6 Things I Have Learned From Being A Freshly Graduated Asparagus

Good afternoon, Cyberspace,

Four years ago, back when I was but a smol bean beginning high school, graduation was just a distant fantasy in the blip of a horizon that was my future. It was a dream. A nightmare. A complex idea that I did not know how to comprehend.

Graduation was, to me, the end of my existence. It was the day when everything ended.

It was the day that I would die.

But alas, that distant haze of a day has come and gone, passed within my grasp in the blink of an eye.

And I am still alive.

sort of

But this Tuesday–this particular Tuesday in September, in fact– is a day that will always remind me of my schooling days. This was the day that we always–always always always–went back to school. And because of that, The Day After Labor Day will forever and always hold a very special place in my heart.

To me, this is more than just a day. It is a day that has helped shape my entire existence.

And this will be the very first year that I will not be attending school on it.

But I would still like to commemorate this most memorable day, and since Fate has smiled upon me with his gummy teeth, The Day After Labor Day is and will always be on a Tuesday.

Which is just pure luck, if you ask me.

So today I would like to delve deeper into my fear of Life After Graduation. Today I will share with you just how much I have learned from being a Freshly Graduated Asparagus.

Because though life in school may now be behind me, I am still learning. I am still living.

And I am still discovering that everything people tell you about graduation is most certainly a lie.

— 6 Things I Have Learned From Being A Freshly Graduated Asparagus —

— Number One – I Am Not An Adult 

If I could have a freshly stabbed corpse every time someone called me an adult when I was 17, I would be the proud owner of my very own morgue.

and also extremely scarred because that is just wrong, sir

See, the world has this beautiful way of taking its young children and thrusting them headfirst over the ledge labeled “ADULT” long before they’ve actually reached adulthood. It enjoys seeing us flail akimbo through the air as we try to avoid crashing into the pit of spikes awaiting us at the bottom of adulthood’s gaping maw.

It enjoys watching us suffer.

For me, it all began when I was preparing to graduate from high-school.

When I was but the tender age of 17-going-on-18, I was told left and right that I was an adult, that 18 was apparently the age when every single revelation of adulthood would miraculously fall upon thine shoulders by the grace of the seven winds.

And when I chose to rebuttal with, “Yes, well, I’m never going to be an adult, sir, because obviously ‘adults’ are nothing more than a conspiracy set up by the government to convince the public that the human race isn’t just a bunch of gangly introverted teenagers trapped within aging bodies trying to navigate the horrors of reality”, I was ignored.

And why was I ignored? Because obviously I was an ignorant swine who knew nothing of the complexities of the “adulting” world.

But here’s the thing, peeps; despite the fact that I ripped the spine straight out of Peter Pan’s living corpse and ate a gallon of pixie dust so that I could fly off to Neverland so as to never age a single day, I am still not an adult.

I am a teenager. A kid. Someone who is still learning how to adjust to the human life after possessing an alien body for the past 3992 years.

So please do not look at me and tell me that I am an adult because I just graduated high-school. If I have to listen to the “You’re An Adult” speech one more time, I will probably have no choice but to stab you with my rusted pitchfork and haul you off to my Morgue of crusty skeletons.

Society really needs to stop glorifying how it’s “cool” to act older than you really are.

Please. It’s really just annoying.

Which leads me to–

— Number Two – I Do Not Need To Know My Entire Future —

Ah, yes. Here we have yet another lie that fills the minds of young, impressionable children.

And also the lips of the elderly.

If you have just graduated high-school–like Yours Truly–then I am quite certain that you are already well-acquainted with this particular question. But for those of you who might still have the tiniest shred of innocence left within your smol souls, allow me to introduce you to The Question.

(and no. I do not mean the whole marriage proposal shenanigan in which prince charming throws a ring so sharp it could slice through bone at your face and screams, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” through his soggy tears. that is a completely different burrito altogether. I mean THE QUESTION. The question that every single mortal hears upon the day they graduate.)

“So…what are you going to do for the rest of your feeble existence???”

And while this might not be the exact way they phrase it, you can be sure that this is precisely what your peers are thinking.

