StoryTime with Kenzie! –The Day I (Nearly) Died

good morning, cyberspace!

GUYS. I FINISHED THE THING. *distant cheering* I know that I took waaaaay longer than initially intended for this post, and I am SO SO SO SORRY ABOUT THAT!!!!!! But seriously, if you even knew the entirety of the past couple weeks I had. . .

Ahahahahahaha. . .ahahahaha. . .ha. (please no one ever mention the words ‘wires’, ‘cement’, or ‘Uncle Francis’ to me ever again.)

But, I am not here to make excuses about my busy schedule (but i mean that’s kind of a valid excuse for not being able to post sooner, right? maybe? no?), nor am I here to complain about the day that I probably got heatstroke. Oh no. Today I am here for something much better.

Today I am here to tell you all about the day I nearly died.Read More »


StoryTime With Kenzie! – The $60 Skeleton Scandal

(WARNING: absolutely no exaggerations have been implemented in the transferral of this severely real event into a fictitious tale. some material not appropriate for ages over 60. reader discretion is advised. . .)

It all began in Meijer . . .

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