CAMP NANOWRIMO APPROACHES!: Episode I #campnano2020


How on earth did we get to the middle of March already? Some wizard out there is laughing maliciously at us all whilst twirling his magical time clock, I swear. (and once I find him, that little man is going DOWN.) But I digress. It is the middle of March, we are nearing the perfection that is April, and–if any of you know me at all–you know precisely what this means. . .


I am so so so SO excited for Camp this year, you guys. I mean, I’m excited for Camp every year, obviously, but I have a gut feeling that this year is going to be . . . special.

As most of you probably know, I’ve been working on my current WIP, SK, on and off for the past year or so. I first began drafting it back in Spring of 2019, but then shelved it for a bit to work on finishing up everlost, which–horror of all horrors–is currently with beta readers. (I’m not screaming, you’re screaming.) Now that I’m taking a break from working on everlost, however, my primary focus for the Winter/Spring months is to finish my firecracker child. And since Camp NaNoWriMo falls perfectly within my pre-established timeframe, I’m going to be utilizing this season of chaotic writing to finish up the first draft of SK!

I haven’t finished a first draft since April of 2017, you guys. That may seem a little shocking to some–you know, seeing as MOST writers can typically whip out draft after draft within three to six months–but in the scope of my entire writing career, I’m really quite amateur. I’ve finished exactly two books, and have only truly edited and polished up one of them. In between those books I’ve dilly-dallied with ideas and story concepts and chapters and novellas, but actually finishing a full-length novel. . .? It’s not something I’m used to yet.

And may be something I’ll never truly get used to.

So the fact that it’s quite possible I’ll be finishing the first draft of SK next month is huge for me. I know it may not be perfect–goodness knows it might not even be good–but it will be mine and it will be written and I will cherish it for all of its flaws.

. . .and then brutally massacre it in the editing process, lololololol.

Ahem. Back to what I was saying. Aside from writing SK next month, I also want to start doing some Camp NaNoWriMo related blog posts! The first up in this series of epic wonderfulness, you might ask? AN INTERVIEW WITH THE CAST OF SK!!

Last year I asked you all to give me some questions to ask the cast of SK, and oh my goodness, you guys delivered! Your questions were absolutely remarkable, and yet–in true Kenzie fashion–I never finished drafting the interview. Oh, I began it, all right, but I wasn’t quite yet used to my character’s voices, which made answering the questions through their eyes rather difficult.

But today . . . today is the day we’re finally getting our interview! . . .or, part of it, at least.

After some poking and prodding, I’ve decided to redo the interview with the knowledge and understanding I now have of my characters, and hopefully–with any luck–it will seem a lot more fluid and natural than it did before. So without any further ado, let’s get to the interview!

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This interview is brought to you by Surelock Homes! Keep your home free from high-functioning sociopaths and criminals alike by making sure that your locks . . . are SURELOCKS!

KENZIE: Good morning, folks, and welcome back to LET’S CHAT! Your go-to show where fantasy and reality clash together in an amazing ensemble of characters and nonexistent places! It’s been almost an entire year since we’ve last pulled out our infamous sofa and picked the minds of our favorite characters–so long, in fact, that the cast you’re typically used to seeing here are, most sorowfully, gone.

. . .

. . .

. . .

KENZIE: But not dead! Oh no, never dead, my friends. They are totally fine. They’re just chilling over in the everlost studio while their story is reviewed by beta readers, which means that they are unfortunately far too distracted for any further questioning at the moment. Such a shame.

COAT CLOSET: *awkward muffled rustling*

KENZIE: But anyway, despite that minor drawback, I’m extremely excited to introduce you to Camp NaNoWriMo 2020’s brand NEW cast–the folks of SK! This cast has quite a few members to it, so we’re not going to be able to squish them all onto the interviewing couch as we did with the cast of everlost. I know this comes as a nasty shock to us all–fitting the whole cast on a single sofa was quite lovely tradition–BUT. Over the course of the next few weeks, as we pair the gang off into sections, I’m hoping that we’ll all get a good grasp of each cast member as individuals. And since our viewers submitted 23 amazing questions for our interview, I’m confident that we won’t run out of conversation material!

