My Amazing (and completely impossible) Summertime Goals (In Which I Disappear For About A Month [or three?])

Happy Tuesday, Cyberspace!

Now, I’m not sure if any of you have noticed this, but it seems that no matter what blog I happen to stumble across in the maniacal blogosphere lately, every human, cyborg, and chocolate chip cookie is posting their totally envious writing/blogging/life goals for this upcoming summer. And seeing everyone get so excited to make goals and be held within the gnarly, snaggled claws of accountability of the Great and Terrible Cyberspace, well…

I was inspired.

I mean, what better way to stick to your writing goals than by blasting them out into the internet for everyone to see? If you happen to achieve them, everyone cheers and applauds and throws cookies at your face in celebration.

And if you fail, everyone screams at you like a wild black-toothed banshee and stabs you in the left toe with a rusted metal pitchfork.

Or, in other words, you feel extremely ashamed of yourself and stab your own left toe with a rusted metal pitchfork whilst looking like you just got the worst sunburn across your face because #SHAME.

So, today I decided to compile a list of my goals for the summer.

Because there is no better thing to do to waste your time than to read about what I’m going to do with my life over the next few months, right?


So, without further ado, I present to thee–

My Amazing (and completely impossible) Summertime Goals (in which I disappear for about a month [or three???])

~ Writing ~

Number One– Finish the second draft of everlost by my birthday

No, I shall not be telling you when my birthday is. (#creepystalkers). And no, I shall not be telling you how old I am turning.

However, I shall say that my completely plausible dream of becoming a famous New York Times Best-Selling published teenager is quickly coming to a sudden and quite solid halt.

In which I smash my face on the brick wall that is people screaming at my poor face that I’m an adult, even though I am nowhere near the adult age???

But anyway, I would really like to finish the second draft of everlost by my next birthday, so that I can send it off to betas before the summer is over, and also say that I have written a hopefully pretty decent draft of a book by the time I hit whatever age it is I’m turning.

If I don’t finish the second draft before summer ends, I shall consider myself both A), extremely lame, and B) a complete and utter failure as a writer.


Plus, if I don’t get it done before the fall, most of my betas will be off to college or school or working or doing other strange and terrifying things that normal people do, and then I’ll be a sad cookie crumble with no betas floating in a puddle of my own milky tears.

Number Two– Finish the comic project I started with my friend

And this one I actually already feel extremely guilty about, because I’ve had so many other writing projects that I’ve been wrapping up lately, that I’ve completely let this one fall by the wayside.

And also forgotten about it like five times.

(because my brain actually happens to be a fire-roasted marshmallow smashed between a block of chocolate and two graham crackers)

Which is terrible. So I’d like to get this comic script done by the end of June, or mid-July at the latest.

Or, you know, by the year 2020.

Number Three– Begin outlining T

And now most of you are probably squinting at your screens thinking, “#WUT?”

(yes it is perfectly normal to think in hashtags what are you talking about)

Basically, while I was playing with my smol co-writer and editor-in-chief the other day, I was suddenly hit squarely in the face by the fattest plot bunny I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It was huge. It was the size of a walrus.

It shoved me completely off the course of everlost and straight onto the path that lead to–you guessed it–T.

Now, the name of this book is obviously not T. That would just be lame and slightly disappointing to my obviously extraordinary naming #skillz.

(like that one time I named my mascot Blobby)

However, I am not going to reveal the actual name of this book, because I’m keeping it under wraps at this current point in time.

(and also because I’m still not sure what it’s actually called yet)

See, I like to let my ideas stew in the back of my mind for precisely 3,000,000 years before I let anyone see them.


Number Four— Begin outlining the sequel to everlost

Because having three writing goals over three months is obviously NOT ENOUGH.

Technically, everlost is a dualogy, so it has a sequel.

Of which I know practically nothing.

So the next few months I’d like to start figuring out what in the world the sequel is all about, and also how to wrap up the two books into a nice, neat little package. I’m not going to begin writing it, however, as that is for this upcoming November NaNoWriMo.

(or perhaps April of next year, but SHHHH that’s a secret)

~ Reading ~

Number One Get back on track with my Goodreads reading challenge (which is a measly 25 books)

Number Two– Bump Goodreads reading challenge up to 30 books

Number Three– Finish reading The Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring

Number Four– Begin reading The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers???

