This episode of LET’S CHAT! is brought to you by . . . Sir Arthur Conan Doilies! Now available in 221 different colors!

KENZIE: Good morning, everyone, and welcome back to another episode of LET’S CHAT! In our last interview, we got a sneak peek into the lives of Ed, Shelby, and Beau–three of the main characters within the universe of SK! Today, we’re going to be interviewing two new characters from that very same cast!

KENZIE: Ladies and gents, boys and girls, please give a big, warm welcome to Eleanor and Liam!

CROWD: *cheers begrudgingly*

LIAM: Gee. Don’t overexert yerself, there. . .

ELEANOR: *elbows Liam in the ribs*


KENZIE: All right, you two, settle down. First of all, I would like to thank both of you for agreeing to do this. Your support means the world to us here at the Smudged Thoughts studio.

LIAM: *hisses to Eleanor* I thought this was a contractual obligation kinda thing. . .?

KENZIE: Let’s get right to our first question, shall we? I think you’re really going to like the questions I’ve picked out!

KENZIE: First question comes from both Becky the Mothling and Madeline. It’s slightly similar, so we’ll just combine it into one. From Becky: “Can you guys do magic, or is it more magical creatures that you have to deal with?” And then from Madeline: “Can you guys do magic?? *heart eyes*

LIAM: My goodness, how did ye do that with your face?

KENZIE: Don’t you mind that. Now, which one of you would like to go first?


LIAM: Magic? ‘course we can do magic! Ye think we’re supposed to save this idiotic planet without it? Let me tell ye somethin’, lassie, I–

ELEANOR: *jabs Liam’s foot with the butt of her cane*


ELEANOR: We do not possess magic, no. That would be absolutely preposterous. We are normal, average human beings, just like you.

LIAM: There ye go, Elle. Call the poor lassies average. That’s gonna make ye some friends.

ELEANOR: Oh, you know what I meant, you old fart.

KENZIE: All right, leading off that extremely . . . cryptic answer, here’s another one from Madeline: “Tell me a bit about your world? Is life different? Do you still watch movies and read books and act like normal humans?”

ELEANOR: Well, that’s highly presumptuous of you to assume that we don’t act like normal humans, isn’t it? I do, as a matter of fact, enjoy reading. Books are a beautiful escape, which–

LIAM: *intense snoring sounds*

ELEANOR: Oh, and I assume you have a better answer for this question? She asked about reading. I’m not exactly sure that’s a topic you’re well versed in.

LIAM: No, she asked what our world was like. Clean those elephant ears out, would ye? As a matter of fact, lass, our world is different. They’d like ye to believe it’s not–try to keep it all hush-hush, like–but I can tell ye for good and certain that our world’s chock full of–

ELEANOR: –legends that no one needs to hear, you’re perfectly right. Please ask us another question, dear.

KENZIE: Actually, I think I’d really like to hear the rest of Liam’s answe–


KENZIE: *jumps and flips her cards hastily, dislodging a few of them to the floor in the process* Okay, okay. . . How about this one from Anna?: “Do you like the world you live in? What would you change about it if you don’t like it?

LIAM: Well, I don’t know about somethin‘, but someone could certainly use an attitude adjustment, if ye catch my meaning. . .

ELEANOR: *scowling as she readjusts her hands on the bejeweled cane in front of her* As a matter of fact, I do like the world we live in. It is peaceful and quiet . . . nothing happens, just as it should.

KENZIE: That feels like a bit of a lie, don’t you think?

ELEANOR: Definitely not a lie. We live in a small, meaningless little village, Miss Kenzie. Nothing to write home about, I can assure you of that.

LIAM: Ehhh, except for that one time when Casey came and blew up the middle school. That sure was interesting, wasn’t it, Elle? *nudges her with an elbow*

ELEANOR: *scowls* Do you have any more questions for us today, or will that be all?

KENZIE: Oh, we’re almost done. Is there anything else you’d like to add, Liam?