Because every single high-school graduate is supposed to have a complex, detailed map of the entire course of their future. They know where they’re going to be when they’re 32; know what their third-born son’s middle name will be; know when, why, where, and how they’re going to meet and marry their pre-destined soulmate; and have decided with much more consideration than needed the exact words to be etched upon their gravestone.

High-school graduates also know when the sun will implode and the stars will crumble into the ocean. And of course we know when the apocalypse is going to happen. And don’t forget our vast knowledge of knowing the precise date and time that Elijah will come riding on the clouds.

Because obviously every single high-school graduate takes a trip into the Mahamahama mountains to visit The Seer on the day of their graduation. It is a common practice in America. We know everything. We see everything.

We are the future.

— Number Three – Real Life Is An Adventure —

There is a phrase that I’ve heard many a time in my smol spattering of years that, for as long as I can remember, I have hated with a severe and utter passion:

Bloom where you’re planted.

And before you go and slap me with your rusted pitchforks and tell me that, “This is a beautiful saying, you uncultured swine! How dare you!!”, allow me to explain myself.

I am an adventurer. I love adventure. I live for adventure. My entire existence revolves around thrilling journeys and quests through fantastical lands and realms and kingdoms filled with danger and mystery and endless possibilities.

To anyone who knows me, this is really not that surprising. It is my love of adventure that drives me to devour every single story that comes within arm’s reach, and has also aided in my love of story-telling.

It is because of my passion for adventure that I am a writer.

So when I hear people telling me to “bloom where I’m planted“, my very first instinct is to seize up into a coiled knot whilst inwardly screaming like a pterodactyl hatchling for the remainder of eternity.

Because I have been planted in a very small, very boring town.

And this terrifies me, Cyberspace.

As a person who craves adventure, it’s hard for me to accept the fact that real life–life outside of dragons and gnomes and elves and magical islands–is an adventure all in itself. Especially if my ‘reality’ takes place in a tiny little town off the edge of nowhere.

It has taken me a long time–all of high-school and all the years before, in fact–but I have finally come to terms with this deep-seated truth. Reality is just as much of an adventure as fiction. It is just as thrilling and amazing. Just as terrifying. Just as magical.

You just have to know where to look.


— Number Four – We Are Forced To Quit Learning at The Height of Our Curiosity 

For those of you who don’t already know this–I am severely bummed that I’m no longer in school.

And why is this, you might ask? The answer is quite simple.

After 12 years of consistent learning, I have finally begun to have a passion for it.

When I was younger, I couldn’t care less if I knew the names of the constellations or the microscopic cells that made up my body. History was just another set of strange names and dates that I had to memorize so that I could spew the answers back out at a later time. And don’t even get me started on math.

But now that I’m graduated…I wish I could re-learn these things. I wish I could name every single bone in my body and know how to stop a human heart without it looking like murder (wait). I wish I could tell you the names of all the constellations, and point them out to you in a diamond encrusted sky. I wish I could know and understand all of the things that I have learned over the years, because back when I was still in school, I took everything I was learning for granted.

Of course, I still know things. I know math and history and science and geography (barely) and all of the things we are taught growing up. If I didn’t know these things, I’d probably just be a potato who sat around all day watching Doctor Who. (actually, I am just a potato who sits around all day watching Doctor Who, but THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT, SIR)

But I want to know more. I want to expand deeper into the fibers of these subjects. I want to learn about the stars and the oceans and the complex anatomy of the human species.

Particularly the festering process of wounds. #writer

I want to expand my knowledge, but I have been cut off from the schooling system the minute my passion for learning has begun.

And that is just plain sad.

— Number Five – College Is An Option, Not An Obligation —

Now, of course there are going to be those of you who say, “But, Kenzie! Couldn’t you just go to college??? Then you could learn all you want to your heart’s content!”

And while that seems like a very viable option, my dear crumb, alas–I cannot.

Actually, let me rephrase that really quick:

I won’t.

*world implodes*

*children screaming*

*entire universe gasps in shock*

*cookies crumbling*

Okay, okay. So maybe this decision is a bit unconventional.

And by unconventional I mean completely detested by every single man, woman, and blankie-wielding child.


But while I may be in the minority with this choice, I believe that I am making the right one.

