The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad: Week One — r u ded?

Good morning, Cyberspace, and welcome to the Week One Sign-In for the NaNoWriMo Dare Squad!

That’s right, folks. We have officially conquered an entire week of the monstrous beast known to many as. . .The NaNo.




For some of you, you have been riding the crimson tidal wave of inspiration ever since day one, and are currently revving up your writerly engines to dive right back into Week Two with a grin and a sparkle in your slightly twitching left eye.

For others, you are slogging through each day like it could potentially be your last, slurping caffeine like it is fuel for your third lung and possibly developing a nervous tick somewhere off in your right kneecap.

And for the fair few like me, you are doing absolutely none of the above, and are instead resting your heavy head on a soft, floofy pillow, your arms crossed delicately over your chest as you peacefully recover from all of the glorious sleep you’ve regrettably missed out on over the past 3,000 years. . .

. . . whilst trapped in weirdly shaped rectangular box . . .

. . . 6-feet below ground level . . .

. . . because you are dead.

But no matter which group you happen to belong to, I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say that this past week has been home to glorious triumphs, painful horrors, and many brutal tears that have been used to salt our slightly bland mashed potatoes.


And this, my fellow Squadians, is the place where we talk about it all. From whining and complaining about completely failing your goal by day two (hahahahahahahahahaha–me) discussing delicious cookie recipes that ‘totally’ help with writer’s block, to pointing and gloating at all of the losers from the top of your word count celebrating a milestone in your NaNoWriMo adventure, your fellow teammates are here to help you through and cheer you on.

And also fling cookies at your face. Because cookies are delicious, and you cannot NaNo without cookies.


But before we begin the festivities, here is a much sleep-deprived and slightly burnt out pep talk, brought to you by Yours Truly. . .

Kenzie’s Weekly Pep-Talk!

Whoo. Yeah. Write those words. You can do it. Whoo. *cheers mediocrely*

. . .

. . .

. . .

This has been. . .

Kenzie’s Weekly Pep-Talk!

And there you go, Cyberspace! A pep-talk to get you through Week Two. But before you dive back into those stories once again, make sure to take a moment and sign in down below to tell us all what you’ve been up to!

Because let’s be honest, sometimes talking about our stories is much more fun than actually writing the story, am I right???




And who knows! Perhaps talking through your story problems will actually aid you in solving them, rather than just screaming frantically at your screen in the dim hope that the plot holes will run away from you in fear.

although there have been precisely three separate recordings of the latter solution actually working. 10/10 recommend.

user discretion is advised.


talk to me, peasants!

wow. this post was extremely slapped together and short. #oops


Hello, my fellow Squadians! How has the writing been going? Have you triumphantly punched your goal in its gappy face yet, or is your word count continually stabbing you in the toe with a rusty pitchfork? What are some of the victories and horrors you’ve encountered throughout this beautiful week? Any milestones? Are you staying hydrated (HYDRATION DOES NOT EQUAL COFFEE, PEOPLE) or are you just content with being a limp raisin at this point? (like me)

Whatever your week has been like, let us talk about ALL OF THE NANO THINGS down in the comments below!

And while you’re at it, are you making sure to consume your daily percentage of cookies? Because if not I shall SLAP YOU IN THE FACE WITH A SLOPPY TOWEL, SIR.

As always, until next time. . .

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


117 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo Dare Squad: Week One — r u ded?

  1. Your pep talk gave me SO much energy that it was INSPIRING. *claps slowly* xD

    I really surprised myself this year. For the past 2 years when I’ve done Nano, I haven’t even come close to half of 50,000 words. But this year- It’s day 7 in NaNo, and I’m already 15,000 words in and plan to write at least 2k more before I go to bed. I think it really helped having a co-writer with me and did some NaNo pre-planning. So I think I actually might be able to make it this year! :D

    *offers water and hugs to the Kenzie raisin on the floor*


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    • THANK YOU. *bows* I worked SO hard on it. I just felt so motivated to motivate everyone else. I feel like week two is going to be SO much better because of that pep talk.

      OH MY WORD!!!! Felicity, you are ROCKING this NaNo!!!! I’ve never had a co-writer for an actual BOOK, but a friend and I were writing a script together once!! It was SO much fun!!! XD Working with other people is the best!!! YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!!! *flings cookies at your face*

      BLESS YOU DEAR BEAN. <3 <3

      Also, Kenzie Raisin is totally my new nickname. I am a Kenzie Raisin, and a Kenzie Raisin is me. 😂😂😂😂

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  2. I…have not been eating my daily percentage of cookies… (I had cupcakes a few days though.) I need to fix that.