LIAM: Well, fer one thing, I’d appreciate it if someone *glares pointedly at Eleanor* would stop cuttin’ me off in the middle of me sentences. Very rude, if ye ask me.

KENZIE: Certainly.

LIAM: And secondly . . . nah, there’s really nothin’ I’d change about our world. It’s a bit depressin’ at times, to be sure, but the people are good and the sky is deep. Couldn’t’ve made a better one myself.

KENZIE: Perfect answer, Liam! Thank you for your input.

ELEANOR: *scowl increases*

KENZIE: Ahem. Moving on. Our fourth and final viewer submitted question for today comes from Anna, as well, and it’s specifically for you Eleanor! Anna asks: “Why are you so adorable and can you be all my characters’ mother, please? (psst, I have a cute little five-year-old Eleanor who would like you!!)”

LIAM: Ahhhhh*nods knowingly* Good idea. Butter up to the old hag. That’s sure to cheer her up. *flips a subtle thumbs up towards Kenzie, who’s eyes glint as though she wishes she could strangle him and throw him into the coat closet*

ELEANOR: *pinches her lips together, but otherwise ignores the annoying little man to her left* Oh my. . . Of course I will take care of your characters, dear. Goodness knows I do quite enough of that already with these lunatics hanging about.

LIAM: *beams*

ELEANOR: You’d think they were all toddlers, the way they act. I swear the only sane one among them is Ms. Westburn.

LIAM: Yeah, well. We’ll fix that eventually, won’t we?

ELEANOR: But your little Eleanor sounds like an absolute darling. I would love to meet her someday. I’m sure there’s a thing or two I can teach her about becoming a civil human being. *glances pointedly to her left*

KENZIE: I’m sure we can arrange for you two to meet sometime. I bet the other Eleanor would love to meet you, as well.

LIAM: Yeah. That ain’t gonna be a recipe for disaster, surely.

KENZIE: *flipping her cards onto the coffee table in front of her* So I think that’s it for our viewer-submitted questions today. We have a few more to get to later on, but I’ve set those aside for next week’s special guests–Sam and Eugene. I’m sure you know these two quite well already, no?

LIAM: *snorts* Know them? O’ course we know them. Good luck interviewing those blubbering idiotslassie.

KENZIE: Oh, I’m not worried. They’re softies once you get to know them.

ELEANOR: Be that as it may, you might consider having some . . . backup on hand. Just in case.

KENZIE: . . .right. That’s probably not a bad idea, to be honest. But still! It’ll be a wonderful time, I’m sure of it!

LIAM: *muttering* Somethin’ like that. . .

KENZIE: Right. . . So now that we’re done with our submitted questions, I was wondering if we could switch gears and talk for a moment about Camp NaNoWriMo. You two were part of a camp project last year, so I was thinking you might be able to give some advice to other characters preparing to go into their first Camp NaNo? It really is a trying ordeal for some of them, I’ve heard.

LIAM: Yeah, considerin’ that our last Camp NaNoWriMo ended in the worst failure I’ve seen to this day, I’d say it can be quite a difficult adjustment to make.

ELEANOR: *hisses* Liam. . .!

LIAM: What? Ye want me to lie to these unsuspecting maggots? What am I supposed to tell ’em, Elle? That they’re not entering the worst month of their poor, pathetic lives tomorrow? Because that’s all that awaits ’em on the other side of March, ye know. Pain and death and failure. We’re doomed, the whole lot of us.

ELEANOR: *sighs* What Liam is trying to say is that you’re going to be just fine. It’s difficult, yes, but not impossible. The best thing to do before Camp begins is to make sure you’re prepared physically and mentally. Know that for the next 30 days, you will be working every day, and you will be working hard. Get to know your coworkers and fellow castmates. They’re going to become your new best friends until May.

LIAM: Unless you’re already best friends, and then they’re just gonna be a pain in yer side forevermore.

ELEANOR: But most importantly of all, don’t give up. There will be days when you want to quit, but you mustn’t allow those days to define the whole of the month. You can do this. I believe in you.

