So you want to read something I’ve written, eh?

Well, you’re in luck.

Last year, I uploaded a small novelette to Wattpad, and even though I haven’t uploaded anything else to that site (as I haven’t really written anything non-everlost recently), Gretel is still there to this day.

Which means you can go read Past Kenzie’s terrible words. Exciting, right???

Here’s a bit more about the story…

This beautiful cover would NEVER have been possible without the amazing artistic, baking, aesthetic writing, and Photoshop capabilities of my mom and brother, so let’s just give them ALL OF THE APPLAUSE, shall we?

The Apfel twins had always been considered…unusual. All of the other children at the Gift Orphanage wanted nothing to so with them. They were unnatural.


But in 1997, the Apfel twins were chosen. An old woman had appeared at the orphanage, a woman who claimed to be the abandoned twins’ grandmother.

Now, 18 years later, Hansel and Gretel help their grandmother run the Rozpravka Bakery, the most renowned bakery in the small, rundown town of Dorn. But when Hansel falls ill and disappears, leaving Gretel to take care of the bakery by herself, she soon discovers a deadly secret about her precious grandmother.

A secret that could mean the end of all she has ever known.

A secret that is poison.

Check the story out on Wattpad


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