The Return of The Silmaril Awards – Let The Nominations Commence!

good morning, peasants!

I have some very exciting news for you all today, which I’m sure will bring much enthusiastic squealing from readers of the fantastical persuasion! It is my greatest pleasure to tell you all that I am once again helping host the Silmaril Awards right here on the blogsphere! I’ve helped host this event for the past two years–housing everything from Most Nefarious Villains to the Wisest of Counselors–and I’ve gotta tell ya: nothing eats you out of house and home quite like it. (though I must admit the Counselors at least had SOME manners. Though their wisdom does wear on one after a while.)

This year, however, I shall be hosting the award for Most Mischievous Imp! Which… yeah. Pretty sure I’m going to have to get better insurance before they start coming in swarms.

For anyone who hasn’t yet participated in the Silmaril Awards–welcome! If you’re a fan of all things fantastical–talking swords, dragons, men with beards–then you have absolutely come to the right place! The Silmaril Awards is a yearly event in which readers like you vote for your favorite Fantasy Characters across 10 different categories. From Mischievous Imps to Magnificent Dragons, there’s a category for everyone! For the next 5 days, I and 9 other participating bloggers will be hosting the nominations for each of the 10 categories. It is up to you to jump across cyberspace, nominating your favorite Fantasy characters and “seconding” other characters who’ve been nominated!

A few rules of thumb to note when nominating and seconding…!

  • Make sure to check the comment section to ensure your character has not been nominated already! Characters should only be nominated once. Every nomination after that should be placed as a second, preferably in the same comment thread as the initial character nomination! (this keeps things easier on me when tallying everything up!)
  • ONLY Literary Fantasy Characters are allowed to participate for the Silmaril Awards! Characters from sci-fi, contemporary, or any other genre are not allowed to participate. We love characters of all walks of life, but this award is for the Fantastical only! If you’re unsure if your character counts as Fantasy (if it comes from sub-genres, per se), then please feel free to ask! We will happily consult the Elders for you!
  • On that note: NO characters from Lord Of The Rings can be nominated! LoTR characters co-host and present the awards, so unless we’re messing with Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff, make sure your nominations aren’t from Tolkien’s universe!
  • You can nominate as many characters as you wish for each category! The sky’s the limit! Nominate to your heart’s content!
  • If you’re a Fantasy Author, we would love to have your character in the Silmaril Awards! Our only request is that authors don’t nominate their own characters. If you would like to see your character fight to the death participate for a Silmaril, let your readers know about the Awards! Everything is better with friends, after all!
  • Please mention which book/series your nominee is from within your nomination! You’d be surprised how many Kyle’s exist in the world of fiction. We’d like to avoid a mix-up if we can, ya know?

Nominations are open from TODAY until September 9th. Late Nominations and Seconds will not be considered in the final tally, so please get your entries in as soon as possible!

As mentioned, I’ll be hosting the Most Mischievous Imp category this year, which means I’m relying on you to give me the most plucky, adorable, tricksy, and memorable imps you can possibly think of! With neverending cards up their sleeves and more than a few good pranks gone awry, mischievous imps are the lifeblood of all good fantasy stories. They are quippy one-liners and the ever-present thorn in the Main Hero’s side. Mischievous Imps can be found nearly anywhere, but you can bet your buttons that once you find them, disaster is soon to follow.

Previous winners of the Most Mischievous Imp category include…

Unfortunately, Silmaril awards are lifetime awards, which means none of the previous winners are allowed to win again. They might, however, make an unexpected appearance in the awards ceremony coming later this month… (mwahahaha?)

>>> <<<

Before I can officially sign off and let you all get to the voting, I have one last note to share with you all! Firstly, our fairy godmother and all-around fantastical genius Jenelle has put together not only a Silmaril Awards Instagram challenge, but a giveaway as well! By simply participating in the rafflecopter below, you could win…

  • a set of extended edition Lord of The Rings trilogy DVD’s (gently used collector’s item)
  • The Hobbit Card Game
  • a Dragon Bookmark
  • assorted Dragon Stickers

The link to the rafflecopter is right here, so be sure to enter before it’s too late! And for all my insta fanatics, make sure you check out the instagram challenge to participate and celebrate with us all month long!

As a reminder, nominations will CLOSE on September 9th, but never you fear! Official voting begins on the 12th, so be sure to come back to this blog and all the blogs listed below so that you can put your votes in for your favorite finalists! I am so excited to spend yet another Silmaril Awards with you guys this year… Let the most Mischievous Imp reign victorious!

>>> <<<

silmaril host hub

>>> <<<

let the voting commence!

And that’s all I’ve got, folks! Bring me your craziest, pluckiest, quirkiest imps! I cannot wait to see which Fantasy prankster takes home the Silmaril this year! Plug your nominations into the comments below, jump to the other host blogs to nominate your favorites in the other nine categories, and–most importantly of all–happy nominating!