KENZIE: So now, without any further ado, allow me to introduce you to three of SK’s main heroes, Shelby, Ed, and Beau!

SHELBY, ED, & BEAU: *files into the room and takes a seat on the slightly moth-eaten couch, which appears–though it seems impossible–to have grown smaller in LET’S CHAT!’s one year hiatus*


*polite clapping*

*one person whistling*

*one lone man booing because he really liked everlost, apparently*

KENZIE: What an introduction! Welcome to the show, guys! What do you think of the Smudged Thoughts studio?

SHELBY: *squirming against the couch cushions like an impatient nine-year-old* Whoa. . . They weren’t kidding when they said the lights would be bright. . .

KENZIE: Aha. Yeah. *shuffles index cards* That’s because we got new LED lights. Money was a bit tight when everlost was here. You guys are getting the good stuff, I assure you.

BEAU: *grimaces down at the couch cushions, which appear to have a few holes of unknown origins. (my guess is rats.)* Right.

KENZIE: So unfortunately we only have a few minutes of airtime this week, so we’re going to have to cut right to the questions. I’ve already selected a few that I’d like you all to answer, and I think you’re really going to like them. Are you ready?


KENZIE: Good! First question is specifically for Ed, and it comes from Anna. Anna asks, “Do you think you could ever be as good as Thao?? (*glares threateningly* you’ll wanna answer this right, ma friend). What do you think, Ed? Do you think you’re as good as Thao? He was quite a hit here on LET’S CHAT! back in the olden days of yore. Once he even stole the spotlight!

ED: . . .

KENZIE: . . .Ed?

ED: . . .

KENZIE: Okay, so the point of an interview is for you to actually . . . you know . . . answer the questions.

ED: I never consented to interrogation.

KENZIE: It’s not an interrogation. It’s an interview. I’m asking you questions that may or may not be highly intrusive, and you’re supposed to answer them on live television. It’s not even close to being the same thing.

ED: *lapses into a sullen scowl*

SHELBY: Ooh! Ooh! I’ll answer for him!! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!!!!!

BEAU: Stop bouncing, child. You’re going to break this bloody thing. . .

KENZIE: Oh, very well, then. Shelby, do you think Ed could be better than Thao?

SHELBY: Of course. I mean, yeah he’s a bit of a sourpuss at times, but he’s amazing. He saved my life, you know. Many times.

ED: It was an accident, I can assure you.

SHELBY: See? And he’s a comedian!

KENZIE: . . .right. Beau, anything you would like to add?

BEAU: I’m pretty sure I just found a mouse turd in this couch. . .

KENZIE: *flips cards* All right! Next question. This one also comes from Anna, and it’s for you specifically, Beau!: “Are you a…beau? Is that why your name is beau?? Or is it just because you’re so beautiful?”

ED: *snorts* Well, it definitely isn’t the second option, is it?

SHELBY: *elbows Ed in the ribs*

ED: Ouch!

BEAU: *sniffs, cringing as he flicks away what is believed to be the offending mouse turd* Well, I don’t suppose my name has anything to do with what I am or what I look like. But, to answer the question, I suppose I lean more towards latter.

KENZIE: Heh. Of course you’d think that. So question three is for all of you, and it comes from the ever-lovely Christine! Christine asks: “What is your life dream?” Ed, would you like to kick things off?

ED: Does finishing up this interview and getting on with my miserable existence count?

KENZIE: . . .no. No, I don’t believe that counts.

SHELBY: Oooh, I have an answer! My life dream is to become a *REDACTED*!

KENZIE: Ope, I’m sorry. That word’s going to have to be censored out of our recording.

SHELBY: What? Why? What’s wrong with the word *REDACTED*? Everyone loves *REDACTED*!!

ED: Kid. Stop talking.


BEAU: *flattening a palm over Shelby’s face* How about I answer the question now, yes? My life dream, Miss Christine, is to spend the rest of my days with those I care about most. My friends, for instance. In our particular line of work, living to be my age is not exactly a given. I’m grateful for every day I live, and though I sometimes wish to retire and live a peaceful life somewhere far off in the mountains–by a gentle river, perhaps–I would consider it the greatest shame in the world if my final hours were not spent here with them. They have become, in a way, my family.

