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A Very Smudgy Birthday!

Good afternoon, Cyberspace!

This morning I sorta kinda made a very intriguing discovery that I was not in any way, shape, or form prepared for…

Today is Smudged Thought’s One-Year Anniversary —

Yes, yes, that is correct, dear bean. On this precise day, exactly one year ago, I created the illustrious site that you are viewing at this very moment. With a few simple clicks, a smattering of grumblings about how the editor was so glitchy, a couple unanticipated grey hairs whilst trying to fix all of the teleporting widgets, and the tiniest flick of pixie dust, Smudged Thoughts was brought forth into existence.

“But Kenzie…” you say hesitantly, unsure how to poise your highly judge-a-licious question politely. “How in the world did you not know that today was your blog’s birthday? Isn’t that something that any sane, normal blogger would have known? Even–dare I say it–planned for?”

Why, my smol crumbling, of course you are right (as you always are). But alas, you forget one very important detail.

I am neither sane nor normal.

I would have thought you’d known this most obvious fact by now.

So no. I had absolutely no clue whatsoever that today was my smol blog’s birthday. I just so happened to wake up, log onto WordPress, and BAM! There was the notification in my inbox.

It was a rather rude awakening, to be perfectly honest. Bloggy Birthdays are things that most bloggers take advantage of. Your blog turns one (or thirty?)–you host a giveaway. Or do a questionnaire.

Or at the very least you do something to commemorate this most honorable occasion.

But as for me?

Yeah, I’ve got nothing.

But here’s the thing guys, even though I’m unable to do a giveaway or something equally as fancy because A) I’d need your mailing address like a creeper, and B) wut is money, and also C) I had no clue that today was my blogiversary????, there is something that I really want to say.

and I’m sure you can already guess what it is because #totallyobvious, but HOLD ON TO YOUR GO-GO BOOTS, FRANNY, WE’RE ABOUT TO GET SAPPY HERE!

Thank you.

Thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you to those who have read my posts since the very beginning, and to those who are just now joining the cookie-gang.

Thank you to those who take the time to read my posts, to like them, and by golly to even leave a comment. You have absolutely no idea how much your support, your kind words, your views, your follows, your cookie-flinging, your likes, your laughter, your encouragement, and just your all-around YOU-ness means to me.

This blog would be nothing without you guys. Literally nothing. And I am forever and always in your debt. It is because of you that I continue to do this every Tuesday. It is because of you that I whip out my laptop with a smile because I know that I have the power to sprinkle even a tiny amount of laughter into the world through my words.

It is because of you that I am a blogger.

I started Smudged Thoughts with the mindset that it would go nowhere. I thoroughly believed that I would catch on fire and crash and burn and break my chipmunk face on the pavement long before I even reached this point.

But you guys–you beautiful, beautiful beans–proved me wrong.

and I am obviously never wrong so this was quite a shock to my poor system, I can assure you.

In the single year that Smudged Thoughts has been alive existed, we have published a whopping total of 58 smudges, gained 131 followers (including those who have followed through email), had 464 like buttons punched in the face, been visited by 1,385 strangers (potentially alien), and have had 1,057 comments (most of which were probably my own???) posted down in the comment section that looks like a piece of snail mail.

These statistics blow my mind, guys. They literally blow. my. mind.

I never thought I would break a hundred followers in all my time as a blogger, lesser still in one year. And those 1,057 comments? Each and every one of them is cherished close to my heart. When you guys take time out of your days to tell me what you guys are up to, or to tell me what you think about the smudge, or to say that you actually really enjoyed it…?

It lights up my entire world.

So thank you. Thank you to every single one of you. Whether you are new here or have been a Smudgy Veteran since the very first post (yes, yes, I am looking at you, my favorite smol family [*waves*])I thank thee.

I thank thee–all of thee–from the very bottom of my cookie soul. You, sir, deserve ALL OF THE COOKIES. You have made this past year one of the most amazing and glorious years that I have ever witnessed, and I cannot wait to see what the years ahead of us hold.

Thank you, Cyberspace . . .

— Kenzie

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Beautiful People – August, 2017: Thao Edition

Good afternoon, Cyberspace! This past weekend has been super crazy hectic, what with my glorious birthday, proving my existence to the local DMV because apparently I am the mythical sasquatch, and going to Cedar Point (in which I was the lone rider of the Max Air [standing in line was so awkward]), all spaced out within four days. In fact, it was so super crazy hectic that I completely failed in putting together an original smudge to post today.

#OOPS Continue reading “Beautiful People – August, 2017: Thao Edition”

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Five Reasons Why I Absolutely Loathe Word Limits (with all of the fiery passions of Mordor)

Good afternoon, Cyberspace!

It is an uncommonly known truth that I–the Cookie Queen–absolutely and irrevocably despise with a burning passion the most vile form of restraint that is commonly cast upon the writers of this day:

The Word Limit.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I believe that in some extremely rare and therefore no cases, word limits can be a good thing.

Sort of. Continue reading “Five Reasons Why I Absolutely Loathe Word Limits (with all of the fiery passions of Mordor)”

In Which The Cookie Queen Dominates The World (if only for one day)

Happy Friday, Cyberspace!

Now I know that this post is rather out of the blue, seeing as though I absolutely never post on Fridays, but it has come to my attention (via the wonderful bean, Jethan [GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG, GUYS]), that today is probably the most special day that has ever sprung into existence.

And what is this most glorious day, you might ask? What could possibly pull the Cookie Queen out from her lumbering sleep on a Friday such as this?