LIAM: Aye. And rules are made to be broken, so go ahead and break as many of ’em as ye see fit. Don’t feel like workin’ everyday? Tell yer author to work on a scene where yer not present. Works like a charm every time.

ELEANOR: Yes, some people prefer to take the lazy approach, but if you’re persistent and come to work fresh and ready for action each morning–

LIAM: — yer a robot and can’t be trusted. Take naps. Many of ’em. That’s the only way to recharge, in my opinion. That and ice cream. So eat a lot of that, too.

ELEANOR: We’re trying to give them good advice here, Liam. Not a how-to guide for giving yourself diabetes in thirty days or less.

LIAM: Fine. Drink water. Keeps yer skin supple.

ELEANOR: You’re impossible.

LIAM: Thanks, darlin’.

KENZIE: Aaaaand I think that’s where we’re gonna end this today. Thank you both so much for joining us on LET’S CHAT! I’m sure this interview will be . . . quite enlightening for our viewers. I wish you two the best of luck next month, and to everyone watching, have a beautiful day, a magical Camp, and a most whimsical week! See you all next time!



So that’s the interview between Eleanor and Liam! I currently have one more interview planned–Sam and Eugene–before the grand finale interview at the end of the month, where the entire cast of SK comes together for the first–and quite possibly only–time! There are a couple questions on my list that seem to be directed at everyone, so I thought it would only make sense for everyone to get the chance to answer them! Of course, this means that I have to try and wrangle all ten characters at once, but . . . aheh. I’m sure it will be fine.

*sweats nervously*

SO ANYWAY. Let’s talk, shall we?:

for the wrimos . . .

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for tomorrow??? Since I’m currently on quarantine and literally have no life (aside from talking to imaginary people and counting my toenails) I’m planning on staying up until midnight tonight to get a head start on my writing! It’s gonna be GREAT. And quite possibly exhausting. We shall see.
  • What is your best advice for avoiding distractions??? I recently got the new Animal Crossing game and . . . I’m kind of in love? So yeah. I’m absolutely loving it, but it’s a D I S T R A C T I O N. So give me ALL of the distraction-crushing advice, if ya please!
  • Would you like weekly/daily/sporadic writing prompts throughout the month of April to help keep you motivated and inspired to write? I quite enjoy coming up with writing prompts, but I’d like to make sure that the content I’m posting is something that you all would actually enjoy. So! Let me know down below if writing prompts are something you’re interested in!
  • OR, on the flip side, would you be more interested in weekly live writing sprints? I’m definitely up for hosting those, as well, so just let me know what kind of camp activities you’d find most helpful for your creativity! <333

for the non-wrimos . . .

  • DO YOU PLAY ANIMAL CROSSING???????? If so, we should probably exchange friend codes or something . . . just saying.
  • No, but seriously. If any of my writer friends out there play Animal Crossing, TELL. ME.
  • Ahem. Moving on. What sorts of things have you been doing to keep your brains busy during this weird, slightly terrifying time? I recently read a post from the Go Teen Writers blog, and W H O A. It kind of changed my whole viewpoint on this pandemic? 10/10 recommend reading it.

As always, let’s talk about ALL OF THE THINGS! (especially all of the CAMPish things) down in the comments below. And until next time. . .

_flings cookies in the air and disappears_


15 thoughts on “CAMP NANOWRIMO APPROACHES!: Episode III – Liam & Eleanor

  1. OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS. THIS WAS A PURE DELIGHT. I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS ALREADY. Eleanor is GREAT. I adore how she’s so prim and proper but CLEARLY trying to keep something under wraps. And Liam is the EXACT opposite. Bwahahaha! They are GREAT!!! I was giggling SO MUCH while reading this. There’s just so much gold here!