    “For some of you, you have been riding the crimson tidal wave of inspiration ever since day one, and are currently revving up your writerly engines to dive right back into Week Two with a grin and a sparkle in your slightly twitching left eye.”

    This is me precisely, amazingly enough, my left eye IS slightly twitchy.
    And is that crimson tidal wave supposed to be the blood of all our dead characters? Cuz a lot of people have been killed in my story…(some of them deserved it.)
    I’m at 22,260 words as of this morning, and I haven’t started writing for the day. I am not ded, I am slaying this Nano dragon to deth!

    Kenzie, you need to write…*Pats sad chipmunk*

    That description of sleeping in a coffin sounded cozy and nice until I realized it was in a coffin…

    Now, I’ve had some encounters with plotholes. One only hinged on a little piece so I waved it off cuz I could just throw that piece out if necessary.
    But the other, is actually a problem.
    It could break the story as I have set it up so far.
    I also really need to understand what crazy hierarchies my galactic society has. I am utterly indecisive about it. Bleh. It’s really bugging me.

    I shall check in once more after writing!
    KEEP WRITING EVERYBODY! THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME! (We must all beat Kenzie so she will have to do ALL OF THE DARES!!!) >:D

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      EEEK!!! I am so happy that you’re revved and ready to go!! That is the BEST feeling!! But that twitchy eye might be because of sleep deprivation or caffeine overload. Or perhaps it is because YOU HAVE NOT EATEN YOUR COOKIES!!! Actually, I can’t remember if it was supposed to be blood or not (#INeedSleep) but now that you mention it. YES. YES, IT IS.
      Holy guacamole!!!! 22,260 WORDS???? You are ROCKING this NaNo, Jethan!!!! YOU GOT THIS!!! *cheers you on with sparkly pompoms*

      The problem is I HAVE been writing??? It just doesn’t seem to be DOING anything… 😂😂😂

      No one ever realizes when they are actually ded. Coffins are just our nesting boxes.

      Plot holes are my worst enemies right now. It’s good that the first one is just a minor thing, though! I would love to be able to just scrap a scene and have the gaping maw of evil go away… *distant sobbing* (THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR PLANTSING) Oh dear. Having a plot hole that could potentially break the story is something that I can DEFINITELY relate to. But all of that can be fixed LATER, right?? And you never know! Perhaps something unexpected will happen to make all of the pieces click together in ways you could have never imagined!!!! (This has actually happened to me, and it is the BEST feeling!!!)
      Galactic societies sound incredibly complicated and confusing… My hat is off to you for even attempting this voyage, sir… *gives you cookies for inspiration*

      YES!! You’ve probably already checked in but WHATEVER! I have not read it yet!!!!

      HEY!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂 *goes to hang head in the bag of shame*

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      • I have even more cupcakes now…

        I don’t know what it was from, it doesn’t happen often. Maybe it was excitement…or stress. I’ll go with sleep-deprivation. xD

        I feel like I have sprinted to the top of the Nano Mountain and now I just want to wrap up in a sleeping bag and inchworm my way downhill to the finish line. With a cup of cocoa. And more cozy blankets.

        Ah, I guess it’s that you haven’t been updating your wordcount? I know some rebels use their wordcount as a percentage meter rather than the true number of words they’ve written if they are revising stuff.

        Now they sound even cozier. xD

        Yeah, my giant plothole is that I’m not sure if one particular villain is actually basically a good guy, or if he is going to be completely evil, because why else would he particularly want to hunt down Sheyla to the death? I don’t understand his standing in the galactic society at all. Blargh. But I guess if I just keep writing stuff I’ll have more ideas coalesce and eventually things will click into place.



        • YES!! EAT THE CUPCAKES!!!


          Awwwww!!! That was probably the most adorable analogy I have ever heard…. I don’t even know how to respond to that, oh my word….

          That’s true! Ooh! I didn’t know rebels did that! I WOULD update it, but for some reason I’m just sort of confused as to HOW to update it. So I’m probably just going to leave it dry all month. XD It’ll probably say I failed, but that’s okay. I can live with that scarring my record for all eternity, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


          Oh goodness, villains are the hardest!!!! I’m terrible at figuring out their backstories and motives. Blech. YES! JUST WRITE ALL OF THE WORDS! And also scream at your laptop. Sometimes that helps. XD

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          • *Nom nom*

            Definitely all three. Except I haven’t experienced it since despite circumstances… :P

            *Sleeping bag inchworm furrows brow in determination to keep going despite wanting to curl up into a bedding ball and do nothing all day.*

            You can click on your novel project, and then there will be a blue button that says Stats, and then you can click the brown button that says “Edit Word Count by Day” and then you can enter words that correlate with your percentage of work. Also they have separate Goal Trackers this year with a similar mechanic, except they are customizable and I think have hours or words (maybe pages?) and you can choose their start and end dates.