Number Five Completely give up on Eragon, because I CANNOT FINISH THAT STUPID BOOK ASDFGHJKL!!!!

Number Six– Continue the quest for amazing (and clean) fiction, otherwise known as Kenzie’s Quest

Number Seven– Try to tackle TBR and get eaten by ravenous books

Blogging ~


This is where things get a tad bit interesting, Cyberspace.

See, you might have noticed that in the title of this Smudge, it casually hints at me taking a smol break from blogging.

It’s a very small hint, obviously. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t see it at first.

It’s in that giant bold text that says (in which I disappear for about a month [or three???]).

So to clear up any confusion you might be having, I shall clarify by saying that–yes–I am taking a small blogging hiatus.

Small as in four weeks.

*initiate people screaming and flinging rotten cookies at my face*

Okay, okay, I know that four weeks seems like a loooooooong time, but in all seriousness, I really think I need this. I’ve got a ton of creative goals for this summer (even ones that have not been mentioned above [and they shall remain secrets because I like holding things over people’s heads, obviously]) and blogging through all of it would just be an added stress on top of a bunch of hyperventilation and grey hairs.

Which is something that I do not need at this current point in time, thank you very muchly.

And, as I always do, I know exactly what you’re thinking.

“But Kenzie!” you squeal. “You’re just going to disappear into thin air right this second??? ARE YOU EVEN HERE WHILE I’M READING THIS POST????”

Hush now, dear bean! The Hiatus isn’t going to be taking place until July 3rd, so we still have an entire month to romp and play and squeal and yell and pound our meaty fists into the table before I completely abandon you for eternity four weeks.

And I realize that this means I’m going to be an invisible ghost (as opposed to a visible ghost) during the entire July Camp NaNoWriMo session, and while this PAINS ME GREATLY, there is naught I can do. Forgive me, dear beans. It must be done.

“So does this mean you’re not going to be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo??” you ask faintly. “Are you…abandoning us???”

I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to be participating or not. Back in April, I figured that of course I was going to participate. After all, it’s CAMP NANOWRIMO. However, this summer is already going to be super packed, so I’m not sure if it would be wise to burden myself with yet another activity that must be done and–

–oh, who are we kidding here??? Of course I’m going to be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo! Who do you think I am? A flimsy wish-washy camper??

No no. I am the die-hard Camp NaNoWriMoer. I am the princess of the dragons.


And I shall be playing in July’s Camp NaNoWriMo session (with a very miniscule goal, mind you). I just won’t be blogging about it, which I’m sure you guys can understand.


So now that we have all of this beefaroni settled, I believe I can wrap this Smudge up. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my completely impossible-to-achieve goals, and perhaps I can count on you to keep me accountable?? Ah? Ah???

(please don’t hurt me if I fail…)

Until the crimson suns rise again,


*flings cookies in the air and disappears*

 So that’s about it for this Smudge! What are some of your Summertime Goals for 2017? Are you going to be writing? Reading? Tackling your massive TBR? Would you like to stab me in the foot with a watermelon because I am abandoning you for four weeks? Let us talk about all of the goals and watermelon-stabbings down in the comments below!


31 thoughts on “My Amazing (and completely impossible) Summertime Goals (In Which I Disappear For About A Month [or three?])

    • Aww, thank you so much! Oh my word, I absolutely LOVE fantasy, and spy stories are absolutely MARVELOUS!!! Not to mention how fantastic a Michelangelo retelling sounds… I hope you get them ALL DONE, so I can hear all about them, haha! I NEED THESE STORIES!!! 😂😂😂


  1. Well, you know what my goals are for the next six months (which basically encompasses summer haha)! I hope you achieve all your goals (especially the TBR one because we all know it’s TOTALLY GONNA HAPPEN), and don’t feel bad about taking a hiatus! Blogging breaks are important, and if you need one, you need one. New story ideas are the best! (Also this is random but I just noticed you have 123 followers which is like PERFECT.) And HAHA have fun looking for clean fiction! :P

