March-Hare Madness! – Week One: The Humble Beginnings (feat. the cast of everlost)

good afternoon, cyberspace!

And welcome to Week One of the glory that is March Hare Madness!!! I am honestly SO excited to share this whole experience with all of you (and have even recruited some of you to join me??? whaaaaaaat…?) and cannot wait to begin.

So let’s jump right into all of the action, shall we?

· · · The Weekly Recap · · ·

March Hare Madness! – Part One

Goal – . . . Write Ten Eleven Chapters in 15 Days . . .

Chapters Completed – . . . Three . . .

Chapters Remaining – . . . Eight . . . (sort of)

Now, I know that it technically hasn’t been one full week of writing so far, but in order to keep my weekly posting schedule at Tuesday, SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE, PEASANTS!


THIS WEEK, GUYS. THIS WEEK. I cannot even begin to comprehend nor describe what this week has been like. I feel really good about how much I’ve gotten accomplished so far, and hopefully by the time Thursday rolls around, I’ll have knocked out a couple more chapters towards my goal. BUT.

Some odd things have happened over the course of the last few days, and I feel as though — before we dive into the real grit of this post — that they require mentioning. So.

· · · What’s Happening · · ·

  • I started a vlog for March Hare Madness.

I know. It’s shocking.

I’m shocked. You’re shocked. That random cow across the street is shocked.

But, alas. As it turns out, I am not meant to be a vlogger. After struggling for a fruitless amount of hours on Day One (and stressing out until I was basically a potato mush) I pretty much just kicked the idea to the curb and decided to focus on my writing for the month. Besides the fact that trying to edit that lone vlog was a nightmare that may or may not have included three grey hairs and a copious amount of screaming, I have finally realized that right now, I am a lot more happy (and real. . .?) whilst blogging.

And obviously this doesn’t mean that I’ll NEVER EVER do a vlog ever again, but for right now. . .

Haha. . .nope.

You’re stuck with me burning your eyeballs out with my words and not my potato-filled face, folks. My sincerest condolences.

So that was literally only one thing. Aha.


i swear i’m normal, guys.

Moving on. . . I’m not exactly sure how to write these weekly update kinds of posts. I hate writing posts like this, and I can only imagine how boring they are to read. So instead of filling the next few weeks with my incessant rambling of “oh, look, I just murdered a small man” and “looks like I’ve once again ripped open a plot hole the size of a mountain troll!”, I’ve decided to make these posts fun. And how do you make these kinds of posts fun, you might ask?

Easy. By giving the true heroes of the month a chance to talk.

BUUUUUT, before we get into that, I am going to include some weekly highlights.

Because I just can’t stop my ramblings completely, okay? I MUST RAMBLE. It’s my outlet.

So here we go! My first conglomeration of March Hare Madness highlights! (let us hope there are many more to come. . .)

· · · Week One Highlights · · ·

  • I got to write ‘The Hug’ . . . and before you go jumping to conclusions, THIS IS TOTALLY JUST A CODE NAME FOR MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SCENE OF ALL TIME. Okay. So maybe it isn’t my absolute favorite scene of all time. HOWEVER. It does come close, and I just really love this scene, okay? It’s like a warm hug, yes? THUS THE NAME THE HUG. (this was probably the biggest highlight of Week One. I really, really, REALLY love this scene.)
  • I wrote/rewrote 3 chapters in 5 days . . . and I know this probably isn’t considered very good for most writers, but for me? THIS IS HUGE. I’m lucky to get a single chapter written every two or three days, so this honestly means a LOT to me. Plus, I’m kind of loving how these chapters are turning out? And I’ll probably end up looking back at these later and thinking, “Wow. This is literal garbage. I had no clue it was even possible to make words smell like a dirty sewage system.” HOWEVER. Right now I’m loving it like McDonald’s and I’m super happy. It’s exciting.
  • I’ve finally reached the climax of the story, and it’s like I can already feel the descent into madness . . . WHICH IS A GOOD THING. This story is SUPPOSED to descend into madness. Which means I must be doing something right, yes? And also, it’s really really really super exciting that I only have like 7 1/2 chapters to go. SEVEN AND A HALF. How exciting is that?! I keep finding myself shaking with the nervous jitters. I CAN’T HELP IT. I’m just too excited.

And that’s about it for my weekly highlights! Basically, I’m just really super excited, okay? Even as I type these words, I can already begin to feel the jitters return. SEVEN. AND. A. HALF. CHAPTERS.

Someone tell me something sad so I’ll stop squealing.

But anyways, now that the highlights are over, it is officially time for the one thing you’ve all been waiting for!

