpunpunpunpunDo you enjoy connecting with other writers, are interested in collaborating, or simply have a question for Yours Truly(HINT: my favorite cookie is all of them) If any, all, or absolutely none of these things apply to you, go ahead and shoot me an email at! I’ll try and respond as quickly as possible, but adding one of the following to your subject line will help me get to your message faster!

GUEST POST REQUEST – whether you’re interested in writing for Smudged Thoughts, or would like me to write a special guest post for you, I’m 100% down for collaborating with other bloggers! Please see the section below titled A Thing About Guest Posting for more information on the kinds of posts I’m interested in, and whether or not I’m currently open to Guest Post requests. <3

ST QUESTION – the sky’s the limit! Ask me anything about writing or books or blogging or cookies. I’m a very friendly bean and promise not to stab you with a pitchfork accidentally.

ST HELP – if you notice something broken around here–comment sections, share links, etc–or happen to stumble across an inappropriate comment that somehow wriggled past my army of trolls, please reach out! You can also use this subject line for any issue that doesn’t fit within the above categories!

a thing about guest posting

I am currently open to accepting guest post requests! Whether you want to write a post for Smudged Thoughts, or you’d like me to write a post for your blog, please reach out to me at! Some of the posts I’d definitely be interested in writing/receiving include, but are not limited to:

  • anything writerly or bookish related
  • NaNoWriMo-related topics (such as how to prepare, what’s in my toolkit, strategies for winning, ect.)
  • blogging-related topics
  • days in the life of a writer
  • writerly motivation

If you’ve got a post/request that you think would be a perfect fit and it DOESN’T fit inside one of these categories, please don’t be afraid to send it to me, anyway! I’m definitely open to all ideas, but these are the main core of what I write/post. Thank you so much for your consideration to collab!

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