    “My goodness, how did ye do that with your face?” <—My favorite bit. XDDD

    And then them giving Camp NaNo advice. Oh my gracious goodness. XD " Because that’s all that awaits ’em on the other side of March, ye know. Pain and death and failure. We’re doomed, the whole lot of us." Thaaaanks, Liam! But, I mean, the whole ice cream and taking naps things is solid advice. *nods*

    This was just too great! Your character interviews are the BEST. Can't wait for the next ones aaaahhhhh!!!!

    OH OH. I've been a hardcore Animal Crossing player since it was new…on the Gamecube. YEAH. Sadly, I do not have the new one. *sniff, sniff* But I LOOOVE Animal Crossing. It's so relaxing! <3 As far as distraction-crushing advice…. Hmmm. I'd say USE the Animal Crossing obsession to your advantage. Set your word goal for the day and don't let yourself touch Animal Crossing until you've reached that goal, then you can play it as a reward, and it'll be motivation to get the words down! :D Doing things like that always helps me a lot!

    Since I'll be editing and taking things a bit slower, I probably won't be able to do prompts OR sprints. Buuuuut that doesn't mean I won't love to see 'em. And hey, I could always join on prompts AFTER Camp. And I just KNOW you'd come up with the most epic prompts!!!! SO YEAH. I'd looove to see some Kenzie prompts! :D


    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP!!! CHRISTINE!!!! How on earth do you always write THE SWEETEST comments??? I just…I CAN’T WITH YOU. ACK!!! <33333 And LOL, oh goodness, these characters. I swear they are the reason writing this book is so much fun right now. They are CRAZY. Liam and Eleanor are two of my favorites, actually. They're polar opposites, which is why I definitely wanted them on an interview together. XD

      LOL!! I actually found that in a post from LAST year that I'd started drafting for this character interview, and I realized that Liam really had not changed at all, which meant I DEFINITELY had to add that part back in. XD

      Liam is definitely the king of motivational speeches. Gotta love him for that. XD BUT I MEAN??? Is it not TRUE???? XD Also yes! Ice cream and naps is a definite must. At least he's accurate there.

      MEEP!!! Oh my goodness, THANK YOU!! I feel like I'm getting a lot more comfortable with the whole "character interview" thing (my very first one was a MESS XD), so to hear that you enjoy reading them is just!! MEEP! It makes me so happy!!! <333

      OH MY GOODNESS!!! Another Animal Crossing fan!!!! Seeing as though I first discovered the game when it came out for WII, YOU WIN THE ANIMAL CROSSING'S BIGGEST FAN BADGE. XD And fun fact: I actually read this comment a long time ago (responding to comments is something I'm seriously trying to get better at) and DUDE. BEST ADVICE EVER. I believe my friend Phoebe mentioned using it as a reward, as well, and despite all odds, I have actually been NOT getting distracted by Animal Crossing??? Using it as a reward is so refreshing. And it's like I can reward myself after little bite-sized daily goals. I JUST LOVE THIS SO MUCH. My biggest distraction this month was Tweet Cute, but alas. When I accidentally start a book that I immediately fall in love with, I cannot physically function without finishing it. XD

      Annnnnnd, I completely forgot that I was going to do prompts or sprints… Aha. Wow, NaNoWriMo really knows how to take over someone's life… *awkward laughter* ANYWAY. Maybe I can still do some for the second half of the month!!!! And EEP!!! I am so excited for your editing project!!! I cannot wait to hear how it's going!!!! *gives you cookies for inspiration*



  2. Aww, Eleanor is cute! I love her!

    I would LOVE to see your prompts, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to join in until after April. I am fairly certain your prompts would be amazing, though.

    ‘Sir Arthur Conan Doilies’ made me laugh. Sometimes I wish the products you come up with for these were real XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • MEEP!! Thank you so much, Becky!!!

      DUDE, I TOTALLY FORGOT TO DO PROMPTS. Like it wasn’t even a conscience choice. It just HAPPENED. XD Ah well. I think it’s time to embrace the fact that I have a noodle as a brain.