What I want to do with my life does not require going to a college and earning a degree. In fact, there is no college degree in existence that can help me achieve the things I want to achieve on this earth. So for me, college is nothing more than an unnecessary obstacle on the already spiny path to my future career.

I want to be a writer. (mind=blown) I want to create worlds in my head and spill them out onto the page. And I’m sorry, but no college course can teach me how to do this. They can teach me sentence structure, obviously, and how to create the perfectly proportioned sentence. They might even throw a prompt at my face and have me write a creative short based upon it, which they will then pick apart with a red pen because their opinion obviously reigns supreme over every mortal man.

But can they teach me how to create Gumphy the Sloth Bear and his magical friend, Mr. Carcass, or stuff my head full of their slightly smelly adventures through the Mystical Wood on a journey to find Mr. Carcass’s murderer? Can they hand me my own personal writing voice on a silver platter, along with a degree in creative writing that will automatically get me published?

I don’t think so.

Maybe I’m just naïve, but for me, I believe that becoming a writer is something that happens through practice, not through classes or crash courses or even blog posts.

And that’s not to say that these things are not helpful! They most definitely are. But do you need them to become a writer? Are they a necessity?

Not really.

Everything creative comes through practice. Through experimentation. A writer finds their voice by splattering a page with words and seeing how they fit. They write a page, blast it apart with a stick of dynamite, and try again. They test different word choices, different textures and sounds, until suddenly–almost as if by magic–their own unique voice materializes before their very fingertips.

No college degree is going to automatically bestow upon you the title of “writer”. You are made a writer by writing. Nothing more, nothing less.

And what’s more, no college degree is going to get you published, either. You are not automatically assured of a publishing deal by completing four years of college.

You get published by writing a book.

That’s it.

However, I am not in any way saying this to throw the entirety of college out into the pot-hole-filled street and trample it with a semi truck. For some of you–dare I say it, most of you–college is a very, very good thing. In fact, in some cases it is even a necessity, depending on the career choice you are pursuing.

But I think something that needs to be better understood is that college is an option, and not an obligation. People should not be forced to go to college, simply because it is COLLEGE!!!!!!. (cue the flashing lights and screaming fans)

I believe that a lot of young mortals are roped into going to college loooooong before they even know what they want to do with their lives, simply because it’s the cultural norm.

And–without even considering the fact that this leads to tremendous, essentially meaningless debt–this is really, really sad. Because those four years spent earning a degree that you’re never going to use are four years that could have been spent earning a degree towards something you were truly passionate about, if only you had stopped a moment to discover what that really was.

— Number Six – The Life You Live Is Uniquely Your Own

But maybe you–like me–really do already know what you’re passionate about. Maybe you’ve already discovered which path you want to forge your way through and are ready to take that plunge.

And while it might seem like we’re all just a bunch of ants scurrying down pre-formed tunnels towards death, we are so, so much more than that.

There are so many different options out there. So many different lives, so many different futures, so many different paths to take.

Just as each and every person on this planet is 100% unique, each and every path is wholly unique, as well. There are no pre-formed guidelines. No set road towards our goals.

We are all bushwhackers, hacking and slicing our own way through the brush that is life.

There is only one me on this planet, and there is only one you. So don’t let anyone else dictate who you are or where you go, whether you attend college or let stories sweep you away to far away lands, whether you dye your hair bubblegum pink or grow it long like Rapunzel. Only one individual has seen the world through your eyes. Only one person can decide where your heart will take you.

So you do you. I’ll do me. And together, perhaps we can carve our own unique signatures into this wild, untamed world.

And that’s all I’ve got for today, folks! What do you think? Today’s smudge took a bit more of a serious turn than I had anticipated… #OOPS. Hopefully you still enjoyed it? Ah?? AH???? 

Anyway, what did you guys think? Are you a freshly graduated asparagus, or have you just gone back to the nit and grind of the school world? Do you enjoy learning, or are you counting down the days until you can be a potato? What is your dream career? Will YOU be attending college? And most importantly–Mohawks or afros?

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


28 thoughts on “6 Things I Have Learned From Being A Freshly Graduated Asparagus

  1. I actually have considered the words I want on my grave. They change depending on my mood, but I have considered them.

