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A Special Announcement. . .

good morning, cyberspace!

To be honest, this is a blog post that I’ve been putting off for a very long time. I knew I would have to write it eventually, but between writing everlost and the overall busyness of the past couple months, I just haven’t found the time to sit down and write this post in the way that it deserves to be written.

And that’s not even mentioning the overwhelming flood of anxiety that grapples my mind every time I even so much as think about writing this post. This is something that’s very close to my heart, guys, and I know there are some of you out there who are going to believe it’s fake. There are some who are going to think it’s a joke because of certain circumstances of the past. There are some of you who are going to read this and laugh it off because it can’t possibly be real, right?

But I can personally assure you that it is real. It is true, and today, there are no more excuses for not saying it. There are no more methods of procrastination to keep me from writing this post.

So today I am finally baring my soul to you guys and telling you all what on earth has been happening in this crazy, hectic, absolutely beautiful life of mine.

And let me tell you what, folks. It’s a doozy. Continue reading “A Special Announcement. . .”


A special announcement is coming your way on Friday. . .

— The Smudged Thoughts Staff

Get Ready. . .

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Oops? (feat. actual footage of me as a baby???)


Hey, guys! So due to a very busy weekend (I’ve been working on EV nonstop. It’s fun. *thumbs up*) I kind of sort of failed to scrape a blog post together for today.

Aha. OOPS.

So today’s post is going to have to be bumped to Thursday! And I’m kinda disappointed about this, cause like. . .this week’s blog post is really exciting for me. BUT I’M SURE YOU’LL LOVE IT WHEN I FINALLY GET IT POSTED, GUYS.

I mean, it’s definitely not going to be as sought after as next week’s blog post, but you know. It’s still pretty fun. It’s a giant post all about NaNoWriMo, so obviously there is no physical way this can fail, amiright?

However, since I choose to post nothing if not quality content every single week here on Smudged Thoughts, I decided that I’d share with you all a never-before-seen video clip of me as a smol child bean!!

Because this isn’t random at all.

Such quality. Much wow.

You’re welcome.

See you all on Thursday!

— Kenzie

P.S. Also can we just appreciate the fact that like. . .he totally didn’t take a bite of that first cookie at all? Where on earth did the crumbs come from if the cookie was still completely intact? And if your child — who is obviously still a baby — just inhaled like four cookies the size of their face at once, would you seriously go back to the kitchen and bring them yet another plateful? And then a THIRD? I mean, why is this woman just staring at the camera like she’s utterly helpless? YOU’RE LITERALLY ENABLING HIS COOKIE OBSESSION, LADY. Stop looking at me like I’m the one who did something wrong here. And also why on earth did you bake so many kinds of cookies. . .? Are you having a bake sale, or. . .?

And also I am seriously sitting here analyzing a Sesame Street video in the middle of the night. What on earth has happened to my life. . .

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Please Don’t Murder Me, Peasants (*insert awkward laughter here*)


good morning, cyberspace!

And welcome back to yet another episode of Kenzie Posts Super Duper Late and Hopes Her Angry Friends Don’t Rip Her Head Off With A Cheese Grater! I’ve got to say, this has probably been the longest running series I’ve done here on Smudged Thoughts. Let’s give me a nice, big, juicy round of applesauce applause, shall we?

oh my god wow GIF by 9Now

Thank you. Thank you. I’m expecting my golden trophy for World’s Worst Blogger in the mail any day now. However, to be fair, this blog’s tagline is “The Worst Blog in Cyberpace”. So. I mean we’re totally living up to our title these past few months, am I right?

Aha. Continue reading “Please Don’t Murder Me, Peasants (*insert awkward laughter here*)”

An Announcement (Part Two)

good evening, cyberspace!

Once again we must come to you with unfortunate news. Last Tuesday we posted an announcement that said our newest smudge — StoryTime With Kenzie! The Day I Nearly Died — would be posted today. On Friday.

Like three hours ago.

Unfortunately, though every member of our staff has been working tirelessly all day today and yesterday (seriously, guys, I’ve been working on this basically since I got up this morning. I am fried.), we have been physically unable to finish the post.

The reason for this, we have decided, is because this is a story that is A) extremely close to our hearts (because it was so trauMATIC, OH MY GOODNESS), and B) one that we have been sitting on for nearly an entire year now, which has caused the post in question to expand to unnatural and quite abominable proportions.

meaning it is currently at over 4,500 words. ahahahahahahaha. help me.