The cast of everlostAnd don’t worry. I totally haven’t forgotten about that interview with Thao and Adaline that was promised all those moons ago (which coincidentally won first place on the polls last month?). That interview is coming NEXT month, right in the hustle and bustle of Camp NaNoWriMo. But for the next three weeks, we’re going to be talking to the cast about something a little bit more sinister.

The end of the book.

· · · · ·

let’s chat with the cast! – week one

Kenzie: Good morning, everybody, and welcome to the first ever chat with the cast! for March! Today, I have with me four very special guests, who you may or may not remember from last year’s episode of Let’s Chat! Seeing as though that episode was rather. . .memorable, however, I’m sure you know precisely who I’m about to introduce.

Kenzie: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, burritos and cow pies, it is my greatest pleasure to introduce you to. . .


*crowds cheering*

*children screaming*

*cameraman sobbing*

Thao: Kill us now. Someone. Anyone.

Peter: I’m pretty sure we already told you we’re not the entire cast the last time we were here . . .

Adaline: Oh, yes, you’re definitely forgetting the blue-haired boy. And Rose!

Thao: UGH. For the last time, Loony, your little delusions don’t–

Thao: You know what? Never mind. I repeat: someone kill me now. Anyone.

Kenzie: Now, now, children, don’t go getting your kidneys in a twist already. Let’s save that for the end of the interview, shall we? Besides, this isn’t supposed to be very long. I just have a few questions for each of you, and then we’re wrapping this up. I assume you’re all already aware of the glory that is March Hare Madness, yes?

Thao: How could we not be? It’s like NaNoWriMo of 2017. But WORSE. How could you possibly take something absolutely dreadful and make it WORSE?!

Kenzie: Aw, don’t be such a Debbie-downer. It’s glorious! This is pure and utter madness to its highest extent!

Peter: Yeah, I kind of think that was his point. . .

Kenzie: Pish posh. I am literally finishing your story in thirty-one days! You guys should be thanking me.

Peter: Right. . . Well, I think what we’re trying to say is that we’re not exactly sure what your infatuation with finishing our story in one tiny month is. I mean, it’s great that you’re so. . .er. . .

Thao: Irrationally obsessed.

Peter: . . .enthusiastic about our story. But don’t you think it’d be nicer for, say, all of us, if you maybe took a few months off, had some cocoa. . .wrote like a normal person. . .?

Kenzie: *left eyeball twitching* No. No, I would think not.

Peter: But–

Kenzie: Thank you for your feedback, Peter, but I am perfectly fine. My brain is fine. My sanity is fine. My elephant is fine. Everything is perfectly fine.

Thao: What was that last one again?

Kenzie: Everything is perfectly fine.

Thao: No, the other–

Kenzie: All right! I think it’s time to get into the questions! You men seem to be hogging the spotlight this afternoon — we know how much you love your spotlight, Thao —

Thao: I did NOT–

Kenzie: — so I think it’s about time we let the girls speak! Bella! We haven’t heard a word out of you this morning! How goes the storymaking?

Bella: Um. . .well, I. . .uh. . .

Peter: Wait. You seriously don’t remember this?

Kenzie: Remember what?

Bella: Peter, it’s fine. . .

Peter: You wrote her out of the story! She’s kaput now! Missing! None of us have a clue where she is!

Thao: *raises a finger* Actually. . .

Peter: Shut it, Crowe. *spins back to Kenzie* You took Bella and ditched her somewhere off in the Locket, and now I’m stranded here with the idiot!

Peter: *turns to Adaline* Not you.

Adaline: Oh, I knew what you meant.

Bella: Peter, honestly, it’s fine. It’s just a story.

Peter: It’s not ‘just a story’. It’s OUR story She can’t just fling you away to who knows where because she’s some great and powerful author. That isn’t how this works.

Kenzie: That’s precisely how this works, actually.

Peter: *clenches hands into fists whilst fuming like a volcano*

Thao: Okay, maybe we should all just all calm down, yeah?

Peter: No one asked your opinion, Crowe.

Bella: Peter. It’s fine. I can handle this.

Bella: I’ve really enjoyed my time in this story, and while I understand that certain sacrifices have to be made to. . .move plot points along, I really wish I could have stuck around a little longer. It would have been nice to. . .to say goodbye.

Thao: Oh, waah waah. Someone call the wambulance, cause it looks like we’ve got a crybaby on our hands.

Peter: CROWE!

Thao: What? It’s not like she’s actually dead.

Peter: You don’t know that!

Thao: Really. How dense are you, Glasses? She’s sitting right beside you. If she were actually dead, she’d probably have started to smell by now.