    As far as learning goes, I’m with you; I love learning. However, I hated school because it always felt more geared toward results on a test – at which I failed miserably – and less geared toward the act of learning itself. Now that I’m not required to report back on my findings in minute and chronological detail, I find I learn better. Most of the information I take in is useless in application, but it makes me happy.

    Hence I forwent college. I still have a short list of electives I’d like to take classes on (photojournalism, graphic design, etc.), but college is not for me. I managed to snag a good job straight out of high school and since then I’ve gained valuable experience I can apply to any future job.

    Hopefully said future job is author or travel journalist, but we’ll see.

    Mohawks or afros depends on the person, but I usually prefer afros.

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    • If I’m being totally honest, I, too, have pondered what I shall want on my grave… It can actually be quite a fun exercise!!! XD

      Very true! School teaches you ALL OF THE THINGS, just for the sake of being able to regurgitate it onto a test sheet, but learning just for the sake of WANTING to learn is oh so much more fun!! And researching as a writer is always…interesting… XD Learning about things that make you happy is absolutely wonderful!!! I HEARTILY APPROVE!!!

      EEK! SOMEONE LIKE ME!!! Exactly!!! I don’t feel like we should be FORCED to go to college just because it’s college, but if there are classes or workshops or WHATEVER that can actually help further us along in what we want to do, it just makes more sense to me to choose those. And that is amazing you got a good job right out of high school!!!

      Ooh! Authoring is also my dream!!! *high fives* But travel journalist honestly sounds amazing, as well! And judging by your blog, you’d be AMAZING at that, too!!!

      Same, I believe… I kind of want my own agro, to be honest.

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  2. Mohawks, definitely mohawks. If I wasn’t a girl, I’d probably have one by now, and I still haven’t ruled it out of my future 100%….. Awesome post; I can totally relate.

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  3. Seriously, I think I’ve found my new favorite blog. But regarding the college thing. Don’t worry, I didn’t explode at your revelation. In fact, I think you be a smart bean. However, if you want to learn – heck, girl, learn! Of course you can do that through a book or the internet, but taking a class or two from the local community college is always a good option too. Whatever floats your boat, girl. :)


  4. Yes, this is really accurate. Especially about the college thing. So many people think it’s NECESSARY to go to college, just like high school, so it all the sudden becomes like high school in a way. It’s not very special if you did go to college, or get a pretty good GPA or whatever they call it, because people can cheat in college and still get a good grade, even if they aren’t that smart. Thankfully, I have a very long ways before THAT…problem. (btw, I was SOOO disappointed when you said the REAL question wasn’t going to be….well…..yeah….lol :P [not really, but…])

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    • Exactly!!! College should be treated as an OPTION, not a REQUIREMENT, because otherwise it loses its college-ness. XD I WISH I had a long ways before that problem, haha! Sadly I must tackle it now. Because I am NOT AN ADULT WHAT ARE YOU TALKKING ABOUT, KENZIE, SHUT YOUR COOKIE-HOLE.

      Bahahahahahaha!!! Aww, I apologize! THAT question is much more terrifying than the one I was actually referencing to, however, so HALLELUJAH!!!! XD

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  5. I actually loved this post! Graduation is a super scary thing and you seem to be handling it well enough. I have to admit, I was a little reluctant when you said you weren’t going to college, but with the profession you’re after, I totally agree with you. Plus, I totally agree with learning about the festering wounds thing! It’s not to far off from some of the stuff I have researched. Anyways, I have wanted to be a writer as well, for a long time (on and off), but I’m also super interested in music/songwriting. They’re kind of connected because they’re both storytelling, and it would be awesome if I could do both. Also, I pick afros (but only the good kind) over mohawks :)

    P.S. (Songs are just my cheat version of writing books. So much faster!) And sorry for the long comment! I just have a lot of thoughts. :)

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    • SQUEE!!! I am so happy you loved it!!!! *flings cookies at your face* I hope I’m handling it well… XD It really is frightening, but it’s not TOO much different from what I’m used to. Sort of… XD

      I can totally understand why you’d be hesitant!! Not going to college is a pretty controversial topic. But EEK!! I’m so glad you agree! I just don’t feel like college would be a good fit for what I’m after. XD

