The 2020 Silmaril Awards – Awards Ceremony for Most Nefarious Villain

The Smudged Thoughts’ studio is eerily quiet. Darkness curls around its edges, shrouding the room in a thick blanket that’s nearly suffocating. Feet rustle in the stands. Someone munches on popcorn in the darkness.

A voice near the very back mumbles a grumpy “are you sure we’re in the right place?” to its companion, who hushes him almost immediately.

The time is exactly midnight, and the anticipation of the crowd is palpable. They know why they have gathered. They know what is to come.

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2020 Silmaril Awards Voting Round: Most Nefarious Villain!

voting for the 2020 silmaril awards is NOW CLOSED! (technically it’s been over for a few days, but LOL OOPS. add that to the list of things I’ve forgotten to fix…) ahem. anyway. thank you so much to everyone who voted! you guys are the best! <3

>>> <<<

good morning, cyberspace!

And welcome back to the 2020 Silmaril Awards center for Most Nefarious Villain! Last week we opened up nominations for you guys to vote in your most favoritest, most vile fantasy villains of all time, but tonight … well, tonight we get to reveal which five made it into the final voting round!

Now, as this is my first time hosting/participating in the Silmaril Awards (hello, yes, I’m a newb), I had absolutely no clue what to expect during nominations week. I definitely did not expect it to fly by at the speed of a pixie wing, and I most definitely did not expect to receive over 60 villain nominations over the course of five days–all of which are now lounging about in my living room watching the extended editions of Lord of The Rings and monologuing about their tragic backstories. This is the most traffic I’ve ever had on my smol little blog, and–not gonna lie–it’s kinda freaking me out. But it’s not freaking me out near as much as the fact that Captain Hook used his hook as a skewer for last night’s shish kebobs, so I digress.

This past week I’ve had villain after villain flock to my door looking for solace, comfort, and the desire to return home with a beautiful Silmaril which they can then flaunt in their arch rival’s face. It’s been a beautiful, chaotic time, and though I’m sad to see so many of them go, I do believe having so many villains trapped beneath my roof is starting to affect me…

*adjusts collar of my billowing scarlet cape nervously*

But anyway. Let’s get on to the finalists, shall we?

>>> <<<


KENZIE: Ahem. *clears throat and taps microphone nervously* Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cookies and crumblings, welcome one and all to the 2020 Silmaril Awards finalists panel! We have only the best of the best in the line of villainy lined up for you all today, so please make sure to keep all children, small pets, short friends, and screaming fangirls secured before we continue.

*sounds of restraint rifle through the crowd,

Thank you. Now that that’s all settled, we can officially get onto the nominations!

Our first nominee, is none other than…

Lord Whitlock from Beaumont and Beasley by Kyle Robert Shultz

Lord Whitlock–a tall, powerfully built grey-haired fellow in his fifty-somethings–is what we can only describe as the prime example of the perfectly dressed, perfectly megalomaniacal villain. (whether or not he will murder you for the sake of his own end is highly debatable. [actually, that’s a lie. he will definitely murder you. oops.]) Often found in a suit and tie like the gentleman that he totally is, Lord Whitlock is grudge-holding, rune-wielding enchanter who enjoys destroying things just for the fun of it.

…..*whispers* I think I just found the magical counterpart of my boy Moriarty, guys….

KENZIE: AHEM. *resists the urge to fangirl* Let’s bring out our boy, shall we? Come out, come out, wherever you are, Lord Whitlock!

A tall, shadowy figure lumbers out onto the platform, his fingers carefully adjusting his perfectly positioned tie with the utmost care.

KENZIE: Ah! There he is! Please take a seat, good sir. *waves nonchalantly towards the interviewing couch, which is a staple here at the LET’S CHAT! studios* The others will be joining us shortly.

LORD WHITLOCK: *sinks rather uncertainly onto the shabby, worn couch, his eyes full of suspicion and perhaps the distaste at having found himself in such a dismally inexperienced blogger’s company* Others?

KENZIE: Oh, yes! Five of you were invited here today, don’t you know? In fact… *flips notecards carefully, squinting down at her own scribbled handwriting which, unfortunately, no longer resembles anything from the English language* Aha, here we are. I do believe you’ll recognize a few of them from last year’s Silmaril Awards!