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            • Well, that is lovely that the weird twitchiness went away! Your precious eyes are fully functional again. Make sure to drink seven gallons of water daily and nurture them so that they shall remain in tip top shape. 😂😂😂


              OOOH. I might actually do that goal tracker thing! I have a specific end date that I’d like to finish the book by (if, of course, I fail the NaNo) so maybe I’ll make that my end date, and use ‘pages’ as ‘chapters’… Percentages honestly stress me out, because I am like 0 good at math, so I think I’ll just dilly dally along and pretend like EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY FINE HAHAHAHAHA…HAHA…HA. *distant sobbing*

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              • I think I’ll just fill up my waterglass and drink from that. (But I needed that reminder just now!) xD
                *Inchworm is adorable* :D

                Sounds like a plan *thumbs up*
                Yeah, I feel like percentages would get super messy being translated to word count or even other stuff.

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                • Well. That works, too. XD

                  IT CANNOT BE DENIED. (I actually really love inchworms. They are some of the cutest things of ever…)

                  OH MY WORD I MADE A PLAN FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE THIS IS GLORIOUS… *flings confetti in celebration*

                  Exactly!!! And I’m terrible at math, anyway, and without knowing EXACTLY how long my goal is, I’d probably just sort of stare at the screen like a vegetable until I decided it wasn’t worth it… XD

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                  • *Needs to fill up my glass again cuz this is a new day*

                    I really like woolly bear caterpillars, I call them fuzzies.

                    *Wears a party hat and blows into one of those party noisemaker thingies*

                    Meow. That is my stunning commentary on not wanting to be a vegetable. (Possibly my brain hasn’t turned on yet.)

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                    • SAME, THOUGH. I barely had any water yesterday, as we were gone the entire day…XD

                      OH MY WORD!!!! We get those too!!! And I think we also call them fuzzies??? I can’t remember, but we had two of them recently, and we got to hold them and play with them on the car ride home from Church!!! XD

                      THANK YOU. THANK YOU, EVERYONE. I would like to thank all of the people who have helped me succeed in getting to this moment….


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                    • Waterbottles are your friend…xD

                      YESSSSSS!! They are so cute! I haven’t seen as many where I am compared to where I grew up, but occasionally they’re around. They are the cutest bugs ever. Cuz they’re fuzzy. FUZZINESS!



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      • I just realized that I don’t think I checked in after writing that day, so I’ll check in again. I have written only a smidge this evening, but my wordcount keeps rising and I’m past the halfway mark. Kinda tired of writerly sprints, and want to do nap writing. Which means not writing. xD
        I have too many characters without names, and the few that have names aren’t involved with the story enough. >.<
        I also dreampt about a side character who dislikes Sheyla, and the dream named him Desmond and I'm keeping it. And he also stole my nano account to post mean replies in the nano threads. Mean, naughty character! He needs more of a role in the story.

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        • I’ve actually failed to check in all week, so YOU ARE DOING MUCH BETTER THAN I, SIR! XD

          NAP WRITING SOUNDS DELIGHTFUL. And now I want a nap… XD

          NAMING CHARACTERS IS TERRIBLE. XD But!!! I highly recommend!!! It’s this baby naming site, and you can find TONS of names, either by uniqueness or meaning. It’s amazing!!! 10/10 recommend!!!

          Ooh! Desmond is a beautiful name… I’m glad you’re keeping it… WAIT. DID HE DO THIS IN YOUR DREAM, OR IN REAL LIFE???? 😂😂😂

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          • Bwahaha! xD


            I’ve used because it gives a fairly detailed history of the names usually. Although Desmond is basically “an Irish name that says you’re a dude from South Munster.” I think that was it. South Somewhere. Doesn’t shed any light on his character. *Grumbles*
            And then I proceed to not use it when I have a bunch of characters to name. I guess cuz I want things to come to me subconsciously? Except for the Void Lord I kept looking up terms for shadow or darkness in different languages for his surname and nothing was satisfying to me, so I may have met my yearly name-research quota in that endeavor. >.<

            Yes, it is a pretty name! And I like that his nickname is Des. It just fits. Also, I seem to like naming 85% of my heroes with names starting with D.
            Unfortunately he did not pop into existence and start typing on my computer to yell mean things at people. It was all a dream. Which is good because he might have gotten my nano account banned. :O
            So, no matter what he will be forced to fall in love with someone he presently loathes. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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            • Ooh! I’ve never heard of behind the name! I should look into that… WOW. DESMOND IS SO UNIQUE. LIKE SERIOUSLY HE COULD LITERALLY BE ANYTHING. (Despite the fact that he must be a man from South Munster. Obviously.)