Peter: That doesn’t even–

Kenzie: Okay, guys. I hate to break this up, but I have a couple more questions to ask the lot of you, and you’re kind of just ruining the flow of this entire interview right now.

Thao: Pretty sure you’re the one doing that. Not us.

Kenzie: Our next question is for Adaline. Adaline, what has been your favorite part of March Hare Madness so far?

Adaline: Oh! That’s easy. I really like the scene where–

Thao: Can you maybe, like, not ask her this question? You know exactly how it’s going to end.

Kenzie: You don’t know that.

Thao: I kind of do, actually.

Kenzie: Perhaps I’m just genuinely curious as to what her favorite part of March Hare Madness has been.

Thao: But you’re really not.

Kenzie: . . .

Kenzie: Fine. Adaline, what has been your least favorite part of March Hare Madness so far?

Adaline: Oh. That would be the shadows.

Kenzie: The shadows?

Adaline: Yes. But the butterflies have come, so we’ll be okay.

Kenzie: You will?

Adaline: Yes.

Kenzie: And you’re sure about this.

Peter: Seriously, stop antagonizing her! Haven’t you done enough to all of us by now? You’ve locked me up in a basement my entire life–

Kenzie: That was Jevron.

Peter: –you forced me to have to deal with this blundering baboon — *points at Thao*

Thao: HEY!

Kenzie: Your own choice. Not mine.

Peter: You murdered Adaline’s parents —

Kenzie: Actually. . .

Peter: And now you’re throwing us into the middle of a–


Thao: HA! Cough it up, Glasses. I told you she couldn’t go five minutes without shouting that.

Peter: *groans*

Kenzie: You’re right, Peter. I have been awful towards the lot of you. BUT! We’re really digging into the climax of the story now, so you honestly can’t expect me not to throw in some blood and severed limbs and missing girls. It’s only natural for some of you to die.

Bella: Wait. . .what?

Thao: That was not in my contract.

Kenzie: After all, as I always say, the climax is where the action really takes off.

Adaline: You’ve never said that. . .

Kenzie:  Speaking of which. . .you’re right in the middle of an action scene this very afternoon, aren’t you, Peter?

Peter: Um. . .

Thao: *snorts* If you mean getting totally annihilated by a potato, then yes. Yes, he is.

Peter: I am not getting totally annihilated. Some of us simply prefer reasoning over violence.

Thao: And some of us prefer getting our heads bashed in multiple times by a fourteen-year-old girl with a textbook.

Peter: Her age has absolutely nothing to do with her strength.

Thao: So you do admit she’s stronger than you.

Peter: I’m this close to strangling you, Crowe. This close.

Kenzie: Now that is quite enough from the both of you. I am not going to say it again.

Thao: Oh look. She’s mad now.

Kenzie: Seeing as though you all can’t seem to stay on topic today, I think it’s about time we wrap up this trainwreck.

Thao: *snorts* Trainwreck is an understatement.

Kenzie: So to conclude our little interview, I have one final question for all of you:

Kenzie: How do you think this story is going to end? Thao? We’ll start with you this time.

Thao: Horribly.

Kenzie: . . . That’s all you have to say?

Thao: Yep.

Kenzie: You don’t want to expound on that answer. At all.

Thao: Nope.

Kenzie: Okay. Bella? How about you?

Bella: Well, up until a few moments ago I thought I would come back into the story, but. . .

Kenzie: *nodding sagely* Now you think you’re going to die?

Bella: . . .yes. . .?

Kenzie: Good answer. Peter?

Peter: I think it’s going to end a lot like this interview, to be honest.

Kenzie: And last, but never the least. . . Adaline.

Adaline: I have a feeling they’re all going to die.

Peter: You mean we’re all going to die.

Adaline: No. They’re.

Kenzie: And that is all we’ve got for today, folks!

Peter: Wait, what do you mean, ‘they’re’? Who are you talking about?

Kenzie: Stay tuned for next week, when I bring the great and terrible Jevron Crowe up onto the stage!

Thao: Wait. WHAT?!

Kenzie: If you have any questions you’d like to ask either him or the rest of the cast — whether it’s their favorite food, their preferred weapon of choice, who they think is going to die first —

Thao: You can’t seriously be thinking about bringing my grandfather up here, too. This pathetic couch is literally going to collapse.

Peter: Adaline, seriously, who are you talking about?

Kenzie: — go ahead and leave them down in the comments below! The cast of everlost simply LOVES answering your questions. As always, until next time. . .

Kenzie: *flings cookies in the air and disappears*

. . .