LORD WHITLOCK: *with apparent disgust* Oh no… Please don’t tell me–

KENZIE: *tosses index card over her shoulder gleefully* Let’s bring out our next contestant, shall we? This one actually has a similar title to you, Locky!

LORD WHITLOCK: Do not call me that.


Lord Voldemort from The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Lord Voldemort–a.k.a. He Who Must Not Be Named–is essentially the most powerful wizard within the Harry Potter universe. However, most fans often are of the opinion that he is far less disturbing than his cat-loving counterpart, Dolores Umbridge, who has unfortunately been beaten out yet again by the honorable Dark Lord. (it is said that when the news was broken to her, she smashed no less than three of her highly esteemed cat plates)

Voldemort can most often be found drinking unicorn blood in the Forbidden Forest late in the evening, terrorizing small children on Halloween night, and burning down local candle shops. (the reason for which he will not claim, but I think we can all make a solid guess.)

At Kenzie’s summons, the Dark Lord apparates onto the platform, his dark robes billowing about his serpentine figure. His slitted eyes burn into the audience, which seems to quiet down, simultaneously sucking in a bated breath.

Someone near the back of the audience breaks the silence.


“Shut up, Ronald!”

KENZIE: *hastily flipping her cards whilst Voldemort spins towards the voices, his, long, bony fingers tightening against his Yew wand* Ahem! Come on over and take a seat beside dear Mr. Whitlock, your Dark Lordiness!

VOLDEMORT: *sneering at the sight of Lord Whitlock* I would rather not…

KENZIE: Oh, come now! We’re all friends here!

Two piercing scowls cut through Kenzie, and she plasters a grin to her face and moves on hastily.

KENZIE: Okay, then! Next contestant!

The Nameless Evil Named Gnag The Nameless from The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson

The Nameless Evil Named Gnag The Nameless is the resident villain of the beloved Wingfeather Saga (a series our esteemed host has yet to read and is severely regretting in this moment.) The leader of the terrible, nasty fangs, Gnag The Nameless enjoys destroying whole kingdoms in his free time and exacting his revenge on all who ever wronged him.

At the mention of his name, Gnag appears on the stage, the hems of his robe whispering against the smooth floor. The sound of hooves clicking beneath him follows him all the way to the couch, where he nestles himself a little too closely beside Lord Whitlock.

Lord Whitlock curls his lip in disgust and fidgets closer to the armrest, which does very little in the way of putting distance between himself and Gnag.

VOLDEMORT: What a disgusting creature…

Gnag’s white eyes swivel towards Voldemort.

GNAG: *sneering* Have you looked in a mirror, recently?

KENZIE: *hastily flips her cards before Voldemort can Avada Kedavra the nameless evil named Gnag* All righty, then, moving on! Our next contestant is yet another runner up from last year. Will this be the year he finally wins the coveted Silmaril Award?

Brother from Deadwood by Kyle Robert Shultz

Quite possibly the most terrifying villain here, Brother is the soulless creation of none other than alchemist Nicolai Gepetto. Gepetto’s goal was to create a form of life through magic, but soon rejected his child creation and sent Brother–also known as Pinocchio, though he despises the name–down the raging path of madness. Disliking the puppet body he had once inhabited, Brother has since transcended into a being of pure thought and now enjoys turning living creatures into his own personal puppets, possessing human bodies, and manipulating any form of wood he can find.

KENZIE: All right, Brother! You can come out now!


KENZIE: …Brother?

BROTHER: I’m already here, you blind old bat!

Kenzie jumps as the taunting jeer leaks out of the cards in her hands, and she flings them halfway across the room with a startled shriek.

BROTHER: HEY! *the voice splits into an echo as the cards separate against the smooth floor* Don’t drop me! Precious cargo, here!

Gnag hisses as two of the cards flitter towards his feet. Voldemort’s face contorts into horror at the talking cards, and he flicks his wand into the air with a deafening cry.


Beams of green light shoot from the tip of Voldemort’s wand, obliterating the cards.