ED: Lies. He would never live alone in the mountains. He needs people like Westburn here needs a muzzle.

SHELBY: *swatting Beau’s hand away* HEY!

KENZIE: That’s a beautiful answer, Beau. I see that Christine’s second question here ties rather nicely into this one, so let’s continue with,“What is keeping you from fulfilling said life dream?” Ed? I’m almost scared to ask. . .

ED: Well, the fact that I’m contractually obligated to sit here and answer these idiotic questions is one obstacle I don’t know how to get around. How about I think on it for a bit and get back with you?

KENZIE: *heavy sigh* Wonderful. Shelby?

SHELBY: Well, there’s this evil guy with a stupid necklace–

ED: Watch it, kid.

SHELBY: –who keeps trying to KILL us, but other than that . . . yeah, life’s actually pretty good at the moment, to be honest.

BEAU: I have to agree with the child. Casey is a relatively steep obstacle to overcome, but I do believe we can do it. Certainly our writer can find a way for us to reign victorious, wouldn’t you say?

KENZIE: . . . .

BEAU: . . . .

BEAU: Wait, you do have an ending in mind for our story, right?

BEAU: . . .right?!

KENZIE: Next question! *flips cards* Becky The Mothling asks–

SHELBY: *hisses to Ed* What’s a mothling???

KENZIE: “If it’s not a spoiler, what do you hope to do with your life after the story is over?”

BEAU: Well, that’s assuming we’re even still alive at the end of this story, isn’t it? Turns out even that’s an incalculable variable.

ED: Never appearing on this show again would certainly be nice. . .

KENZIE: *wielding her index cards like a weapon* Oi. Watch it, grumpy.

SHELBY: I don’t really want this story to end, actually. Endings mean something’s over, and having all of this *spreads her small hands to indicate the lights and flare around her* be over just seems . . . wrong.

ED: It would be nothing short of a tremendous relief, actually. Wrong would be holding us hostage as this fool procrastinates writing the ending.

KENZIE: I am not procrastinating the ending. I just . . . haven’t had the time. Obviously.

ED: Perhaps part of your problem is poor time management.

KENZIE: Says the old fart who prefers to spend his days sitting around watching weather channel reruns!

BEAU: AHEM. Live television, remember?

KENZIE: *deep breath* Right. Moving on, I have one final question for you all today before we must unfortunately draw this interview to a close.

ED: Thank the stars.

KENZIE: “What person in your life would you do ANYTHING for?” Beau, let’s start with you this time.

BEAU: Well, that’s easy. I would do anything for myself, obviously.

KENZIE: . . .

KENZIE: . . .for yourself.

BEAU: Of course. Self-care is a beautiful practice. Perhaps you should try it sometime.

KENZIE: Right. Shelby, let’s hear from you.

SHELBY: Oh, I’d do anything for Stanley–that’s my brother. He means everything to me, you know? After . . . um . . . after the accident, he really had to step up and . . . you know. Become a sort of guardian, I guess. But if I could, I would take care of him for once. He deserves it.

KENZIE: Awwww. . . That is SO sweet!!!!

ED: You should think so. You created that.

KENZIE: Oh, shut up. I’m assuming you don’t have anything of substance to add to this conversation?

ED: Of course I do. I have a heart, same as everyone else. We all have someone we care about.

KENZIE: And yours is?

ED: You already know the answer to that.

KENZIE: Yes, but the audience doesn’t.

ED: I don’t give one rat’s fart about the audience.

KENZIE: Doesn’t matter. You’re contractually obligated to answer either way.

ED: *grumbles inaudibly under his breath*

KENZIE: I’m sorry, what was that?

ED: I said, my daughter. There. Are you happy?

KENZIE: *grins* Very much so, thank you!

KENZIE: *flips cards into the air* All right, folks! That concludes this week’s episode of LET’S CHAT! Ne time, we will be interviewing two of my favorite cast members–


KENZIE: –so definitely stay tuned for that! And until next time, as always. . .

KENZIE: *flings cookies in the air and disappears*

. . .

. . .

. . .

BEAU: Wait, where did she go?



Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got for today, folks! I certainly hope you like character interviews, because my plan for blogging through April is to host a character interview every single week from now until May. (although that is completely subject to change, as I’m sure we all know.) So if you have any questions you would like to see the cast of SK answer, don’t be afraid to leave them down in the comments below! I’ve got a giant google doc filled with the questions from last time, as well, and we’re going to have these idiots answer every single question even if it kills them. *thumbs up*

But anyway! Time for questions for you!:

  • what do you think of the cast of SK so far? (and do you miss the cast of everlost? because SAME.)
  • because you should REALLY participate in Camp NaNoWriMo. . .
  • especially since the rest of the world is in shut-down mode, you know? create your own planet. cause chaos. watch the world physically around us burn. . .
  • also would you like to hear the playlist I’ve been curating for SK? would that be fun to listen to? yes?? maybe????

and most importantly


Here’s my NaNo profile. Come find me. ;) (<< winky faces feel so unnatural for me. forget this ever happened.)

As always, let’s talk about ALL OF THE THINGS! down in the comments below, and until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_


24 thoughts on “CAMP NANOWRIMO APPROACHES!: Episode I #campnano2020

  1. I have a lot of trouble finishing drafts too, so…GOOD LUCK. When you talked about procrastinating the ending I felt that in my soul. I have total faith in you! You can do this!

    I do plan on doing Camp NaNo! I want to draft a retelling of Gareth and Lynet. Pray for meeee, though, because writing is hard. I’m excited though! I hope I manage to finish this!

    This was so hilarious! I loved reading this so much! I laughed so hard. I also find Ed very relatable? And Beau and Shelby are cute

    Anyway, I can’t wait to read the rest of the character interviews!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness, really??? DUDE. WE MUST FORM A SMALL GROUP FOR BOOK UNFINISHERS. XD But meep! Thank you so much! Here’s hoping that I’m actually able to finish my book this next month. It’ll be a stretch, but I’m ready and willing.

      Oh my goodness!!! You’re doing NaNo??? ARE WE FRIENDS ON THE NANO SITE??? *checks NaNo site* AHA. WE ARE. This is good. I…have never heard of Gareth and Lynet? Although I’m GUESSING it’s some sort of Arthurian legend? *quick google search* OH MY GOODNESS I WAS RIGHT. Dude, I was so sure I completely botched that up. XD I wanna hear it from you, though!!! What’s Gareth and Lynet’s story?? Can I know more about your retelling?

      Oh my goodness, THANK YOU, you sweet little mothling!!! That absolutely made my day… <333 I can't wait to do Camp with you! Make sure we keep in touch over the month, okay? I want to know ALL about your story!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • A support group would be nice *cries* I clearly need one.

        I am doing NaNo! Except…the site is bugging for me and simultaneously not updating my word count AND saying I’ve written more than I have?? Do you know how to fix that? Sorry, I just noticed that and…it’s weird. Why isn’t it updating my word count in the right way?
        Yes, it is an Arthurian story! (Haha, I have become predictable!) Basically, it’s about a girl trying to save her sister with the help of a prince-turned-kitchen-boy-for-some-reason. A knight was besieging her sister’s castle, and Lynet went to Camelot for help but only got the kitchen boy. Luckily for Lynet, the kitchen boy was startlingly good at killing people, but she’s still going to be really mean to him anyway. XD

        I’ll try to keep in touch! I want to know all about your story, too!


        • Clearly we need to start a support group. LET’S GET ON THIS. XD

          OOH. Okay, I have not seen this particular glitch before!! (also I am SO sorry about this super late reply. I’ve been all over the place lately, which is weird, seeing as though I haven’t actually been GOING anywhere. XD)

          *initiate five minutes of me trying to solve the problem*
          *checks next messages*
          *casually deletes all of the text I just wrote. XD*

          So! Turns out you’ve already fixed the problem! This is good, because I honestly had no clue how to fix it. XD AND I SHALL GET YOU A CALENDAR FOR CHRISTMAS. It will have snails and flowers on it and it shall be adorable. XD

          OH. MY. GOODNESS. (if I could go bigger CAPS, I would…) DUDE!!! This story sounds absolutely EPIC!!! I definitely need to read this now. XD How’s the writing been going?? Are your characters being kind to you?? DO LYNET AND THE KITCHEN BOY FALL IN LOVE??? (these are the questions I really do need answers to.)