Well now, dear beans, the answer is quite simple.

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

So of course I had to post something to honor this most momentous occasion! After all, a Cookie Queen should acknowledge her noble subjects on their special day, should she not?

Of course she should.

And so, in honor of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, I have come to fling ALL OF THE COOKIES at your beautiful faces.

Because I am just that amazing, obviously.

So here you go, my marvelous followers!!!


*flings cookies everywhere and disappears*

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Didja Miss Me?

Good afternoon, Cyberspace!

Okay, so I realize that I technically came back from Hiatus earlier than expected, but since that was basically just a rant post about NaNoWriMo that I sort of regret posting?? let us just pretend for the rest of our feeble existence that this most glorious rant never existed.



Allow us to begin again, shall we?

Good morning, Cyberspace!

Oh goodness. It has been way too long since I have typed those blessed words! Way too long indeed.

But alas! I–the Smudgiest Thought–am back! Forever and ever and ever.


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Camp NaNoWriMo Week Four: The Final Charge (a.k.a. The Orginal [and also a not-so smol rant…?)

Good afternoon, Cyberspace, and welcome to yet another session of Kenzie Rants at The World, featuring a very angry chipmunk Kenzie.

Or maybe just a puddle of tears chipmunk Kenzie. I’m really not sure which at this precise moment.

“Wait!” you gasp in utter astonishment. “K-Kenzie?!?!?? Art mine eyes deceiving me? I thought you weren’t supposed to come back from Hiatus until August!”

Why, yes, dear bean, you are quite correct. Thank you for being such a lovely stalker remembering.

and also where did the strange accent come from because you did not have that when I abandoned you

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A Fantastical Q&A– Part Two (in which I answer the greatest riddle of all time)

Good morning, Cyberspace! Seeing as though the title of this Smudge is A Fantastical Q&A– Part Two, I’m just going to assume that you’re here because you’ve already read (and hopefully enjoyed???) Part One and want to know how this drudgingly long Q&A ends.

And if that isn’t the case, and you just decided to click Part Two having no idea whatsoever as to what you were clicking, then you’re just plain weird.

Which is awesome. *flings cookies at your face*

But since I’m trying to keep this post much shorter than the last one, I’m going to skip the lengthy and slightly unnecessary intro and just jump into the questions.



Let the questioning COMMENCE! Continue reading “A Fantastical Q&A– Part Two (in which I answer the greatest riddle of all time)”

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A Fantastical Q&A– Part One (in which I force you to read 3392 words of complete insanity[#ihavenoshame])

Good morning, Cyberspace! This past Friday I came to you with a plea for help. I needed questions for a Q&A that I’ve been wanting to do ever since I started this blog for a small period of time now, and so I asked you–my fellow cookie crumbles–to give me the weirdest and wackiest questions you could come up with.

And I’ll be honest, guys. I thought this little project was going to be a complete and utter FLOP. I thought I was going to have to hide my head in a paper bag of shame and completely delete my last post so that no one would see the horrendous mistake I made.

But alas, I was (as usual) wrong.

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A Fantastical Q&A (but only with your help [because you’re the Chosen One, obviously])

SURPRISE, CYBERSPACE!!!!! Bet ya didn’t think I would ever post this early on a Friday morning, did you???


Well, you were wrong, so let us take a moment to bask in the glory that is my spontaneity.

And also to weep violently in the nightmare that is my current predicament, because #help.

See, if you were just randomly sucked into this post by force of my sheer and rather overpowering will and never got a chance to actually glance at the title, you would have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, which is that I am planning on doing A Fantastical Q&A for next Tuesday’s blog post!!! WHOO!!

Because what better way to blast much more personal information than is healthy onto the Great and Terrible Cyberspace than by doing a Q&A, am I right?

Of course I’m right.

There’s just one little problem.

I have no questions to answer.

And since it is physically impossible to answer questions that do not exist, I have decided to come to you, my fellow marshmallow peeps, with a plea for help.

Because I need you to make this Fantastical Q&A actually work.

I need you. I need your brain meats. I need all of the weird, wacky, writerly, and completely random questions you always never wanted to ask me.

I need you to ask these questions, which I will then flawlessly answer like the majestic blogger that I am.


It’s sort of a game, see? A way for us to connect, get to know me each other a little better.

And all I need you to do is ask me ALL OF THE QUESTIONS down in the comments below!

Want to know what my favorite cheese is? Ask it! Want to know what the earliest writing project I can remember was? (HINT: it’s probably about horses) Ask it! Want to know why I became a writer, what my favorite cookie is, or why in the world did I decide to begin blogging in the first place???

Ask it!

Ask me ALL OF THE QUESTIONS, and I shall do my best to give ALL OF THE ANSWERS!

And if this decides to turn into the giant flop that I foresee happening in my near-future, we’ll just completely forget this ever happened and move on with our daily lives like the happy little biscuits that we are.

And now, without further ado–

Let The Questioning Begin!!!

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*

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everlost: A Second Draft Update (and also a smol rant because #whynot)

Good morning, Cyberspace! It is currently 11:32 am on Monday, the 19th of June, and I have decided to take a smol break from rewriting everlost because A) I need a post for tomorrow and even though I have like 11 posts that should technically be ready to schedule in my writing folder, they’re all unfinished so it’s obviously easier to just write an entirely new post one day in advance, and B) I am physically and mentally dead.

*breathes in deeply because #longsentencewithterriblepunctuation*

And what better way to take a break from writing my book than to hop on over to my blog and rant about my book, am I right?

Of course I’m right. I’m always right.

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