BROTHER: Gee, great idea there, big guy. Killing an index card. Remind me to vote you in for Most Nefarious Villain. You deserve it.

Brother’s voice now seeps out from Voldemort’s wand, and Voldemort hisses, tossing the offending stick of wood out into the now screaming crowd. Sparks fling out of the wand, catching a man’s coat on fire in the front row.

As the stand-by fire squad rushes down through the crowd to put out the sparking inferno amidst Brother’s cackling, Kenzie hastily tries to compose herself.

KENZIE: Ahem. Yes. Well, I believe we have one last finalist who–

???: –needs no introduction, my dear.

Captain Hook from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Captain Hook–known to some in Neverland as a codfish–is the one-handed villain in J.M. Barrie’s well-loved fairytale, Peter Pan. Frequently outwitted by a young boy who refuses to grow up, it is quite a shock that he has made it this far within the Silmaril Awards. However, seeing as though he is continuously hunted down by a hungry crocodile–of whom it is rumored to have eaten Hook’s missing hand–it is probably a good idea that he tries to win this award as quickly as possible.

KENZIE: *relieved to see that at least one of the villains seems relatively excited to be here* Ah! Captain Hook! Nice to see you’ve joined us.

CAPTAIN HOOK: Oh, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity for the world, love. Mr. Smee has been flaunting that ridiculous rock of his for the past three years. Not to mention that awful boy receiving another one a year later… It was only a matter of time before I was recognized for my excellence. This comes as no surprise to me, surely.

KENZIE: Um … you are aware that you haven’t actually won the award yet, right?

HOOK: ‘Yet’ being the operative word, my dear.

KENZIE: Uh … right. Well, then. I suppose now that everyone is here, we can get to the voting!

The screaming from the crowd intensifies as the flames grow stronger, and more of the waiting fire crew speeds down through the crowd, trying to evacuate everyone before the inferno can spread.

KENZIE: Thank you all so much for joining us today! Your votes can be cast until September 11th, so make sure to get your votes in for each category before then! And if you haven’t already, make sure to hop around to each of the host blogs to check out the Top 5 in each category!

Brother’s maniacal laughter erupts from the still panicking crowd, and Voldemort disapparates in a fury of black robes.

“Everyone, stay calm please!” one of the fire squad shouts amid the fray.

No one stays calm.

KENZIE: Each of the links will be available at the exit, as well as the voting form. As always, until next time…

KENZIE: *flings cookies in the air and disappears*

>>> <<<

time to vote, peasants!

Now it’s time to cast your votes! Who will you pick to win the coveted Silmaril Award?


And don’t forget to check out the other hosting blogs! These people–unlike me–are actually professionals, and therefore know what they are doing. XD

Thanks for holding out through all of this insanity, my friends! I cannot WAIT to see which of our delightful villains wins this year’s Silmaril!

Going Forward

good morning, cyberspace!

As you may have noticed, I unwittingly disappeared from the blogosphere yet again. Am I proud of this? lol, nope. But sometimes life likes to give you a nice little drop-kick to the spleen, and that, my dear beans, is what happened this summer.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that 2020 has been the year of unpredictability, but as much as I want to blame my inconsistencies on this year and all the horrors it has flung at us, I can’t. The truth is, the only person I can blame for my horrible habit of falling off the face of the earth time and again is myself. I’m the one not putting my whole self into blogging and writing and staying consistent. I’m the one who doesn’t even try to get organized, and therefore doesn’t have anything to post when Tuesday rolls around. I’m the one who needs to make some changes to the way I do things, and therefore, that is what I’m trying to do.

I know I said I have some news for you all this week, and that post will be coming out in a day or so. But today is for clarifying something that’s been heavy on my mind for quite some time:

I don’t know where this blog is going.

Have I mentioned this before? Maybe. I honestly don’t even remember. But the fact remains that I no longer know the direction in which to take this. When I first started out, it felt easy. Almost natural. Like blogging was a part of me that I hadn’t realized I’d been missing until I had it. But lately, blogging has felt less like a part of me that I’ve been missing, and more like a past part of myself I’m trying to hold on to.