              I love having names come to me subconsciously!!! But sometimes it’s just REALLY hard to find the right name. It took me a good long while to find Adaline, because nothing seemed to FIT. OOOOOH!!! The Void Lord…How about…Valoran… Or Valroid… Or…or…or…something… (#sohelpful)

              I usually give all of my fantasy-ish characters names that end in the ‘uh’ sound, so I have a hard time coming up with cool names that DON’T end in that… Names that begin with D are super cool, though! And honestly quite unique…


              Is it odd that I’m already shipping it??? 😂😂😂

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              • Yes, it’s a nifty website! Yeah, the nice thing is that Desmond is holding his cards pretty close to himself, so he’s nice and mysterious. But he can’t actually be from Ireland…

                Lord Valoran Void the Valorous. xD Well, that does fit his character perfectly, but it needs to be under a few layers of meaning so it’s not obvious. So far Void Lord is working, so I’m okay with that filler for now.

                I think my heroine’s names usually end in “a” and often start with A, K, or L.

                If he did that in real life…I would have a VERY interesting acquaintance, a frozen nano account, and accusations of insanity since I would call him my character and he would just glare at me…xD
                Yes…*rubs hands the way a plotter of world domination would* His fate is sealed, he will be doomed to spend forever with a wretched kaldoan he disdains until he learns to like her… MWAHAHAHA!!!

                Nooooooooooooooope. I don’t think that’s odd at all. *Des glares at me, then starts panicking once he sees a horde of shippers surrounding him, chanting, “DESTINY! DESTINY!” and cackling maniacally. Des really wishes he had a jetpack to get out of there.*


                • I really want to check it out next time I’m naming characters!!!! Oh goodness, the mysterious ones are always the most interesting, though, aren’t they??? BUT DESMOND IS OBVIOUSLY IRISH WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. XD

                  Void Lord is definitely more intriguing. I heartily approve of this name filler! XD

                  Oh my word, SAME! Like Kaida, Lela, Leah, Leia, Koria… I have a lot of them from past WIP’s. XD

                  BUT WOULDN’T IT BE AMAZING, NONETHELESS???? XD I would LOVE for one of my characters to mysteriously come to life!!!! Oh my word!!! This poor smol baby character… I CANNOT WAIT TO READ HIS DEMISE, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

                  Oh my word, that image!!!!! XD That I literally the best!!! XD XD DESTINY! DESTINY! DESTINY! DESTINY! #destiny

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                  • Oh man, I just checked the site for some other names, including Ryan, which is ALSO Irish and means Little King. Why do I have so many supposedly Irish dudes?! They can’t be Irish, they aren’t from Earth!

                    Someday he will give me a name…I hope.


                    It would be. Except my characters would be so grumpy at me, it would be scary. But I’d make them teach me how to fight. xD YES! I hope to make his demise fabulous and wonderful! MWAHAHAHA!

                    YESSSSSS!! He thinks he’s SO TOUGH, but he is terrified of the shippers and the clutches of Romantic Fate! MWAHAHAHAHA! He’s so adorable in his consternation, his cartoony frame may start to cry.
                    Des: >:|
                    Or he’ll just glare at us…

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                    • Awwwww!!!! Little King is probably the most adorable name meaning I’ve ever heard of… XD XD XD I LOVE RYAN THE LITTLE KING!!! Perhaps they are from a planet that is LIKE Ireland??? Ah??? AH???


                      Same, though! XD I would probably be more frightened of Thao than Adaline or Peter or Bella, though… He’d probably despise me for what I’ve put him through… YESSS! XD

                      MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well, too bad because I AM A SHIPPER AND I SHIP HIM!!! *slaps shipping label onto his forehead*

                      Oh, I’m used to glaring. I get it all the time from Thao. XD

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                    • Okay, when it came to figuring out some political structures for my world, I did think about England, Wales, and the E.U., so I guess Ireland is hanging out in the background too. xD
                      But it’s kinda the temperate climate and coastal setting that makes it similar. Politically it has morphed quite a bit.