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, yes!!! I loved reading your post!!! And air know, right???? I shall totally tackle my TBR! Totally! *distant sobbing* Aww, thank you! I’m actually quite excited about this little break. I feel like I’m gonna get a ton done!!! WHAAAAAAAT???? So now my followers are deciding to be mathematically pleasing?????? Apparently they didn’t want to be Dalmations anymore…. 😂😂😂 Ah, thank you! I’m failing miserably currently… 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is like a list of intense ambitious awesome. WELL DONE YOU. *applauds* It’s not Summer for me in Australia obviously ahhaha but I still have plenty of goals in the upcoming months too! I reeeally want to start writing the first book in a series I just finished outlining (5 BOOKS OUTLINED AND NONE WRITTEN WHAT IS MY LIFE) and I also want to finish editing my contemporary. So someone give us both cake to fuel us in these endeavors, right?!? I think it’s pretty fair you’re taking some time off blogging to work on all your projects! I tend to diiiiie slowly and my brain turns to gloop if I do too much reading/writing/blogging ALL at once. We must take good care of our brains. ;)
    *passes you cookies since you are the cookie princess*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, why thank you! I do tend to be slightly ambitious, to the point where there’s no way I’m getting any of this done 😂😂😂 Oh my word, I can’t even imagine committing to a five book (or more???) series!!! But I LOVE a series, because trilogies are sort of overdone and there aren’t enough series with four or five or eighteen books. And I’m starting to read more contemporary, and I must say Im growing quite fond of the genre, so YAY FOR CONTEMPORARY!!! But BOOO for editing because #gross.

      Yessssss!!!! Let us eat ALL OF THE CAKE!!! And I’m super excited for this break. I took a one week hiatus once, and I thought at the time it was like the longest break ever 😂😂😂 Oh yes, I’m definitely trying to avoid the brainy gloop!!

      Aww!! Thank you so much!!! *chomps cookies*

      Thank you!!! The best of luck to you, as well!!!! (especially with the editing [I feel your pain])


  3. How exactly do you stab someone in the foot with a watermelon . . . please explain! Do you cut it up into those triangles and use the squishy pointy end? Do you just hit them with the whole watermelon? Or do you cut out a knife out of the green shell and stab them with that?

    Also, wonderful goals! I think I got through a third of Fellowship of the Ring before placing it back on the shelf. I will return to it. .. . . . . . one day far, far in the future. And honestly, I did not enjoy Eragon – I barely made it out alive. But I hope you do complete your goals this summer! I’ll be in school, trying to finish my revision (not at school, but just in general), working, and tackling my TBR list.

    Good luck! And may the force be with you:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was imagining smashing the entire melon onto their foot. It would provide the most pain, I believe. (However, the other options were much more creative, so perhaps carving a blade out of the green shell would be most effective, as well. 😂 )

      Yeah… I’m still trying to battle through Fellowship of The Ring. I’m at the Council of Elrond, and I must admit that it is so slooooooowwww! But Eragon is just dreadful, and I’m not going to waste any more of my reading time to trying to read it again. I’ve given it a fair shake, but it’s just not the book for me… (which is a shame because DRAGONS) I AM GLAD YOU ARE STILL ALIVE TO TELL THE TALE!!! Awww, thank you!!! I hope I complete them, too! I’m already well on my way to getting back on track with the Goodreads challenge, so YAY!

      Ooh! Those sound like fun goals! We shall tackle the TBR’s together!!! *fist-pumps* *also distant sobbing because we’ll probably fail*

      OH MY WORD, STAR WARS REFERENCE!!!! *flails*

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I must start with what an apt description of SHAME you provided. People seldom stab us with rusty pitchforks, but we feel compelled to do it ourselves at times. BUT IT NEEDN’T BE SO! #InadvertentlyProfound

    Now for my own goals, I pretty much just want to continue with Willowbrook, plan it out better and such. I also have a comic project that has languished for years and needs attention. I will also join in with July Camp Nano! So yay!

    My blog still has two tag posts I need to finish… *reaches for rusty pitchfork* but otherwise it’s really chill and I just randomly post little story updates on it.
    There, my summer, all planned out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very, very true! *nods gravely* WE SHALL HAVE NO MORE SHAME!

      Ah!!! I’m so excited for Willowbrook! Talking about story ideas makes me want to write… It is quite odd… Comics are so much fun!!! I can’t draw worth a rusted pencil, but I love scripting them!!! AND CAMP NANO!!! I am so excited!!!! I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing… Perhaps working on the 2nd draft of everlost some more, haha! 😂😂😂 *distant sobbing* I will NOT be working by hours, however!!!