Smudged Thoughts means so much to me, guys. I’m not sure if I can fully describe the extent of it. This blog is where I found my voice, where I stepped out of my shell and created a thing I’m proud of. It’s where I met my friends and released the side of myself that I’d been holding back for so long. The Kenzie you see standing before you today is here because of Smudged Thoughts. Had she not taken a leap of faith nearly four years ago and created this smol little chaos corner, I might be an entirely different creature.

Possibly a goblin. Or a unicorn.

But despite how much I love and cherish and adore this blog, even a dreamer like me has to admit that we sometimes outgrow things. Sometimes we have to give things up in order to have greater, grander opportunities present themselves. And this has been my conundrum–not for the past three weeks of my absence–but for the past few months.

Lately it feels like I keep rehashing the same old things. It feels like nothing is new anymore, and every post I write feels like an old outline recycled. And as someone who thrives on the new and the exciting and the adventurous . . . I don’t like this feeling. So I’ve been pondering, stewing, thinking over ways to fix this, and all the while, I keep disappearing from the internet without so much as a word of warning. And I hate that. I hate disappearing. I hate not being present in this beautiful community. I hate not feeling like I have the time to be a part of it, because in all actuality, I do have the time. I’m just not making it a priority.

And admitting that is like stabbing myself in the shin.

So I’ve been considering my options. I’ve been tossing them back and forth for the past few days especially, trying to determine how I want to move forward. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, actually. A lot of decisions have been made in the course of so little time that I’m quite literally shocked by the pile of them I now have sitting in the corner. But even as I type this, the truth of what I know I want becomes clearer. It’s just a matter of doing it that frightens me. Because I know–I know–what I must do. And I know that I’m going to fall again.

And again.

And probably again until I eventually land on the perfect, golden formula of time-management which constantly eludes me. But the truth is, no matter how much I may think it’ll be easier just to give up blogging in its entirety, just to have the fear of failure no longer sweating over my back, I can’t. I love it too much. I love my corner of the internet too much. And I love this community too much, even if I haven’t been as big a part of it lately as I’ve wanted to be.

But what I said about outgrowing things is still true, which is why I’m taking the plunge and–with any luck–changing some things up around here. I want to talk about books more. Good books, especially. Which is why–in the coming months–you might be seeing more reviews from me. But I also want to talk about writing and life, as well. Because being a writer isn’t all there is to living. There are so many adventures to be had out in this great and crazy world, and I want to go out and seize them. And I want to share my journey into the writing and publishing world with you all.

So even though I’ve been disappearing, Smudged Thoughts is sticking around, even if I have the occasional slip-up. Who knows if I’ll fall off the face of the earth again, but if I do, know that I will keep coming back.

Again and again and again.

>>> <<<

talk to me, peasants!

Well, I’m back. This wasn’t exactly the post I’d planned to publish today, but then again, plans have never been my strong suit. XD I’m not really sure what to ask for questions, though, so we’ll just go with something random.

If there is one post you’d like to see from me in the future, what is it, and why?

I currently have a few posts already planned or in the works, so let’s see if I can actually keep my head this time around…

As always, let’s talk about ALL of the things in the comments below! And until next time–because there will be a next time…

FALLING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: reacting to my blog search histories

good morning, cyberspace!

Today’s post is one that I am v e r y excited about, my friends. Recently I read a post from my enviously talented friend, Kate, in which she went through her blog search histories and commented on all the weird and wacky searches that brought slightly grammatically challenged Googlers to her blog. As she said in her post, this is something that Cait from Paper Fury has done on numerous occasions in her monthly recaps, and something that I–inspired by Cait–have also done in the past. (I’m a pirate, what can I say. [although one could argue that it’s not true piracy when I blatantly admit that the idea is 100% not my own? but whatever. LET ME BE A PIRATE, PEASANTS!!!!])

Ahem. Moving on.

Today, as you could probably guess, I’m going to be reacting to my most recent search histories! I feel like a sufficient amount of time has passed for me to have some decent pileage to sift through, so without further ado, let’s crack open that Search Terms bar and find some things to comment on!