                      I know, some characters would react badly. Others might assume they would’ve gotten that fate one way or another, so they’ll just accept it. And others just know they’re too cool to feel worried about their story problems so they’ll be chill around me. xD

                      OH MY! DES HAS A SHIPPING LABEL STUCK ON HIS FOREHEAD!!! He is thoroughly terrified now and things we’re dark magic cultists who could kill him easily if he makes one wrong move. xD
                      *Des clutches his laser rifle and tries not to make adorable scared squeaks that all my cartoony characters make when they’re afraid*
                      It doesn’t help that his ACTUAL FRIENDS turn into shippers just to give him a hard time. MWAHAHAHA!

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                    • I think my story takes place somewhere in Europe, so OH MY WORD, WE ARE WRITING TWIN STORIES!!!! XD (Perhaps this is why Thao and Sheyla got along…) Yesss!!! Ireland is AMAZING! I’m actually extremely Irish on all sides, so I kind of have a special little place for Ireland in my heart…
                      Ohhhhh! That makes sense!!! But perhaps some of the names and families have stayed the same over the years??

                      It’s…it’s a song. XD

                      Ha, exactly!!!! I think Peter would slowly go insane, Bella would just sort of accept it, and with how Adaline’s acting in the story right now, she wouldn’t even notice anything’s wrong. XD

                      MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Little does he know that we actually ARE dark magic cultists who could kill him easily if he makes one wrong move!!!! *brandishes pen angrily* XD
                      AWWWWWW!!! DES IS SO CUTE HE IS NOW MY SMOL SON AND I SHALL PROTECT HIM ALWAYS. *squishes him in a hug*

                      Wait, REALLY?! Oh my word, that is the best thing ever!!!! XD

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                    • Twin stories, from other planets and galaxies… xD I have some Irish in me too, so YAY!

                      I know, but my last line was about the Void Lord, and then singing about your prince coming…? *Does not atmospherically mesh* xD

                      I love that Adaline would stay the same. xD She would probably be really dangerous though.

                      *Swishes my pen around and thinks that I really don’t want to kill off Des like a meanie*

                      *Des gets squished and looks exceedingly angry and like he is ready to kill all the dark magic cultists even if they have powerful magic.*


                    • Exactly! This is quite glorious… OH MY WORD, REALLY??? That is so cool!!! *high fives*

                      Ohhhhhh… Yeah, that really doesn’t make sense. 😂😂😂😂 *stuffs bag of shame upon head* I don’t understand how my mind leaps from thing to thing sometimes…

                      Yeah. She would definitely be dangerous without proper supervision, but she is USUALLY my smol little marshmallow. 😂 (a smol little marshmallow with a fetish for fire, that is…)

                      EEK. DON’T KILL MY SMOL DES! Just keep him nice and tortured in his ship… He shall love you forever!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

                      Beware my magic, Des. Beware.

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                    • *High fives back*

                      BWAHAHAHAHAHA! People with bags on their head look kinda funny… xD
                      Void Lord grumpily mutters that you should get a proper helmet if you wish to conceal your face, or a giant hood.

                      She will get along with the flaming marshmallow Void Lord then…Except I don’t think he really likes crazy people who sound like they dwell in magical realms, even if only in their head…

                      Bwahahaha! I actually wrote the scene where he allows himself to fall in love. It’s currently hanging in the Outline Void, but it has workable connection points. But I have a lot more story for him BEFOREHAND where he shall be surely tortured. And, well, afterward when the universe crumples into a heap… :/

                      *Des is more scared of certain other magic users right now*

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                    • XD I know, right??? Bag heads are the best… BUT I DON’T HAVE A PROPER HELMET, VOID LORD. I’M SORRY. I guess I’ll just have to stick with my bag…

                      I’d actually be slightly frightened of this dynamic duo???? We must have the meet someday!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

                      AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Des is so adorable…. I love him, and he is my smol son, and I shall feed him cookies and pat his head nicely.

                      Oooooooh!!! This sounds intriguing…

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                    • The Void Lord still disapproves, but he turns away and leaves because he has galactic duties to perform.

                      That would be pretty crazy. xD

                      Des is getting sick of all of this sappy, smothering attention. xD

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                    • YESSSSS! I have successfully avoided the Void Lord’s disapproval!!! XD

                      I KNOW! Which is precisely why we must do it!!!

                      MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, Des, but it isn’t about to end any time soon. MWAHAHAHA!! XD

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      At this point… self-doubt has crept in. My story is stupid, illogical, silly, extraordinarily childish, whut am I doing, all that jazz.

      BUT. Confidence comes and goes in cycles – I will get through this and fall back in love with my story and keep writing because that’s what writer’s do, bro. They keep writing.


