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So you want to read something I’ve written, eh? Well, you’re in luck, my dear bean! Although my current collection of finished works is rather small right now, I hope to be continually updating this page with all of the stories and tales I write — and someday publish, maybe. . .? — between now and forever.

So sit back, pull up a steaming mug of hot chocolate (tea and coffee is unfortunately banned in these parts, I’m afraid), and enjoy the proverbial word vomitings of Yours Truly.

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by The Kenzie

(Inspired By The Title of The Princess And The Goblin)

“You won’t forget me…will you, Mr. Goblin?” Felicity’s lips pinched into a frown as the creature perched beside her whipped his large, knobular head back and forth with so much force that his thick ears flopped wildly against the sides of his face. “Oh, but you must forget,” she reprimanded him. “It’s the only way. As long as you remember me, I won’t be able to forget, and as father said, ‘princess’s must not have imaginary friends’. So you see, you must forget me, Mr. Goblin. It isn’t fair if you don’t.” The tiny girl’s lips quivered, and she twisted her fingers into the soft blankets pooled into a lump at the foot of her bed as she fought to blink back tears.

The goblin watched her for a moment with dinner-plate eyes — one cobalt blue, the other the color of sea foam — and finally shook his head at her once more, this time more gently. “No, Princess,” he whispered, his words clipped and snakelike in typical goblin tongue. “A princess may be forced to forget those she loves for the sake of her kingdom, but I — whether real or imaginary — shall remember you forever.”

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GRETEL (a novella)

This beautiful cover would NEVER have been possible without the amazing artistic, baking, aesthetic writing, and Photoshop capabilities of my mom and brother, so let’s just give them ALL OF THE APPLAUSE, shall we?

SYNOPSIS. . . The Apfel twins had always been considered…unusual. All of the other children at the Gift Orphanage wanted nothing to so with them. They were unnatural.


But in 1997, the Apfel twins were chosen. An old woman had appeared at the orphanage, a woman who claimed to be the abandoned twins’ grandmother.

Now, 18 years later, Hansel and Gretel help their grandmother run the Rozpravka Bakery, the most renowned bakery in the small, rundown town of Dorn. But when Hansel falls ill and disappears, leaving Gretel to take care of the bakery by herself, she soon discovers a deadly secret about her precious grandmother.

A secret that could mean the end of all she has ever known.

A secret that is poison.

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One thought on “The Library

  1. The one about princesses and goblins is objectively terrible. Bad plot, poorly developed characters, unoriginal. Also, take some time to look into possessive apostrophes, when something is plural, we do not use an apostrophe. When something is possessive but ends in an ‘s’, we do not add another ‘s’ to the end after the apostrophe. I also noticed quite a few spelling errors. Please proofread and use some basic grammar. Your standard is on the floor.


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