      Oh dear… I completely forgot about tag posts… Thank goodness, though, because now I know what I’m gonna be posting for Tuesday, lol!! 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • No more! We shall press on instead! To write stories that makes us sob, because they are so hard to write.
        I hope I’ll be able to complete my current draft before July, I’ll probably count my score in pages instead.

        Oh, beware the hours! The hours toll for YOU!

        XD Excellent! I look forward to your post!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh dear, I think I prefer making people laugh rather than cry… Perhaps we should try and find the ultimate balance, where they laugh through their tears?

          Ooh! That would be my ultimate wish, as well, but I’m not banking on it being reality for me… #lame I’d like to work in pages! But my story is on Scrivener, so perhaps I could use the pages counter, but really have it mean ‘chapters’….

          DONG. DONG. DONG. DONG. *distant screaming as the Grimm Reaper comes to reap my soul*

          I totally failed. There was no post yesterday!!! But I have a plethora of excuses, so #SCORE???

          Liked by 1 person

          • Well, certainly it is better to make readers laugh than cry, but we can’t deny that many times we writers find ourselves lost in the Forest of Despair, giving up on chasing our plot (or muse, or character, or…) as we sit exhausted and forlorn. And cry, even if only inside…

            Uh oh, does it count lines? That’s another option.

            *Watches sadly as Kenzie is pulled away by the scary figure in a black cloak*

            Ah well, so long as the excuses are reasonably entertaining. I do hope you had some sort of madcap adventure with a witch with purple socks, a talking dragon and cat, and a mad scientist piloting everyone to the Moon? To find a pink flamingo of course.

            Liked by 1 person

            • That is undeniably true, indeed. I think I’d like to make my readers laugh so hard it hurt, and then break their fragile hearts and make them SOB LIKE SMOL CHILDREN WITH NO CANDY, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 😂😂😂

              I don’t think so… 😂 *distant sobbing* I really want to track by chapters. I don’t know if NaNoWriMo has an option to do that, though…


              Liked by 1 person

  5. I think it’s great that you’re taking a break from blogging to achieve your goals (or just live life!) in the ‘real world’! I hope all your creative projects cooperate, and your TBR grows longer! (Longer – and then shorter. That would be better, yes?)

    The LOTR trilogy /is/ quite long, isn’t it? (Imagine if the publisher hadn’t made Tolkien split it into three! He didn’t want to…) I sympathise with your quest for clean fiction, too… it can be quite a struggle (and I can’t just browse the library in happy ignorance, emptying the shelves into wobbly stacks and Gollum-hissing, when 57.62% is about vampires and 71.357% has boy-girl stuff going too far and at least 19.6714% has something else. x( ) But I definitely recommend The False Prince (Ascendance trilogy #1) by Jennifer Neilsen (have you read it?)

    [And here’s a question: If you’re the cookie queen… does that mean you’re queen of the rotten cookies as well? (Also how do you /get/ rotten cookies, just wondering?? Are they specially created for use on bloggers we are displeased with??) ]

    Jem Jones

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my word, I know, right? I really need to take a break from the computer. (Although, that is slightly unlikely, as I’m going to be working on my book????? [#FAIL]) but hopefully I shall get to step away from the computer screen for a while! Awww, thank you! Wait….wait what’s happening….???? *TBR expands rapidly* NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

      Oh dear, it wasn’t three books initially?????? Was J.R.R. Tolkien TRYING to kill us, or…??? And wait… The dude who decided to publish his novel actually read the ENTIRE THING????? I tip my hat to that good sir… UGH!!! The struggle is REAL! I totally get it. It’s so annoying, isn’t it???? But OOOOH! Book recommendation!!!! I don’t believe I have read that book… I shall add it to my magically increasing TBR!

      Ah, yes! I am the queen of ALL cookies, therefore, I am the queen of rotten cookies, as well. I believe it is a special brand, set to stew in the heat of the twenty-seven suns for three years time before being shipped to a local retailer near you. You can probably find it somewhere in the desert aisle. (Although, you might also try the Blogger’s Revenge aisle. I believe I’ve seen them lurking around in there…)


      • You’re welcome. *rubs hands together and straightens TBR* *don’t want it to fall on you and killll you…*

        The Hobbit isn’t as long, but apparently the publisher gave it to his son (who was like 10 or 12??) to see if kids would like it? And this kid wrote a review for his dad saying he thought it would be an okay book… for kids of about seven.