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  3. So. I am way behind. I don’t even know how I’m screwing this up so badly :) I decided that instead of writing 50,000 words of a new novel that I didn’t know the topic of, I am going to finish my old book (which is already past 40,000) and I don’t know how long that will go on for. And then I will try to get about 15 hours of editing done. I apparently way overshot the amount of time I had, and I’ll probably try the brand new novel thing during camp nanowrimo. So yeah. I’ve gotten about nothing done, and I’m kind of just making random plot holes. ON PURPOSE WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Because my plot is going nowhere and I need something. So this editing process is going to be a long one. Good luck everyone! Hope everybody is doing better than I am.

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    • Also, here’s my favorite line from this week. I just wrote it after feeling inspired about depressingly not doing anything:

      Why must our fate rely on the poor architectural choices of people I’ll never meet?

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      Oh! You’re changing your goal??? If you’d like, I can put your new goal onto the Dare Squad board!!! And UGH. I’m totally withyou on the overshooting time thing. I thought I’d be able to finish this second draft easy-peasy, but…yeah no. XD


      Editing is pain and death and torture. I shall be here to fling cookies and inspirational quotes at you when you hit the editing stage.

      But for right now, YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS KIRSTEN!!!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU! And even if you’re behind right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up!!! You’ve got this!!!


  4. I am not dead. Which is cool. I was going into NaNo thinking, “Gail, you are stupid what are you doing to yourself, you strange loaf of bread,” but… guys – I am actually doing things! :O It’s shocking, and also cool. But I haven’t had any cookies lately which is truly a tragedy. On the positive side of things, I did write about cookies, so that’s something. Also – you got this squad! I’m rooting for you!

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    • I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE ALIVE. THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS. And OH MY WORD!!!! That is FANTASTIC! That is so cool that you’re having a wonderful NaNo! YOU’VE GOT THIS, GAIL!!! KEEP CRUSHING IT!!!! *high-fives*

      WHAT?! This is a travesty… You MUST have some cookies. Oh! But if you’ve WRITTEN about cookies, then you are absolutely forgiven. We must share our hoards of cookies with the stories as well… *pats story nicely on the head*

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  5. I am ded.

    Ughhhh… why exactly did you have to pick TODAY of all the many Tuesdays to post this?? (#Prophetess) This has literally been the worst day of this whole week… I haven’t even gotten done 1k words. And it’s almost 9 at night. And yeah, whoo, Anna you’re awesome. So this is how my morning started: “Wow, I’m gonna do GREAT today!! I’m gonna be stuck at this place for most of the day, and half of that time I’m going to have nothing to do, so I’m going to bring my computer along and do a ton of writing!!! I might even break 2k (hahahahah….hahah…a)!” After I got home: “This is horrible. I haven’t even gotten HALF of that done. I am stupid. I am weird. I am ridiculous. I am…” :(

    At least yesterday and November 1st went pretty well. Wait, I just realized something! Those were the only two days I woke up at 4:50 to do writing and school! That’s weird… Well, I’d rather not wake up at 4:50 every morning, haha! So bye-bye, amazing, accidental advice! Nice meeting you!!!!!! NOW DON’T ANYONE EVER GIVE ME THAT ADVICE! XD

    And at least I’m at a pretty interesting part of the story. So whoo, yay, amazing, good stuff…

    Can I please join you in that comfy coffin instead of fighting this deth-throwing dragoon? Thanks. I’ll take that nice corner by your feet. I don’t need to take up that much space…

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    • *Waves goodbye at Anna’s retreating advice*

      That is one cozy coffin. Now it might be crowded. xD
      Oooh! Keep going with your interesting part of the story, it’s your lifeline against the meanie writer dragon! RAID ITS WORD HOARD!!!!!!!

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      I am part psychic, obviously. It is my sketchy backstory that no mortal man can know. XD AW NO!!! I am so sorry to hear that!!! But I TOTALLY understand. I have had many days just like that this month. XD *gives you cookies and pats your head nicely* AND NO!!! YOU ARE NOT STUPID OR WEIRD OR RIDICULOUS AT ALL!! NEVER say that, even if you have a bad writing day. It’s not how much we get accomplished, or even how GOOD it is. It’s all about trying, even when it’s tough!! You’ve got this, Anna! I believe in you!!! *high-gives*

      OH MY GOODNESS, 4:30?!?!?! How….? You are either a cyborg, or are a crazy morning person who I know not how to compute. XD GIVE ME YOUR ABILITIES, SIR! WAIT! NO! DON’T WAVE AWAY THE AMAZING ACCIDENTAL ADVICE!! COME BACK!!!