* flings cookies in the air and disappears *


90 thoughts on “The Return of The Silmaril Awards – Let The Nominations Commence!

  1. I nominate:
    Sage from Ascendance Series
    Keefe Sencen from Keeper of the Lost Cities
    Walter from Dragons in our Midst
    Karen from Dragons in our Midst
    Carswel Thorne from Lunar Chronicles
    Peeves from Harry Potter
    The Marauders from Harry Potter {i’m hoping i can nominate them as the whole gang??? is that allowed???}

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  2. Oh dear. I’m so sorry for any destruction these characters may cause. xD

    Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle
    Artemis Fowl from Artemis Fowl (It’s been awhile since I read that book, but he seemed to be a mastermind and could be an imp at times, too? XD)
    Lucinda from Ella Enchanted

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  3. Iggy from Keeper of the Lost Cities (can’t get more literal than that, can you? XD)
    Maraly from Wingfeather Saga
    Fat Frank from 100 Cupboards
    Ella from Ella Enchanted
    …i need to vote Keefe again but I can’t… XD
    Rex, Lex, and Bex from KOTLC

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  4. How fun! Although I do have to say a household of imps must not be very fun to take care of. I hope you shipped off all of your breakables, exported all the backyard snakes, and in fact, prepared a place where almost no mischief, if any, can be done. Still, after the preparation they will still be able to cause many disasters…

    Anyways, good luck on the next few weeks!


    Liked by 2 people

    • Unfortunately I forgot to De-Mischief-ize my house before the Imps started arriving, and now *CRASH!* there seems to be a *CLATTER CLANG!!!* issue happening in the attic. Not entirely sure *BANG!* what that is, but I’m hoping it has nothing to do with the giant boxes Fred and George were giggling over earlier….

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  5. KENZIE. I’m so happy you get the imps this year! It’s one of my favorite categories and I know you are going to rock hosting such a wild crew. But I do hope you upped your house insurance because…yeah. *side-eyes the holes in my wall from hosting them two years ago* AHEM. Aaanyway, I’m sure you’ll be fine!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh goodness gracious, you still have holes from TWO YEARS AGO??? *tremendous crash from somewhere upstairs* Uh… Yeah, this is going to be interesting. I’m calling State Farm right now.

      Meep!! Thank you so much, Christine! I’m super excited to have been blessed with another ridiculously insane category this year. XD Still fearful for when I get one of the Big Awards (*cough* heroes or heroines *cough*), but I can’t imagine a Silm Awards where a piece of my house DOESN’T break off at this point… I can’t wait to see what happens during the Awards Ceremony, lol!


  6. I nominate…

    JinYeong from The City Between series by W.R. Gingell (because of course this broody vampire causes all sorts of impish trouble all the day long, but also even if he does win, Pet will be able to rub it in his face that she won this category FIRST and that’s just way too hilarious. XD)

    Jayden from the Dana Illwind series by Arthur Daigle (because he spends his life causing mayhem and exploding things…all for a good cause of course)

    Captain Jay Hill from The Pirate Hunter Chronicles by Sarah Rodecker and Helena George (the mad captain who also causes good chaos wherever he goes, definitely an imp at times!)

    Nicolas and Nicoline from The Rose and the Balloon by Kirsten Fichter (young twins who endless cause shenanigans and mischief)

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  7. I second:
    The Marauders
    Fat Frank
    Cheshire Cat (he’s gotten a number of category nominations this year, hasn’t he?)
    JinYeong (because that sounds intriguing?)
    Jay Hill (also fun-sounding)
    And lemme see for my own nominees… apologies in advance for your house!
    Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
    Puck (Sisters Grimm)
    Morris Carleon (Magic, by GK Chesterton)
    Lou Nyten (The Nicholas Book)
    Gurgi (Chronicles of Prydain)

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  8. Seconding:
    Carswell Thorne my beloved
    Mat Cauthon also my beloved
    Julio also also my beloved
    JinYeong also also ALSO my beloved (hmmm I may have a type)
    Nicolas and Nicoline

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  9. I second Carswel, Peeves, The Marauders, Artemis Fowl, Maraly, Fat Frank, Cheshire Cat, Tonks, Lee, Zouzab, Corin, Puck and Puck, Morris Carleon, Lou Nyten and Gurgi!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Seconding:
    Charlie (Cinderella Must Die)
    Artemis Fowl
    Cheshire Cat (just for you, Kenzie xD His tally of nominations this year must be getting pretty high??)
    JinYeong (just like Christine said, he’d be so put out if he won but Pet just dangled her Silmaril in front of him like “oh yeah, you got one too?” xD)

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