SO. Because of our love for this particular StoryTime, we really, really, really, really do not want to rush the writing of it, even if that means we have to — once again — bump this post up a couple of days to give us some more time to get it right. And besides, this is literally the most fun we’ve had with any sort of writing project in a very, very long time, and we would honestly hate to lose this feeling of excitement and joy to the stress and brain-deadness of having to get a post out before midnight.

It is therefore with our deepest regrets and apologies that we must ask you to wait just a little bit longer for the StoryTime With Kenzie post.

We are so, so extremely sorry, but when it comes to posting a post that is mediocre today, or getting some sleep and posting a post that we absolutely adore in three days. . .

. . .we are totally choosing the sleep, guys, let’s be honest.

Once again, we must apologize for any possible inconvenience and continue to hope that you will not start a riot with three angry pigs and stab us in the toes with a rusty pitchfork in your burning wrath and fiery anger.

As always, we hope you have the most splendidest of nights, and we’ll see you all here on Tuesday.

And also possibly Friday.

And maybe Monday.

Who even knows at this point.

I’m so tired.


The Smudged Thoughts Team





An Announcement

good evening, cyberspace!

Due to a very busy week and an exceedingly gruesome weekend, us writers here at Smudged Thoughts have been unable to sit still long enough to produce a decently written smudge for this week. It is therefore our unfortunate duty to inform you that this week’s post has been bumped to Friday. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and hope that you will return here in three days time to hear the completely unexaggerated tale of how Kenzie nearly died.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.


The Smudged Thoughts Team

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Let’s Talk About Life, Yeah?

good morning, Cyberspace,

and welcome back to yet another episode of Kenzie Waits Until Monday To Write Her Weekly Blog Post! WOOT WOOT!

You’d think that after nearly two years of blogging I’d figure out that there are actually seven days of a typical week, and therefore I could potentially utilize some of those days for blogging. But no. Nope, I prefer waiting until the very last minute, because apparently I’m still holding out hope that Armageddon is nigh and the world will spontaneously implode before Tuesday morning.

So here I am again, trying to figure out what to write for tomorrow’s post, and all I can think about is the fact that I should really be working on my novel. Because I love my novel. And I want to be a full-time novelist, not a full-time blogger, (although admittedly that would be kinda fun? if only I didn’t have a thousand and one story ideas bubbling in my brain…) which means that, in order to achieve that ultimate goal, I actually need to work on my novel.

*brain implodes*

I know, right? WHO WOULDA THUNK.

But alas, it is true. And so in order to chunk out some time for me to spend in the world of everlost today (yesterday? I’m writing this on Monday, so….?), I’m going to be doing a simple post this week. A happy little post. A post about life.

Or rather, a post about MY life. Because my life is totally cool and hip and not at all boring.


So even though I loathe writing update posts (pretty sure we’ve been over this about ten times already…) there are some Things that have happened/will happen that I kind of want to talk to you guys about. So.

Here we go again. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Life, Yeah?”

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I’M BAAAAACK! And I bring with me some POLLS! Because #fun and also #HELPME

good morning, cyberspace!




Guess what.


Continue reading “I’M BAAAAACK! And I bring with me some POLLS! Because #fun and also #HELPME”

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Merry Christmas, Cyberspace!!! (and also I’m disappearing #what)


EEP! Can you guys believe that it is Christmas ALREADY?! I can’t. It feels like just yesterday that we were trapped within the hot and sweaty days of summer, and now we’re smack-dab in the middle of snow and flurries and Christmas and cookies and Special K Bars (please tell me at least one of you knows what those are) and PRESENTS and love and goodwill towards all small men and — above every single one of those lovely things — the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and smack you guys upside the head with all of the particulars on how He is the Reason for The Season and all that like some angry Christian person trying to slice your soul open with a paper leaflet, because odds are you already know the story of the manger and the wise men and the shepherds watching o’er their flocks by night and the angels and the very rude innkeeper and the elves by now.

But just for a moment, in between all of this present-giving and receiving and laughter and eating and Special K Bar enjoying, let’s all just stop and take a single heartbeat to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Let us take three seconds out of our Christmas day to wish a Happy Birthday to the one who the day actually belongs to — to the one who came to lay down his life so that we could be saved.

Let’s take a moment to remember, in a world where everything that matters is forgotten.

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