      Eek! The interesting parts of the story are the best!!! At least this will energize you and make you want to write, right??? Hopefully??? …maybe???

      Oh, don’t worry, there’s plenty of room in the coffin! Come on in! It’s nice and cozy in here. The worms are a little annoying, though…



        The secret’s out, you conniving Kenzie, you! We got the sketchy, sketchy backstory!!!! *dances around wildly with sketchy backstory stuffed in fist*

        Awww, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This literally means so much to me!!! *sobbingly gives a hug* I haven’t had cookies since last week, so I’ll really need the extra amount! Otherwise, horrors, I will go cookie-less this whole week!! XD THE PEPTALK THOUGH, KENZIE!!!! YOU DA BEST!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

        Oh, sorry! 4:50. My mom didn't think it was a good idea to wake up at 4:30, haha (mom's always come to the rescue when crazy daughters start going wild, don't they? XD). Sure, you might not be able to wake up that early because you're going to bed at 1:00 at night!! That's hard, my dear lady! DON'T–DON'T STOP ME! I'M WAVING THAT WRETCH AWAY FROM HERE!

        Yesss!!! Especially when there's epic music to go along with it!! The interesting part was actually forcing Erick to show emotion!! Mwahaha! *rubs hands together like a murderous maniac* I love bringing that rigid soldier down! LET THOSE TEARS FLOW!!!!

        *Scoots into corner quickly* Thanks. Yeah, those worms are really trying their best…

        Liked by 1 person

        • OH NO. WHATEVER SHALL I DO NOW? *disappears in a puff of smoke because I am secretly also a magician* #oops

          WHAT?! No cookies since…since…since…LAST…WEEK?! How hast thou gone thus long??? AWW! I AM SO HAPPY YOU LOVED MY PEP-TALK. I should really start a pep-talk blog. I’m so amazing at it. XD XD XD

          OHHH! I think that was my typo. OOPS! It’s definitely not a good idea to wake up at 4:30. WAVE THAT TERRIBLE ADVICE GOODBYE, MWAHAHAHAHA! Oh my word, how do you stay up until 1:00??? I mean, I can do it on the RARE full moon, but to do so every night would probably kill me. (although, I’m already ded, sooooo…?) STOP WAVING AWAY THE WONDERFUL ADVICE!!!! *lunges for advice*

          Yessss! Definitely when there’s epic music!!! WHAAAAT??? I DID NOT KNOW THIS WAS POSSIBLE!!! Smol Erick…showing EMOTION??? I must hear how this went… WAIT A SECOND SO HE WAS SAD???? Now I feel bad for the smol bean DO NOT DO THIS, SIR.

          Nasty worms. They like to feast on moldy flesh.

          Liked by 1 person


            I know!! I honestly have no clue how I survived this whole week without cookies. But I did have other baked goods, so that counts right?? Ahh??? *bites fingernails in anticipation* Oh wait!! I think I had some little, store-bought cookies yesterday! MY COOKY QUOTA HAS BEEN MET!!


            Oh, gotcha! Haha, I personally never stay up till 1:00 at night on a regular daily basis, but I know you’ve done it occasionally so I thought you might have done it more often than I do, haha! XD NOOO!! I WILL NOT STOP WAVING!!! *limply flails tired arms*

            Epic music wins!! I KNOW!!!! IT’S NOT POSSIBLE, AND YET I SOMEHOW DID THE IMPOSSIBLE!!! It was soo fun! And cruel, I guess. But oh well. There’s pros and cons to everything, right??? YES YES YES, HE WAS SAD, I KNOW IT’S SO HARD TO BELIEVE!!!! BUT ERICK WAS ACTUALLY SAD AND UGH!! IT WAS SO FUN, MWAHAHAHA!! XD He never actually cried, lol, but basically, “He was almost ready to admit that several times, if someone had given him two pennies, he would have broken down and cried like a baby.” XD XD That’s pretty hard for a guy like Erick to admit, I’ll tell you that!

            *cringes and shrinks away from the sides of the coffin* I hope none of them think of coming in here then…


            • OKAY! XD

              I AM SO HAPPY YOU HAD COOKIES!!! This saves me from having to slap you with a slug.

