100 DAYS OF SUNLIGHT: A Smol and Soft and Summery Read

good morning, cyberspace!

Today I’m gonna tell you all about a book.

It’s a good book. A soft book. A book of sadness and happiness and a million other emotions all jumbled and stuffed between two adorable yellow covers. It’s a book that tugged at my heartstrings, a book that made me laugh, and–coincidentally–a book that was written by none other than the marvelous Abbie Emmons. (who, if you don’t know [though I’m gonna take a wild stab in the dark here and say that you PROOOOOBABLY know who she is by now] is a blogger and YouTuber–AND can apparently write absolutely fantastic novels, as well. Kind of unfair how much talent this girl has, but I digress.)

I think I should probably mention this now–since I don’t want to go to jail for forgetting to mention it or something–but I was able to receive an e-arc of Abbie’s book, 100 Days Of Sunlight, through Netgalley. (a service which I have coincidentally never before used, and therefore will probably never use again because #terrifying) This means that while I might have been able to read the ARC* of this book for free, my thoughts and opinions and feelings towards this book are COMPLETELY my own, and are in no way, shape, or form altered by the fact that A) I love Abbie’s blog and YouTube channel, and B) I got to read the book for free. Yes, there will probably be a lot of gushing and squealing and references to “MY HEART!!!!” but I mean??? How is that different from any other of my posts, am I right?

Right. So now that we’ve got all that weird legally binding stuff out of the way, let’s jump right into the actual review!Read More »

Crowning Heaven by Emily Hayse // A Beautiful Debut by A New Favorite Author!

good morning, cyberspace!

Today I’m coming at you all with a book review! WOOT WOOT!

And I know that I’ve basically been flinging a TON of bookish posts at your faces lately (seriously, Kenzie. what is up with all the book stuff.), but I promise that this is the last book-related post for a while, okay? I’ve basically just been on a serious book binge lately, and apparently this is something that I need to fling in you guys’ faces.


please don’t hate me.

BUT ANYWAY. Today’s bookish post is none other than a review of a book that I have had on my TBR since literally forever ago. Or, for those of you out there who prefer dealing in absolutes (apparently the Sith read my blog now), since March of 2018.

Actually, to make matters even worse towards my severe lack of productivity, I won an ARC of this book through the author’s blog, and though I started reading it literally the day before it was published, I didn’t actually finish the book until December 3rd.

So. Yeah. 2018 wasn’t a very productive reading year for me, but that, my friends, is a topic for an entirely different blog post and had absolutely nothing to do with the amazingness of the books I read last year.

Let us take, for instance, Crowning Heaven by Emily Hayse. It took me exactly 9 months to finish it, and yet the story was wonderful. In fact, I’m kind of kicking myself for not having finished it sooner, because HOLY GUACAMOLE that last quarter! The entire story was good as a whole, but that final quarter was probably my favorite part.

And so obviously I must now squeal about the entire book.Read More »

A Bookish Beans Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

*a giant THANK YOU!!!! to my flawless mom for helping to both capture and balance not only these books upon my head, but also my complete and utter insanity. (I love you, Mom!!!)*

Good afternoon, Cyberspace!

I have never written a book review before.

Scratch that–I have written one two book reviews before.

And they were absolutely terrible.

Centuries ago, I wrote a smol book review on one of my all-time favorite books of ever–Winter by Marissa Meyer. The Lunar Chronicles is forever and always my Supreme Favorite Series, and therefore it was obligatory that I write a raving five-star review on its most smashing book.

And then the other review was for In Between by Jenny B. Jones, which was pretty much just meh(the review, not the book. the book was SPECTUCULAR!!!)

Of course, little did I know that these reviews would later come back to haunt me from beyond the grave. Apparently Goodreads does not just house the tears of the soul-shattered and the limbs of the dead.

It also holds the cringe-worthy reviews of a budding blogger, as well.Read More »