      Oh my word! Songwriting sounds AMAZING! I have always loved music, but all of my attempts to actually write lyrics and put them to music have not necessarily ended well, haha! I love hearing about how people are chasing creative professions, so I say go for it! You can totally write stories and music! (As you said, they are basically the same, just different outlets-)

      SAAMMMEEE!!! #afrofriends

      Oh no, don’t apologize!! I love getting long comments! It shows that I wrote something worth commenting on, haha! XD

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  6. AHHHH I loved this post!😂

    First off, congratulations on graduating!!! I haven’t finished high school yet, but I look on the remaining years with a mixture of excitement and dread… One, because it’ll be cool to be done with school! Two, because HAAAA NOPE. #notready

    I probably want to be a writer too, although I think something majoring in psychology would be something I’d be interested in. I’m like you though – I don’t try to plan out my future too much. I’ve tried that before, and… Let’s just say it didn’t work😂 I feel peace knowing God has our futures in His hands, and ultimately whatever happens will be for the best. (That doesn’t mean I don’t freak out about things every once in a while, though. Haha. I do.)

    Great post!! – Abi

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    • EEEEK!!! Thank you so much!!!!

      You are so lucky to still be in high-school!!!! #jealous I can totally understand conflict between excitement and fear, though! I am still going through it, to be honest. XD And oh my word, YES to the HAAAA NOPE!! That is literally me! XD

      Writing is SOO much fun, isn’t it??? But ooh! Psychology is definitely intriguing!!! Ugh, yes. Planning things out too much makes everything so much more complicated and stressful. And might I just say that I LOVE how you put that? God does have everything in His control. Nothing truly terrible can happen as long as he’s in charge of our futures, right? XD Oh goodness, I freak out about things allllllll the time! XD

      Thank you so much!!!


  7. *raises hand* My dream career is author too!! I mean, it’s a slow process.😂Which can be a bit tough/depressing, but I BELIEVE IN YOU!! I HOPE YOU GET THERE TOO!! I didn’t go to college (although we more call it just uni here in Australia haha) and I thoroughly agree you can’t be taught how to write, although I’m sure I would’ve sucked for a lot longer if I hadn’t have taken a ton of writing courses in highschool. But I know there’s tons of things you could study that would be helpful for writing?! Like I get super obsessed with history because ALL THE WRITING INSPIRATION. 😍 I still wouldn’t want to go to college for it though ahha. AHhhhhem.😂 ANYWAY. I totally agree that being just out of highschool doesn’t mean you should know everything you want to do with your life!!


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    • YESSSSSSS!!!! *high-fives* I honestly cannot wait to read your books someday. They just sound so UTTERLY AMAZING!!! AWWWWW!!! Oh my word, thank you SO much!!!! That literally means the world to me…

      I took a few creative writing courses in highschool, too! I guess there ARE some things about writing that you can be taught to help you grow, then… *begins completely overthinking this entire post* XD Ooh, yes! History would be awesome to study! Especially to help ease the research stress, because I pretty much know nothing about history… XD I, for one, have recently become infatuated with the stars and the galaxies, so I suppose some classes on astronomy would actually be really fun…

      OH MY WORD, THANK YOU!!!!! This combines two of the most amazing food substances in the history of ever… *sheds a tear of completeness*

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  8. Congratulations on graduating!!! I myself have only one year left, and then I proceed to college. I’m gad you know what you want to do! I don’t want to go at all, but i *do* want to be something I need a degree for. Luckily, all i need is an associate’s degree, but argh. Dealing with all the “you are obviously genius why don’t you come here and pay us an unholy amount of money” letters and SAT accommodations crap and open houses is a LITTLE aggravating and exhausting.
    Writing is my safe haven now more than ever, I think. But I am excited about all of this, even though it doesn’t seem like I should be.
    If you do want to learn more school-ish stuff without resorting to college or piles of actual homework, I recommend checking out https://www.coursera.org/. It’s got a ton of free online courses taught by actual college teachers. They vary in length, from a couple weeks to a couple months, and quality. Also style; some allow you to work at your own pace, however long that takes, while others follow a set schedule. But if you don’t need the grade and just want the knowledge, you can just watch the class videos. A *few* courses do require payment, but most don’t. And there’s a ton of different courses, some of which I’ve taken and had a lot of fun with and some which sound AMAZING but I haven’t taken yet.
    Good luck!