              Oh my word, I KNOW! I am so good at these kinds of things…XD

              I think I’ve only done it a handful of times. It’s not exactly the HEALTHIEST thing for me to do, as I am then null and void for the remainder of the next day. XD STOP WAVING!!! *flails arms simply*

              It truly does!!! I cannot believe you made THE Erick sad!!!! I feel kind of bad for him???? AWWWWWWW! Poor Erick! But, you know, he probably totally deserved it. 😂😂😂😂😂



  6. A+ pep-talk, Kenzie. I am feeling so inspired. Yay. Woo hoo. ;P

    I’m managing to do everything except write, so… yeah. I HAVE to get a move on. If I don’t reach my goal, I won’t get to see you do all the dares! *rubs hands together evilly* I did write 1.5 pages of plot, which has been helping. If only sitting and staring at the wall wasn’t so much more enjoyable than bleeding words onto the screen!
    Jem Jones

    Liked by 1 person


      Oh goodness, SAME. Isn’t it weird how literally ANYTHING — watching the leaves fall, murdering a man, spraining your ankle — is much more interesting when you’re supposed to be writing? And NOOOO!! YOU MUST FAIL SO THAT I DO NOT HAVE TO DO ALL OF THE DARES. PLEASE. HELP ME.

      Plotting is SOO much fun! And definitely helpful! And ‘bleeding words on the screen’ is a phrase that is oddly and extremely relatable at this precise moment….😂😂😂

      KEEP GOING, JEM!! YOU CAN TOTALLY CRUSH YOUR GOALS!!! Though, I’m not sure why I’m saying this, as YOU ARE TRYING TO SEE ME FAIL, SIR. 😂😂😂 *flings cookies at your face*


      • “Anything’s more interesting than what you’re supposed to be writing. Watching the leaves fall, washing all the windows, murdering a man, spraining your ankle…”
        “What was that middle one?”
        “…washing all the windows?”

        I think I was paraphrasing Ernest Hemingway — ‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’

        YOU CAN CRUSH YOUR GOALS TOO, KENZIE. YOU CAN DO IT. *pats you on the back* Except then I wouldn’t get to see you do all the dares… *looks disappointed* Oh well, NEVER MIND. *flees flying cookies*

        Liked by 1 person

        • HA!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!! 😂😂😂😂 That is PERFECT!!!

          Oh my word!!! I LOVE that quote!!! I can’t believe I didn’t even think about it??? I love inspirational writing quotes. They speak to my soul on so many different levels… 😂😂

          AWWWWWW!!! You are such a kind bean!! Although, I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail anyway, so you’re PROBABLY going to see me do the dares, anyway!! #help 😂 WHY DO YOU FLEW FROM THE COOKIE!!! TAKE THE COOKIE!!!!!!


  7. Well, I’m not dead yet, though I am exhausted… but that might be partially because I stayed up till midnight last night reading, which probably wasn’t the wisest choice. I can’t really say I regret it, though😂😂

    I’m actually doing really well!! I’m already past the amount of words I reached last year, so that made me extremely happy. My story is a bit of a mess, but I suppose that’s what editing is for.😂😂 – Abi

    Liked by 2 people

    • I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE NOT DEAD!! This is glorious news! Ooooh! Staying up until midnight reading is AMAZING!!! I love doing that!! Lately I’ve been staying up late (1 in the morning on one night, to be exact… XD ) writing, so I understand the exhaustion. 😂😂😂 But staying up to read is one of my absolute favorite things… YES!!! NEVER REGRET READING UNTIL MIDNIGHT! READING IS GLORIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL!!! *high fives*

      OH MY WORD, CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is AMAZING news!!! And yes! That is exactly what editing is for! Don’t let the messiness bring you down. All of that can be fixed later! I am so happy for you, Abi!!! KEEP CRUSHING THOSE WORDS!!! *flings cookies at your face*


  8. i m not ded.


    *can feel self turning into that annoying upbeat and sane person who isn’t dying during NaNo* Ughghghhhhhhhh I wish I were doing the real thing with you guyyysssss!!!! *distant screaming*

    But here is my update, Commander Bean!!!!

    I have written 4,200 words out of 10,817. So I’m doing pretty good there.

    I finished outlining Sunshine!!!! *confetti*

    I plotted Heist!!!

    I plotted Evil In This One (which I am super excited for, btw) (I’m also in love with Heist, though)!!!

    I plotted Dolphin (but I hate it so)!!!

    Yayyyyy for meeeeee!!!!


    Liked by 3 people

    • i am glad u r not ded.


      10,817 words is a very specific goal?? Might I ask what inspired this number????

      CONGRATULATIONS ON SUNSHINE!!! *flings cookies everywhere*

      AND ALSO HEIST!!! *more cookies*

      I…don’t think I know what Evil In This One is???BUT I LOVE THE NAME!!!! *even more cookies*


      wait why do you hate it.

      I AM DOING TERRIBLE YET AMAZING IT IS CONFUSING. (More on that in tomorrow’s post. XD)


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