>>> <<<

— FALLING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: reacting to my blog search histories —

i. gif of wicked witch of the west saying curses

Um. . .? I’m not entirely sure why this particular search brought you to my blog, but I think I may know what you’re looking for.

Wizard Of Oz GIF

There you go. It’s always my goal to make sure my readers are taken care of.

ii. the pros and cons of the boy from wonder going to school // pros and cons of the book wonder // what were the cons and pros of august of wondergoing to school // strength and weakness of the book wonder // pros and cons of auggie going to school // what are some cons of auggie going to school

Fun Fact: I definitely don’t know what the pros and cons are for August Pullman going to school in the book Wonder. But I can definitely tell you some cons to writing a pro/con review of the book Wonder!

Con #1 – THIS.

iii. super villian cliches

Okay, so technically I wrote a whole post about Villain Cliches about three thousand years ago (it was initially going to be part of a series, but . . . lol. that has unfortunately not happened yet), but holy guacamole. I never even thought about doing supervillain cliches???

Someone get on this. I need this list in my life STAT.

iv. reviews of

Uh . . . okay, so I have absolutely no clue what this website is, and honestly, I’m a little scared to look?

*one google search later*

Aha. Okay. So to save you the trouble of googling this and having it forever scarred in your search history (as it is now in mine), I’m just going to put it politely and say that it looks like a “dating app”. But since you’re apparently here for a review on this particular website, allow me to give you what you came for.


PROS none

CONS this site exists

OVERALL OPINIONS — Don’t use this website. It’s creepy and looks like something my great uncle Carl would use to try and find his next serial murder victim.

The end.

v. otp writing challenge

Yesssssss!!! This challenge was SO much fun to do! I highly recommend it to any writer out there looking for a fun, easy post to draft. Of course, my version of this tag was slightly weird because I *cough* don’t write romance, but you can still check it out right here if you’re interested!

vi. bookpub a scam

I believe we’re missing an important ‘is‘ in there, and the answer to that is YES. Anything with the word ‘pub’ in it sounds like a scam to me. (although this is coming from the girl who thought the NaNoWriMo site was going to give her a virus, so….?)

Now, if you were asking me about bookbub, on the other hand . . . then the answer to that is probably still a yes. I wouldn’t trust it.

Be safe, people. Scams are everywhere.

vi. an experiment is a beautiful thing it is an adventure

Oh my word, I wholeheartedly agree with your rather strangely worded and grammatically incorrect sentence! (there should be a semi-colon in there, friend.) But I digress. An experiment IS a beautiful thing, and it is most certainly an adventure. What a wonderful way to phrase that!

vii. am ia pile of disappointment

Well then. This is probably the saddest search term I have in my inbox.

No, friend. You are most definitely NOT a pile of disappointment. And I sincerely hope that if this search term really and truly did bring you to my blog, that you come away from my posts with a smile on your face and the knowledge that you’re worth more than diamonds and rubies and the whole force of a dragon’s hoard.

Whatever made you google this, just know that it does get better eventually. Okay? Okay.

. . . and lastly, our final search term of the day. . .

viii. smudged thoughts

AHA!!! See??? At least someone knows what to put into Google to find some quality content.

Whoever did this, you’re my new favorite. <333

>>> <<<

talk to me, peasants!

And there you have it, friends! This post is rather short and sweet, I know, but there have been Things going on in my life–things to prepare for, things to do, things to REMEMBER–and I’ve just kinda been hiding from the internet like the scared little chameleon that I am. This is what happens when I get stressed out, apparently. I HIDE. (does anyone else do this? No? Just me? Okay then…)

But anyway! On to the questions!:

  • what is the weirdest search you’ve ever found in your history?
  • have you ever read the book Wonder? and if so, DO YOU KNOW THE PROS AND CONS OF HIM GOING TO SCHOOL? because I seriously get like eight of these every month, apparently.
  • have you ever tried bookpub (or even bookBUB), and is it a scam? the public needs to know.

And lastly, most important of all–


Because holy guacamole that would be so much fun to draft. . . *eyes messy drafts folder warily*

As always, let’s talk about ALL OF THE THINGS! down in the comments below! And until next time. . .

