Seven Things That Were NOT Supposed To Happen: Ever Lost Edition

Good Morning, Cyberspace! Happy Thursday!

Wow. It’s already December 1st. Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday I was leaping out of bed to start my NaNoWriMo journey, and now…


There are many things I like about December. There’s Christmas, New Years, snowball fights, snowmen, all the pretty lights, and that wonderful sense of friendship and community wherever you go.

And there’s also the biting cold and icy roads and scowling faces of angry shoppers that apparently didn’t get the thrill of running someone over with a shopping cart during Black Friday.


Anyway. Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about this past month, and, more specifically, what in the world happened to my book. So much happened this month, and so much of what I wrote was not in the original design for the plot. At all.

Some of it is great. The genius that has sprouted from my fingertips is beyond compare. It is a work of art. A genuine Picasso. (Or whatever that famous painter dude is called.)

And some of it…not so much.

So today I’d like to share with you some of the terrible mind-blowing things I’ve had the chance to experience this month. And what better way to do that than to make one of my infamous lists?

That’s right, folks. We’re getting back into the swing of things over here at Smudged Thoughts! So exciting, isn’t it?


Anyway, without further ado (it’s been so long since I’ve typed those blessed words!), I present to you–

Seven Things That Were NOT Supposed To Happen: Ever Lost Edition

1. Nathaniel

Now, for those of you who have been keeping up with my NaNoWriMo posts all month, you may be thinking, ‘Who in the world is Nathaniel?’ And to that I say–


Nathaniel was NOT SUPPOSED TO EXIST. I don’t even know what to do with him now. In fact, he’s getting in the way of some of my future plans. And I mean seriously getting in the way. To the point where I’m not sure whether I should just kill him off or erase his existence entirely.

To kill or not to kill? That is the question.

(That is also extremely disturbing. Don’t mind me, guys. I’m just a serial killer posing as a blogger.)

Anyway, you guys have, actually, heard of Nathaniel before. He was just under the alias of ‘that random dude who just appeared’.

So yeah. He’ll probably be dead soon. Or knocked unconscious, which leads me to–

2. All The People Who Are Getting Knocked Out

Now, the first time someone got knocked out, it was by a sedative, and it was actually planned.

The second time was when one of my characters got hit over the head with a frying pan.

And now, as we speak, I am currently trying to knock yet another character out with a hammer.

So yeah. There are so many people getting conked out with various objects in this book, I think it’s becoming a theme.

“I’m not exactly sure what to write about now… Oh! I know! I think I’ll knock someone out!”

Actually, that method does work… Trust me. I would know.

(This also makes a great, slightly abrupt, scene ending.)

3. Butterflies

For those of you who read my Introducing Ever Lost post, you may (or may not) remember me posting this wonderful picture of a butterfly and commenting on how I felt like I should add some butterflies into my story.

Well, they most certainly came.

And they are still here.

These butterflies have actually woven themselves so intricately into the plot, there’s no way they’re ever getting removed. Ever.

I mean, seriously, they are here to stay.

And only one of my characters knows about them…

4. Pears

Again, this one came about by all my talk about rotting pears in garbage cans. Remember that?

Sure you do. I’ve only said it about eight million times.

Anyway, I decided that I couldn’t keep blogging about rotting pears without having pears make a cameo in the book. Will they stay? Probably not. Are they staying for now, and possibly sticking around in future drafts?

Why, yes. Yes, they are.

5. Melting Bodies

There is really nothing I can say to make this sound any less disturbing than it actually is.

Moving on…

6. Security Cameras

Do you know how difficult it is to work around security cameras? I didn’t initially plan on even having them, and now I’ve got my characters trying to perform a heist, while high-level security is watching their every move.

I’ve tried nearly everything I can think of to make the security cameras freeze. Eventually I just went with electromagnetic pulses.

“But wait,” you say. “Wouldn’t that destroy them?”

To which I answer, yes. Yes, it would.

Do I care?

No. No, I don’t.

(Why am I writing a sci-fi again? [Oh right… Because I’m an idiot overachiever])

And lastly…

7. Thao’s Personality

This one, I’ll admit, was sort of planned. Sort of.

However, once I started typing out his first scene, his personality just sort of…exploded.


It was like a giant sarcasm balloon vomited all over my screen, and there was no way of wiping it off. Trying to edit it only made things worse, and deleting it made it manifest into a giant, clawed monster that tried to rip my head off.

*coughover exaggerationcough*

So, in the end, Thao became this strange, sarcastically brilliant character that I absolutely adore. He is now officially one of my favorites, and it’s all because he would not shut up. And also because he reminds me a little bit of Chess.

Except Chess is even more sarcastic.

And apparently flawless.