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, they sound hilarious! I never saw the everlost interview, so I can’t say anything on that.

    I’m definitely participating in Camp NaNo. I’ve been doing every Camp since either Camp April or Camp July of 2016 (I can’t remember), and have only one once. Well, I like to consider twice because I finished last year’s Camp April on May 1st, because we saw Endgame the night before, but technically, it’s once.

    I just need to outline my story. 😬

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP! Thank you so much!!! Honestly, the everlost interviews were some of my favorites (if not even choppier than these, as I was just starting to find my interviewing feet), but yeah… I think SK is shaping up to be quite the handful already.

      ASDFGHJKL!!! You’re participating!!!! Do I have you on NaNo?? *checks NaNo* I DOOOOOO! I was initially looking for H.S. Kylian, but I found you in my buddies under a different name!!! (which I’m assuming is your first name, because of the H. XD) I’ve participated in Camp NaNo since 2016, as well!! It’s literally the best, especially April’s session. . . I’m not as big a fan of July. XD ALSO. ENDGAME. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT MOVIE. *shudders*

      Dude, you and me both. XD Are you a plotter or plantser? (I’m assuming not a hardcore pantser, because you’re outlining, but do you need a steadfast outline, or are you more discovery writer like me?)


  3. OOOOH MY GRACIOUS. OH MY GRACIOUS. This was HI-LAR-I-OUSSS. I am grinning so hard right now. (The “Surelock” thing KILLED me.) I love how DIFFERENT these characters are from each other. Shelby seems like such a flower child and I adore her, and Ed’s grumpiness is perfection. And Beau seems to be a pretty stable guy, if not a bit of a grump too? I LOVE THEM ALLLL!!!! I can imagine they cause quite a bit of chaos in their story. XDD

    THIS WAS JUST SO GREAT. I can’t wait for the next one!

    And I’m doing Camp NaNo!!! :D For the first time since 2014. o.O Yeah. I usually only do NaNo in November, but I’m going to use Camp this go round as motivation for The Nether Isle edits and I’M EXCITEDDDD. I’m trying to friend you on the site but it keeps giving me an error message. *POUTS* I’ll try again later. But EEEEE!!! KENZIE. I’m so excited for you as you push to finish this story!!!! YOU’RE GONNA ROCK IT, GIRL! Cheering you on allllll the way! *waves pompoms*

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP!!! Oh my word, I am SO glad you enjoyed this weird little interview!!! I really do question whether people are going to like these or not, so knowing they’re liked gives me confidence to keep doing them! XD UGH, OH MY WORD. This book is FILLED with grumpy characters. Just wait till you meet Sam and Eugene. XD They are….different. XD

      ASDFGHJKL!!!! I CANNOT wait to do Camp with you!!! I’ve used Camp to edit before, and it definitely helps boost my motivation for editing!! (goodness knows I’ll probably use it for edits and revision in the future, as well!)

      Wait. I thought we were already friends on the site??? THIS IS HORRIBLE. Did it ever let you friend me???? And ASDFGHJKKL YOU are going to rock it, as well! We’re gonna crush this NaNo! *high-fives*


  4. Good luck on Camp NaNoWriMo! I will also be participating this year and I hope to win this year (I previously won in April 2018)!

    I find your characters very interesting. It’ll be fun to read your upcoming character interviews, I’m sure!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This was such a great interview! I really enjoyed getting to know your characters through their banter with you in addition to their answers to the questions. I would definitely be interested in hearing your playlist, as well! I just updated the playlist for my own WIP, so I’m especially curious about other writers’ noveling music at the moment. :)

    And I will be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, but I haven’t decided on a word count goal yet. I’m working my way through the third draft of a novel (if you count an unfinished 47k word nightmare of pacing as a second draft), and want to make sure I’m pushing myself to get words down without sacrificing quality. But whatever I decide, I’ll definitely be writing this April! I’ll make sure to find you on the site. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • *flails happily* THANK YOU!!! I really love writing character interviews, but I also find them slightly difficult. Smooth transitions are what I struggle with the most, but I think the more I do them, the easier they’ll become. XD Ooh, I believe I posted my Spotify playlist in a more recent post (goodness, I’m getting lost on comments again. XD) so hopefully you found that? AND DUDE! I would love to hear your playlist!!!