Thao: We can still see you, you know. You can’t just say *flings cookies in the air and disappears* and expect to disappear. That’s not how this work–


talk to me, peasants!

So! That’s all I’ve got for today, Cyberspace! I’m really not sure what I’m doing with these update posts right now, and based on the fact that this was basically just a conglomeration of everything under the sun, you probably already figured this out by now. However, March Hare Madness is going simply splendidly, and I really don’t have time to try and edit through this thing.

SO. With that being said, I’m guessing all future Tuesday update posts are going to consist of the same madness.

It’s gonna be great.

And in next week’s update, since I’m hoping and praying with the utmost positivity that I might actually be only one or two chapters away from finishing March Hare Madness! – Part One, I’m gonna be doing a bit of a Q&A with the cast. Including Jevron Crowe, who just so happens to be Thao’s father. (duhn duhn DUHN!!!!!) So if you have any questions you’d like to ask them, whether it’s about the story or just their lives in general, just pop those into the comments below, and I’ll be sure to include them in next week’s interview!

And also be sure to let me know what you think about the interviews at the end of these posts! Do you like them? Do you think they’re getting in the way of the regular update-y sections of the smudge? Do you LOVE them? (because I love them. . .) And also, how has your week been? Have you been getting a lot of writing done? ARE YOU READY FOR CAMP NANOWRIMO???? (aha. #no) Let us talk about ALL OF THE THINGS down in the comments below!

As always, until next time. . .

*flings cookies in the air and disappears*


20 thoughts on “March-Hare Madness! – Week One: The Humble Beginnings (feat. the cast of everlost)

  1. So I don’t have something sad to make you stop squealing, but this fun fact was so awesome that my sister’s then-fiance sat on our kitchen floor sobbing happily: pandas are no longer on the Endangered Species list. (It’s old news but it’s worth repeating.)
    But congrats on getting three chapters knocked out already! Keep up the good work!
    Also, Adaline reminds me a bit of Luna Lovegood. Not sure if I’ve said this before, but I like it, lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hahahahaha! WELL NOW I’M JUST SQUEALING EVEN MORE. Because panda bears are adorable and deserve life and also people sobbing happily is lovely. XD
      EEP! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve actually knocked it down to only five-and-a-half-ish chapters, and I am just SO PUMPED. Like, I know that it’s going to require a lot of editing. Again. But IT’S STILL JUST SO MUCH FUN SEEING EVERYTHING GET DESTROYED, ACK!!!

      Awwww!! This just totally made my day! I LOVE Luna Lovegood! I’ve kinda always wanted to be Luna Lovegood, to be honest. And Adaline is my smol precious child and I just love her so much… XD


  2. Congrats on all the progress! Yay YOU!

    Oh, man. I’ve missed your characters. Thao is perfectly snarky and Adeline is lovably strange and Peter is stupendously Peter. But did you actually delete Bella?! Because she’s such a cinnamon roll and I like heeerrrrr.

    Yay for Jevron, though! Looking forward to meeting him…. Can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    • EEEP! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! *hugs* *and also continues squealing for 3,000 years*

      EE! I am so happy you like my happy little cast!!! You have no idea how much that means to me!! And no, I didn’t delete her! I know it kinda sounded like I deleted her, but basically what I meant is that technically she’s missing throughout this part of the story. And the other characters don’t know where she is. (mwahahahahahaha!!!) And AWWW! I’m so glad you like her!!! She’s one of my tougher characters to crack, but I think she’s getting stronger through the second draft!

      MWAHAHAHA!! Things should be very interesting with him around… He’s kind of my villain, so…#help XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. *wipes single tear* My nephew was so precious. Please don’t kill him. Tell him there’s a guest room waiting for him in my house and I’m making pot roast.


    You are doing a fantastic job, you will do wonderful on March Hare Madness, I believe in you! :D

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHAHA!! I make no promises. HOWEVER, I shall definitely tell him that his aunt is making him pot roast. He’s kind of literally starving right now, so I’m sure he’ll jump on that offer with much enthusiasm… XD

      ME TOO!!!! ASDFGHJKL!!!!!!! It is going to be FABULOUS! I cannot wait… EEP!

