The Stories

I’m currently working on multiple WIPs, which means that I’m blogging about multiple WIPs! And with all the acronyms and titles, it can get pretty darn confusing. So this is your one-stop-shop to clear up any confusion regarding my smol plot bunnies!

editor’s note: I will work hard to update this page monthly, but please note that some information could be outdated. (last update: february, 2022)

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current wip – project sunset (sk)

genre … ya (mg?) fantasy
status … second draft (in progress)
estimated wordcount … 90k
book blurb … N/A

It was a typical day in Westwood—as typical as most Mondays go, that is—and our hero, Edward Whittaker, had just rolled out of bed.

chapter one, project sunset

backburner project – project goblin

genre … ya paranormal fantasy
status … first draft (complete)
estimated wordcount … 120k
book blurb … N/A
snippet … N/A

super secret project – ftw

genre … mg paranormal fantasy
status … brainstorming
estimated wordcount … 60k
blurb … N/A
snippet … N/A


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