      OOOOOH! ANOTHER CAMPER!!! *tackle hugs* THIS IS GONNA BE FUN! Thanks for adding me on the site!!! I’m always looking for new writing buddies. And HA! We DEFINITELY consider an unfinished 47k word nightmare of pacing a second draft. I’m pretty sure that’s the dictionary definition of a second draft. XD Getting words out without sacrificing quality is …. difficult. And — especially in the case of a first draft — it’s also a major balancing act of allowing yourself to write without too extreme a censor. I’m definitely a slow writer in the sense that I edit a bit as I go, simply because if I’m investing my time in something, I want it to at least be READABLE, you know? XD But yeah, I definitely understand this! It’s neat to find another writer who thinks similarly to myself!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I MOST CERTAINLY DO LIKE CHARACTER INTERVIEWS. I can’t WAIT for April!! Shelby sounds like a precious darling and I’m not sure what I think of Beau (I mean, the fact that he’d do anything for himself is…concerning, but that was funny) and Ed seems weirdly relatable…
    This was so funny, though. I loved it. (And SURELOCKS. I died 😂😂😂)
    Good luck finishing SK!!!!! It sounds amazing and the world needs it. (Or I need it at least. Basically the same thing.)


    • MEEP! Thank you, Sarah!!!! *tackle hugs* Character interviews are simultaneously fun and terrifying for me. I never know if I’m doing them quite right, and my characters always turn out to have minds of their own. XD (Okay, but I’m pretty sure I pinned these people down relatively well with their answers, so just know that BEAU IS LITERALLY LIKE THIS. ALWAYS. He’s a selfish hag and I love him.) Ed IS weirdly relatable. I’m pretty sure he’s my inner recluse trying to come out… XD

      Eep! Thank you SO much!!! I’m really excited to dive back into this story… It’s very near and dear to my heart. <333 (DUUUUUDE!!! This makes me SO happy to hear, you have no idea… <333)

      Liked by 1 person

  7. “What do you most want?” “…to not be here.” Me 50% of the time (also Billie and Rowan would like to express their condolances towards Ed and Beau, with a heartfelt “I know what it’s like”. xD)

    And Beau sounds GREAT (I just skipped over to read the “WIP IT Chapter 1” post, as I was… uh… off fighting dragons at that time). “Would die for you if he had to [but are you SURE it’s necessary]”?? let me just add him to my Favourite Character Types list.

    “He saved my life!” “-it was an ACCIDENT, CHILD” xD

    all in all, EPIC interrogat- uh- interview. and I will try to send the cast of everlost on their way shortly (with lamingtons and pats on the head), since I’m basically quarantined now and am able to fOCUS.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my GOODNESS I need to read your character interviews! I’m seriously behind on blogs right now. But it’s fine. At least I have all this free time to catch up, right? Aha…. *distant weeping*

      OOOH. Fighting dragons is DEFINITELY the most important thing here. (and tbh, I haven’t done a WIP IT since like the beginning of last year, so….HA. HAHAHAHAHA. FAIL.) But oh my word, I am SO glad you like Beau! I have a feeling he’s going to be one of those characters you either really love, or really hate. Kind of like Emma by Jane Austen. XD (also, just a fair warning: it is hardly necessary for Beau to die for you. XD)

      Ed, declaring the truth since 2020. XD

      EEP!! THANK YOU! I’m so happy you liked it!!! Seriously, character interviews are simultaneously my favorite and least favorite things to write. I always feel like I’m doing them wrong. XD And ASDFGHJKASDFGHJKL!!!! I am so excited you’re reading it!!! I’ve noticed you leaving comments, but I’m trying to stay in the world of SK, and I know if I go and read your notes now, I’m going to want to dive back into everlost. SO. I AM HAVING A VERY HARD TIME CONTAINING MYSELF BUT IT’S FINE. XD (also quarantine is amazing for productivity, isn’t it? But also it’s N O T. UGH.)


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