      Awwww!!! Thank you SO much, Ruby!!! You have no idea how much that means to me! This month is going a lot better than I had expected, and I am just so extremely happy with how it’s started out… The second half of the month, however, shall probably be a different story… Aha… XD

      Liked by 1 person

    • EEEP! Thank you so much, you wonderful bean!!! March has actually been going moderately well, so that’s definitely a plus. XD HA! I am not holding out much hope for not being dead. But I must learn to be dead whilst still breathing in order to achieve my ultimate life-goal of being a dead man walking. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yay for character chats and SO MUCH EXCITE IN THIS POST, KENZIE. I’m so happy writing is treating you well and things are going great!! :D :D I hope it keeps up! (And pfft, any pace of writing is a good pace if you’re happy with it. ;) Also I love your characters names!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW, RIGHT??? I really love doing these. They’re so weird at first, but I feel like with enough practice, I can figure out the swing of it. XD ASDFGHJKL!!! I know!!! It’s crazy. I’m crazy. The voices inside of my head are crazy… Aha. Awww!!!! Thank you so much!!! I hope it keeps up, too, honestly. XD I have some worries about the second half of the month. XD
      (You kow, this is a very solid truth. :D And EEP! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! “Bella” is actually a stand-in name until I feel like I can release her ‘real’ name [#spoilers], but I’m kind of in love with their names… Especially Thao. XD So THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That honestly means a ton to me!)


  5. THE INTERVIEW. YESSS. *has literal tears in her eyes from laughing so hard* Thao is the best. ever. (Remind me on how you say his name, tho?? because at the moment it’s rhyming with Sao. Also you said Jevron is Thao’s father??)

    But the rest of the post was also funny – your writing style does that – and not at all boring! Don’t ever think you’re boring us, Kenzie. (Some of us online have just as weird of a sense of humour [the kind that appreciates pitchforks and eyeball twitches and such] as you do. [Yes, I’m concerned too.])

    “Kill us now, somone. Anyone.” More interviews this week? HOORAY. (I’m so pleased I email-subscribed because honestly I can’t afford to miss your posts! [or that special post we are still waiting on.] [Don’t rush it, though. Finish Everlost first! *cheers*])

    Liked by 1 person

    • MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am so pleased you liked it!!!! EEP! He likes to think that, as well. XD (Oh! You actually pronounce it “Thay-o”. Like a fillet-o fish. Or a potato. XD [and UGH. Thank you so much for pointing this out. I’ve actually gone through MANY revisions with Jevron. He started out being called Jacin/Jason/James, and he actually WAS his father, but then I changed him to Jevron, and now he’s his GRANDFATHER. Either my fingers fumbled, or my brain wasn’t sure which one I was talking about. XD])

      Awwwwwww! Oh my word, thank you SO much, Jem. You honestly have no clue how much that means to me! *hugs* Boring people is like my Ultimate Fear. XD (YESSSS!!! This is something I have noticed! It is wonderful to have found a group of people who think like me!!!! [in most cases… XD {be concerned. be VERY concerned. XD}])

      Yep!!! Another one was posted. . .actually two days ago. :P Goodness, I’m so behind on the blogosphere. BUT I AM TRYING. XD (oh my goodness!!! you email subscribed??? JEM YOU ARE SUCH A WONDERFUL SMOL LITTLE BEAN, EEEP! *hugs again* [oh. ahahahahaha… yes. about that… XD actually, I AM planning on doing that after EV, soooooooo…?])


  6. Hiya! I don’t think we know each other yet, but I’m Gracie and I’m 14! I am also an absolute lover of writer and I was wondering about the possibility of joining your Camp NaNo cabin? I know Ruby over at The Sea Calls Us Home and also Ally from Whimsically Ally and they both said I needed to ask you??? If you don’t have space, no worries!

    Thanks! Gracie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Gracie! We would absolutely LOVE for you to be in the cabin with us this year!!!! We’ve got plenty of bunks, so no worries there! Fair warning, though, this group is pretty crazy. XD But we’re also super encouraging and supportive, and will be right there with you to help you achieve your goals! <3 All I'm gonna need from you is your Camp NaNo username (and also for you to make sure you've created a project and checked that your cabin settings will allow me to send the invite!) and then we're good to go! I'm really excited to have you join us!!!

      – Kenzie :D

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hiya! Someone that I know from blogging has already invited me to join their cabin and although I would love to join yours too, I already accepted their offer. Unless you can be in more than one cabin – I’m a massive newbie so I don’t know – I probably won’t be able to join you guys. I am SO sorry and thank you so much! You seem so nice and your cabin sounds great. If this one doesn’t work out, I’ll bear you all in mind. My username is Gracie Chick @ A Light In The Darkness

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh no!!! :(( But that is PERFECTLY fine, Gracie!!! I totally got to your message late, so it’s my fault. And you can only be in one cabin (which is lame :P ) but that’s okay! I hope your Cabin works out, and also, GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NANO!! I hope you’re able to write ALL OF THE WORDS! XD And oh! I’ll buddy you on the NaNo site, too!

          Liked by 1 person

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