(Except he’s also an arrogant little kitty, but don’t tell him I said that. [seriously, please don’t…])

Well, now that we’re done with that glorious list, I think it’s time for the part you’ve all forgotten about been waiting for!

The results to Tuesday’s Game! Now, I think I had, like, two people who actually participated, but I’m still gonna act like this was a ginormous gameshow, and millions of people are holding their breath to see who the winner is.

Because they should be.

Anyway, on with the results!!!

Drumroll please!!!

(Brrrdedebrrrdedebrrrdedebrrrrrrrrr [pretend this sounds like a drumroll…])

And the answers are……





1. Adaline

2. Peter

3. Thao

4. Thao

5. Adaline

And I’m actually really excited because both of you everyone was SO close!!!! And (I’m actually shocked seeing how rigged this game was) one of you got each one right!!!!

Congratulations, Anna!!! I don’t know how you did it, but you did and that’s amazing! I wish I could give you a prize, but I’m not exactly sure what I could give you other than cookies…

Which are virtual.

But anyway, thank you both all for participating, and a huge shoutout to Kate Marie, as well, because you were SO CLOSE!!!! You totally deserve virtual cookies, as well!

Until next time,


P.S. Next week will not be about NaNoWriMo. I promise…



Well, that’s about it for today! What do you guys think? Was there any unexpected things that happened during NaNo? Anything crazy? Morbid? (My surprises are usually morbid…) Tell me all your random findings in the comments below! Don’t be shy, we’re all crazy here.


10 thoughts on “Seven Things That Were NOT Supposed To Happen: Ever Lost Edition

  1. Oh I kind of love it when my book’s surprise me!!😂 IT’S SO EXCITING, RIGHT?! I’m laugh/crying at all your characters getting knocked out because omg, I was getting so 1000% done with writing a contemporary (usually I write fantasy) that I just started hitting characters with cars and things. #goodtimes 😂 And the sarcasm surprise sounds AMAZING. I’m glad that character took the lead there! ;) And congrats on surviving December!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my word, I know, right? One night I stayed up rather late to write, and teaspoons everything started to click together. All my subplots and main plots and all the weird little stuff that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to work in. But then it just spontaneously happened! It was great.

      And probably needs a LOT of rewrite, because I wrote it at night.

      And oh my word, I’m not the only one!!!!! Yay!!!! It’s good to know there’s a fellow person-who-knocks-everyone-out-with-random-objects/vehicles out there!!!!

      Haha! Yeah! I love Thao so much. Although right now he’s being stubborn and not talking to me. I think he’s upset I keep knocking him out, hahaha!!!

      Aww!! Thank you so much!!!! :D


  2. FIRSTLY! The new look is ahhhhhdorable!!! Squee!


    Yay for Nathaniel!!!! YAS. Let him LIVE, I say!!!!

    Also knocking people out = BRILLIANT! Seriously. I don’t think I knocked out a SINGLE character????? NOW I KNOW WHAT MY NOVEL IS MISSING!!!!!! I mean, people passed out???? And died??? And passed out some more???? BUT I REALLY NEED SOME GOOD OLE FASHIONED HEADBANGING! I especially love the frying pan bit! :)

    And huzzah for sarcastic characters! Some of mine were sarcastic??? But also quiet and sullen most of the time… So that was a hard balance to maintain???? I need a really loud, talkative sarcastic character who can just say WHATEVER, ya know??

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my word, thank you SO much!! I’m so glad you like it! I love how it shows off the pictures more, and the colors, and the pencils as you scroll down, and just AGH!!! I’m in love with this theme! Plus, it’s going to be a wonderful theme for a couple things I’m thinking about starting up with the New Year, so STAY TUNED FOR THAT!!! Haha!

      I SAY LET HIM DIE!!! LET HIM DIE, LET HIM DIE, LET HIM SHRIVEL UP AND–come on….who’s with me???

      (Please tell me you have seen the Lorax…. PLEASE.)

      Haha! Ikr? Knocking people out is the BEST way to do anything. Like end scenes. Or just kill people off without killing them…

      Oh my word your characters sound awesome!!!! Hahaha!!!


  3. Ok, first things first. I absolutely ADORE your new look!!! Like Oh My Gosh!! How’d you do it?!? Was it a free theme?!? (It makes me want to go change my site and make it this cute!!)

    Alright, I’ll calm down (for now).

    Oh, that is hilarious! I had a guy unexpectedly show up in my story, and he is also incredibly sarcastic. Haha! His name is Ryker. He sounds just like Nathaniel.

    Yes, I have knocked the same two people out twice so far in my story. Haha, it was my twins – Ellaine and Nathaniel. The first time they were gagged with drugged cloths. The second time, Ellaine got shot with a poison dart and Nathan got knocked out by a punch. Hehe, fun stuff.