      LOL!!! Aww, thank you!! That honestly just made my day. XD I always knew that I wanted these interviews to be “sponsored” by something really random and fake, and honestly? Coming up with the fake sponsorships is one of my favorite parts. XD If something makes ME laugh, chances are it’s going into the post. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Another great interview! :) I’m excited for tomorrow, but a bit nervous; my online classes are taking a lot more time and energy than I anticipated. Hopefully I’m able to adjust, but if not, I’ll do my best to push through it. And if it comes down to it, I can bust out ALL THE WORDS on the weekends. ;)

    As far as distractions go, I’m not the best person to ask for advice, since I recently got virtually squirted with a spray bottle for getting distracted on a Discord writing server after updating my word count. But I have been known to throw my phone across the room if that’s what’s distracting me, so maybe that could work for devices-on-which-one-can-play-Animal-Crossing? (I’m a bit out of the loop.) “Out of sight, out of mind” tends to be very true for me; if I can’t see my phone, I’m a lot less likely to try to reach for it. So maybe try putting it somewhere you can’t see it during your designated writing time!

    I would definitely be interested in live writing sprints! Since I’m working on a third draft (and using a pretty hefty outline), it would be hard for me to incorporate writing prompts into my actual project; but if you do go that route, that might serve as a good warm up!

    Anyway, the clock is ticking and I am SCARED. We’re so close!


    • MEEP! Oh my word,THANK you!! These interviews are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to write. I think it’s really helping me get to know my characters better. XD ACK! I’ve never had to juggle NaNo and college before (if those are the classes you’re taking) but I HAVE juggled NaNo and high school, and taking classes while trying to write words every day can be EXHAUSTING. If you ever need a cheerleader, I AM HERE FOR YOU! *waves pompoms in your face* YESSS!! Weekends are the best for busting out words!!! YOU GOT THIS!!! <333

      This is a very good idea… Usually if I can see something that's easily distractable, I tend to gravitate towards that thing rather than actually write… XD (I don't think I'll be actually try yeeting my Nintendo Switch across the room, but stuffing it beneath a pillow? THAT I can do. XD)

      OOOOOH! Thank you for the feedback!!! I actually completely forgot that I was even going to try doing word sprints or prompts, so THAT'S fun… (I honestly feel like I lost my head this month. No clue where it actually went…) I'll try and get some word sprints or something going, though I normally do that over on Twitter! (and I THINK you found our Plots & Plans page?? That's where we've been hosting word sprints occasionally!)

      AND NOW WE'RE 19 DAYS INTO CAMP!!!! *incoherent screaming* I…really do not know where I've been. Someone please rewind the clock of Time. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my word, I love how Eleanor and Liam answered my questions. XD

    OH WOW I REALLY NEED TO PLAY ANIMAL CROSSING. I have another friend who is OBSESSED with the game and…I feel like I need to play it now. XD

    And YAY FOR CAMP NANO!! I’m rooting for you!! <333


    • MEEP! I am so glad!!! XD These two can be a little bit obnoxious when thrown together, so this dynamic was VERY interesting to write. XD

      DUDE!!!! YES!!!!! The new Animal Crossing is honestly the best one there’s ever been. IF YOU GET A CHANCE, PLEASE GET IT!! (we can visit each other’s islands!!!)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love how Eleanor and Liam, and Sam and Eugene, are older sarcastic characters? I apparently tend to write characters that are either young adults or the token “adults”, but now I’m in LOVE and I might need to write some wonderfully old snarky ones. (Actually. Have you read Howl’s Moving Castle? The MC gets turned into an old lady and decides she really enjoys being able to snark people and boss them around, it’s great xD)


    Liked by 1 person

    • I STARTED READING HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE ONCE!! But then it had to go back to the library and I didn’t have time to finish it. But what I DID read, I absolutely adored!!! (definitely will have to pick that one up again sometime…)

      And MEEP!!! Oh my goodness, THANK YOU!!!! I pride myself in writing a very bizarre and slightly warped range of character ages. It’s the BEST. (and I highly recommend writing old people. it is….quite an adventure. XD)


      Liked by 1 person

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