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    • EEK! Thank you so much! Oh dear! Senior year is always the weirdest! (at least it was for me???) And I totally missed my chance to go to Wendy’s and ask for the senior discount… (which is something I still regret to this day, mind you.) Ugh. Colleges are so annoying with all of that, aren’t they? Apparently I didn’t do well enough, because I never got any of those things, haha! XD (I actually think it was because we didn’t send my scores to any colleges, but WHATEVER [they obviously didn’t think I was good enough for their institution. XD ]) I DIED AT THE UNHOLY AMOUNTS OF MONEY!!!! XD JUST YES!!! YES TO THAT!!!! It’s a good thing you’re excited, though! Excitement can get you through even the darkest of times!!

      Oh! Oh! I actually signed up to do a special NaNoWriMo Coursera course through Weselyn university! It was really cool (even though I haven’t finished it yet??? XD), and I feel like it could really teach me a lot… Perhaps I should check out some of their other writing courses if they have any! Thank you so much for the recommendation!!

      And also, good luck with senior year!!! DON’T FORGET THE SENIOR DISCOUNT!!!!


  9. I have NEVER in the History of EVER laughed so hard at a single blog post! You’re so talented and your sense of humor is off the charts- It left the atmosphere and accidentally forgot to pack undies because you blasted it away so quickly. XD

    I’ll be a freshly graduated asparagus in 1 year (or at least I’m SUPPOSED to be- but let’s ignore that last part). I’m honestly not fretting too much because God’s got my back and will be poking me in the right direction if I happen to wander a little too far off course. Maybe a few shoves will be needed. Sometimes I can be dense. XD

    OMIGOSH. FINALLY- SOMEONE OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSEHOLD SHARES THE SAME THOUGHTS ABOUT COLLEGE LIKE WE DO! *confetti cannon goes off* I made the personal decision not to go to college after I graduate unless God tells me to go and provides for me. I don’t want the hassle of dealing with a debt that will hang over my head for the rest of my entire life if I let it. I’m also not guarrenteed a job in my field once I graduate, sooooo… it could be a waste of money. Don’t want that. I’m just going to work towards being an animator, music producer, writer, and graphic designer by myself with the tools I have. I plan on applying for a job at my library to help pay for the things I need. Praying that God will let me have the job. <3

    …Woah. This was a long comment. Sorry! <3

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    • Oh my stars!!! That is literally the MOST AMAZING compliment I have ever received!!!! Oh my word, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <3 (And might I just say how I LAUGHED OUT LOUD ABOUT THE UNDIES THING, like SERIOUSLY, THAT WAS AMAZING!!!) 😂😂😂

      Yes!!!! God DOES have your back, no matter what! I am so happy you said that, because it seems like people get so stressed out these days that they forget to look to Him… And ooh! This means that you are a senior, yes??? I shall always regret how I missed my chance to ask for the senior discount at Wendy's… LET ME LIVE THROUGH YOU!!! HAVE THE COURAGE I DID NOT POSSESS, DEAR BEAN!! 😂😂😂

      YESSSSSSS!!!! *distant cheering* *cookies dancing* *one man screaming* I totally agree with that! If I feel like God is calling me to go to college, then by all means I would go! But right now I just don't feel like that is the path I'm destined to take. And exactly! College does not guarantee you a job. I suppose it helps let employers see that you are more qualified for the position or whatever, but personally, I don't think where I'm headed I need that. XD OH MY WORD, being an animator, music producer, writer, and graphic designer sounds AMAZING!!! I am definitely rooting for you!!!! *waves cookies like pompoms* And also, I would LOOOVE to work at a library!!! I hope you get the job!!!! (I shall be praying too, if you like???)