        Ooh. I shall check my local retailers. But will I need any sort of special transport for these cookies? Hazmat containment units or some such thing? They sound rather potent. (Also possibly slightly radioactive. Considering they’ve been under twenty-seven suns. For three years.)

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’ve actually read the Hobbit! That’s why I thought it would be a piece of cake to read LoTR. (It wasn’t) Oh my word…. Um… Either the current generation of seven-year-old’s are SEVERELY LACKING in they’re literature understanding, or I am of the brain capacity of a six-year-old…

          Oh yes! I would highly recommend Hazmat containment units. And also some sunblock, as they tend to give off a radioactive (as you mentioned) glow that can cause skin irritation and oozing eye sockets. Perhaps you should have some sunglasses on hand, as well…


  6. It looks like a lot of your goals are writing/reading base. I want to read a lot this summer but I think I’m going to take a break from the novel writing for a while. I may write poetry or something for July Camp Nanowrimo though. I have a lot of goals for myself to this summer. I want to learn Swedish, and maybe learn some piano (yeah, we’ll se how that works. I’ve already quit twice. Third times a charm?). Anyways, good luck to your goals, hopefully we can both do well. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I’ve got a LOT of writing goals for the summer months! But in there I’ve also got some more hands-on projects like progressing down the road to learning violin, and also doing some artsy crafty things. I just didn’t include those because I tend to ramble l, and the post was already quite…lengthy..

      Oh my word, I can’t wait for Camp!!! And learning Swedish sounds amazing!!! As for the piano, it’s such a beautiful instrument! Haha, yesssss!!! Third time’s the charm!!! I have every faith in you!!!

      And good luck to you, as well! Here’s hoping we both complete ALL OF THE GOALS!!!


  7. Ooooooohh!! I know when you’re birthday is AND I know what age you are turning muahahahahah!!

    But… DUDE!!! Should I perhaps… join you??? And try to finish draft 8 of The Songless before MY birthday??? DO YOU THINK I CAN DO IT?????????

    Oooooh! You are on Goodreads??? We need to be friends!!!


    Yay!! Kenzie’s Quest!!! Be sure and keep me posted for I am on a Quest of my own, you know!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, some people get certain privileges. Like my twin, bahahahaha!!! 😂😂😂

      Oh! Oh!!! I think you can!!!! AND YOU ALREADY DID!!!! I…feel so lame now. I’m only on chapter five… Okay. That’s it. Tonight…I WRITE!!!!

      Yes yes yes YESSSS!!! Let us friend each other!!!!!! I’m not sure what my user is, though…. I shall try and find it!

      Alas, I do… However, you are my #twin, and I have no other twin??? So you are consoled now, yes?

      Haha, oh yes!!! I do remember! We are on the ultimate quest!!! It is glorious!!! And also slightly impossible…


      • *bows elegantly*

        Whoops sorry about that!!! ;)

        Email me and I will try and find you!! I’m… Kayla Marie I think??? I should switch that…

        I AM CONSOLED.


        Liked by 1 person


          Okay! I shall try and find you… Can you change your username? I’d like to change it to Smudged Thoughts, because I think I’m TheDragonPrincess19 right now… I’ll see if I can find you!

          Yay for consolation!!!

          Yesssss!!!! It is terrible…


          • AND NOW YOU’RE ON CHAPTER 20. #progress

            We have found each other at last!!! Or… you know, I found you because I’m a stalker. In a surprising turn of events, I’ve actually been really involved on Goodreads lately???? I just posted some reviews for The Lunar Chronicles and I posted like random thoughts while I was reading them too. WHO AM I???

            Liked by 1 person

            • YESSSSS!!! *chicken dances in celebration*

              Wait… You can post random thoughts about a book while reading the book???? I DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE GOODREADS????? I’m going to start posting more reviews, but I really don’t know how this site works!! How do you post random thoughts without posting an entire review???? #CONFUSED


              • Okay, so you can “update progress”??? That should pop up right under the book itself on your Home page under the tab that contain what you are “currently reading” and instead of just updating how many pages you’ve read, you can also add text like whatever you are thinking of the book currently or whatever.

                Liked by 1 person

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