    Yay for me!!! Yummy! What kind of cookie are they?? Can I have a pastry instead?!?
    And, FYI, I actually was waiting anxiously in suspense for those results (no joke)! Well, I could explain my reasoning behind my guesses, but it is rather confusing and would probably only make sense to me. I knew that the first and last were Adaline from the interview that you posted a while ago. I figured out the other two by names. Peter is a more serious name, therefore going with the more serious statement, and Thao is a more lighthearted and fun name therefore the more funny, sarcastic ones went to him. Yep, it’s all in the names. (I don’t know if that was intentional by you to have their personalities match their names, but it is quite brilliant)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my word, thank you!!! It actually was free, which, honestly, I feel like it must be a glitch in the system because it’s so much fun!! It’s called scratchpad! I have no clue how I missed it when I originally made this blog, but I have found it now and I love it so much!!!

      Ooh! I’m so glad I’m not the only one! Haha, I think I’d probably really like Ryker then!!! Nathaniel is kinda growing on me now, so I might have him come back in the sequel. (That is, if he isn’t dead…[This is not another paranormal story, Kenzie!!! Focus!!])

      Oh my word! First of all, yay for the Nathaniels! *high fives* Oh my word, don’t you have an Adaline too??? I am so sorry… I swear I’m not copying your names….

      Second, poison darts sound AMAZING!!! Haha, you totally know how to knock people out! And oh my goodness, your twins sound awesome!

      Of course you can have a pastry!!! *gives delicious pastry* You lost definitely deserve it!

      And oh my goodness, that is fantastic!! I didn’t even think about that! I was pretty sure Adaline would be slightly easier because of the interview, but I wasn’t sure about Thao and Peter, but you, dear friend, are a sleuthing expert!!! Their names actually DO have a significance to the characters (especially Peter’s) but I never really realized how their names corresponded with their personalities….. Haha, sometimes I feel like all my intricate designs are just flukes that randomly appear out of thin air, lol!!

      And awww! Thank you! Although I’m not sure if I’m still brilliant, or just completely random with a stroke of brilliance I have not yet unearthed????


  4. That’s awesome!! I love it so much!

    Haha, yes. I am enjoying Ryker right now, especially when he is with the diverse group of difficult people that he is forced to be a art of. :P Ahh! No, please, please, don’t kill him!! I don’t even know him yet, but I’d hate to have him die!

    Yes, actually, I do have an Adeline, but the spellings are slight different and she is in my other story. Well, great minds think alike, do they not?

    Yes, the poor twins. I can see them getting knocked out again in the future. But, hey, they grew up in a wealthy manor getting whatever they wanted and never having to really learn how to fight for anything more that a show or friendly duel. So, they are easiest to pick on.

    Yummy!! Thank you so much! It was delicious!!

    Yes, I have taken to becoming an extremely observant sleuth as of late. It’s a hobby :P Well, then, bravo for your unintentional genius! Of course, you are brilliant!! Only a truly brilliant person can write 50,000 words of a story in a month, come up with unintentionally fabulous ideas, create such incredible characters, and write such an amazing piece as Gretel was! Yep, I’m convinced that you qualify as brilliant! :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, thank you! I love it, too!

      Oh my word, Ryker also sounds like my Thao! Haha, he’s not a very happy person when it comes to being around certain people. (And so he’s around these specific people all the time, haha!) And I think I’m going to let him live… He might come in handy some day… (Although he might mysteriously disappear…… mwahahahahahahaha!!!)

      Ooh!!! Okay! I didn’t know she was in your other book! I remember reading her interview, I think it was? And I loved her! And yes! Yes, they do!

      Oh my word, I love them even more, haha! I think you have an interview with them, right? I’m definitely going to have to read that! (If I haven’t already, haha!)

      Awww!!! Oh my goodness, you are so sweet! Thank you so much!!!


      • Yay to letting him live!!!

        Yep, the story that I was working on before NaNo is the one that she is in. Yes, she is my innocent little darling. Sebastian is a little bit of that type of character in this story, except that he’s a guy.

        Yes, I do have an interview with them. That was probably the most fun interview I’ve done so far. :) Oh, I can’t remember if you read and commented on it… You probably did.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Haha! I’m actually pretty excited about that! I really do like him, so I’m glad he’s not going to die. (Yet…[mwahahahahahaha!])

          My Adaline is SORT of an innocent little darling??? Yet also kind of…not… So yeah…. Ooh! Haha, I think I’d really like Sebastian! All your characters sound so loveable, haha!

          I actually read it today and commented! Actually, I don’t know if I already commented on it before today… Huh… Now I’m second-guessing myself…


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