      I love long comments!!! *squishes comment lovingly*

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      • YOU’RE SO WELCOME! <3 I'm happy I was able to give you some laughter like you did for me. :D

        Really? :O I didn't know that! I knew there were free senior's drinks (like for ACTUAL seniors- the ones 60+ in age), but I didn't know there was a senior in high scool discount. I'll definitely look into it. I have no problem asking people at counters for discounts. XD (I used to, though- like my family almost literally had to push me up to the counter and FORCE me to talk. While inside my head I was sobbing, "WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?" XD)

        YASSSSS. At this point, I think it just depends on which career path you want to take. Like for someone in the medical field, I'd definitely say that they should go to college for that. And the best part is that at LEAST you have a CHANCE of paying off your college debt if you decide to go a medical route. But for people in the entertainment biz like us, it's more optional than anything. If we need to learn anything we can learn it for free from someplace or pay for courses that only cost a FRACTION of the price that it would to go to college. Like at my library, we have a thing where we can access this one skillshare website called lynda.com for free when it would usually cost you something to get a membership. And all you need is to sign up for a library card (also for free) to get to this website. .>


        Yayyyyyyy! :D *squishes your comment lovingly also*

        Hey, wanna exchange emails or something? I’d love to talk with you more outside of public comment sections. XD Do you use google hangouts at all?

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        • WAIT! NO! I WAS JOKING!!! Like, you’re a senior in High School, so you ASK for the senior discount, but it’s like a joke???? (oh goodness, I really hope I didn’t just bring a thousand embarrassments upon thee!!! I AM SO SORRY!!!!!)

          And awwww!!!! I love laughter!!! It is such a happy, shareable thing…

          Exactly! It totally depends on the career, and even each individual’s path in life, so for people to say that it’s a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, I just think that is wrong… That website/library thing sounds AMAZING!!!!

          OKAY!!!! *sends prayer to the heavens*

          I do actually have google hangouts, but I don’t really use it?? I’m kind of a hermit, haha!!! XD

          Liked by 1 person

  10. Yesssssssssssss!!!

    I mean you probably know how I feel about this topic but hey I’m gonna shout at you about it anyway ha won’t that be fun!!!

    Firstly, the question is indeed quite annoying. I must awkwardly admit that I’m one of those Intense people who likes to have a Plan… so I’ve known what I wanted to do with the rest of my life for yeeeeears BUT I am so willing to recognize that isn’t true of everyone and that is okay. How boring would the world be if it was just full of Kates, right??? ALSO the question sort of implies you have to pick one thing???? Like hahahahaha but what if I want to do all of it??? Try everything??? See what I’m good at??? Switch jobs??? Do it all???? Have a blast???? Rule the freaking world, bro???? So yes.

    As far as”bloom where you’re planted” goes, well. Ha. Watch me yank up my cute little roots and waddle someplace else and bloom THERE. HaHA!

    This is so true it’s crazy?????? Little kids don’t care about school but like dude, we start seeing why we need school when we get older. Honestly I’m just so thankful for YouTube and the internet because I van teach myself all the things now – art and mythology and neurosurgery and physics!!!!! Huzzah!!!!!

    Heh. I’ll dye mine bubblegum pink and you are growing yours like Rapunzel??? :)))




      UGH!!! It is SOO annoying!!! Luckily, I haven’t been asked it TOO much recently, but I constantly feel like random people who should have absolutely no say in what I do with my life are looking down on me about my choices or something? I HATES IT, SIR. 😂 YES! Having a Plan is wonderful! But I’m definitely one of those people who THINKS they have a plan, and then completely reconfigured everything because OOH! SHINY NEW IDEA!!!! (like the bookmobile. 😂) A world full of Kates sounds quite lovely, actually! Lives would be saved and dreams would be achieved and the world would be conquered!!! And YES!!! SO MUCH YES!! Why must we choose only ONE thing to do in our lives???? IT IS JUST STUPID. I want to do ALL OF THE THINGS, and I would like to see someone try and stop me. *brandishes pitchfork angrily*


      EXACTLY! It is a rather saddening turn of events. But THANK THE STARS FOR GOOGLE, AMIRIGHT??? 😂😂😂 My only problem is I never know whether or not Wikipedia can be trusted. 😂 SOMETIMES IT LIES TO US, PRECIOUS!! IT LIES! Your art is amazing and I seriously need more of it in my life, okay? Okay. 😂

      I honestly cannot remember if this was in reference to our conversations, or if it was completely unintentional. I’m pretty sure it couldn’t have been coincidence, right??? 😂😂😂

      #SAME. I was once told I wouldn’t look good with an afro. I would like to prove those people wrong. Mwahahahahahahaha…


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