The ‘You Made A Difference’ Tag! — Celebrating The Bloggers Who Brought Me Here

good morning, cyberspace!

Today, my dearest peasants, is a day of pure celebration. For today is the day in which I post Smudged Thoughts’ 200th blog post!

*internal screaming*

I honestly can’t believe we’ve made it this far, guys. Smudged Thoughts started out as just a smol little hobby of mine in 2016, but since then I feel as though it’s grown into so much more. It’s become my safe space, my tiny corner of the internet in which I can scream and rant and fangirl about all of the writerly/bookish things. And over the past 3+ years, I’ve found community here on the blogosphere. It’s been a wonderful, beautiful, magical ride, and I wouldn’t trade away these past three–almost four!–years for anything in the world.

So today, in honor of our 200th blog post and all the wonderful peeps I’ve met here on the blogosphere, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to do a tag!

But not just ANY tag, however. This tag in particular was created by the ever mischievous, forever enchanting Jem Jones, who just so happens to be one of my favorite humans on this whole entire earth. (hint: this means you definitely need to go follow her blog, peasants.) Secondly, it’s a tag about other bloggers–specifically the blogs and bloggers that influenced us in our blogging/creative journeys. And if THAT doesn’t sound like the perfect way to honor my life here on the blogosphere, then I don’t even know what is.

Unfortunately, I cannot, however, don my spare ski mask and eye-patch and become the thieving pirate burglar that I’ve always dreamed of for this tag, because Jem was an absolute dear and ACTUALLY TAGGED ME FOR THIS. So alas. I’m doing this, not under the guise of piracy, but with a gentle pat on the head and a soft, “Hey, Kenzie, you should totally do this tag!”

Very disgruntling, I can assure you.

But I digress. If you are reading this and find I did not tag you, BY ALL MEANS please tag yourself and go for it! This tag actually takes your answers and turns them into the taggees, which I find a very delicious concept.

Let’s begin!

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The Fairy Tale Blog Tag!


Today I’m coming at you with YET ANOTHER BLOG TAG! Aha. I know. I’m so original. But the fact of the matter is, there’s only one more day left of February. Which means that there’s only one more day left to enter the Fiary Tale Blog Tag linkup over at Fairy Tale Central.

WHICH MEANS THAT IF I DON’T POST THIS NOW, I’M NEVER GOING TO POST THIS. And that, my friends, simply cannot be. This is a tag about fairytales. I LOVE fairytales. Therefore we are doing this tag, peasants.

So sit back, relax, and listen to me squeal for the next half hour. *flings cookies in your face*Read More »

Good Morning, 2020! (feat. my super awesome mega goals for the new year!)

good morning, cyberspace!

Last week we talked about all of the things that happened in 2019. This week, seeing as though it’s the bright, shiny new start to a brand new year (and also a brand new DECADE, but let’s just ignore that horrible thought for a moment), we’re going to be talking all about my super awesome mega plans for 2020! And, though I don’t want to give away too many spoilers for what’s to unfold in this post, I will say that some of these plans may or may not include taking the next step in my publishing journey. So. There’s that.

*eternal screaming*

shocked andrew scott GIF

Let’s dive right in, shall we?Read More »

The Blogiversary Giveaway — THE FINALE

good morning, cyberspace!!!

I am so, so, so, SO impossibly excited for today’s post, you guys! For the past three months, I’ve been taunting and teasing and poking you all with this smol little giveaway of mine, and finally–FINALLY!!!–I’m able to announce the winner!!!

And YES, I didn’t get all of the blogiversary things done like I wanted to (like that missing short story that I FINALLY FOUND only to throw in the garbage because it was a dumpster fire, or that blog post that revisits my very first smudge. [the beginning is finicky and I am #done with it at this point.]), but we’re just going to ignore all of my procrastinations and failures and focus on the CELEBRATION! On the prizes!! On the one lucky winner who will be selected to be the happy recipient of a glorious pen and notebook combo!

And since even I don’t know who the winner’s going to be at this point, this is bound to be a roller coaster of excitement for us all.

But before we get into the whole “who’s the winner???” bit of this, we first have some short stories to look at! Because HOLY GUACAMOLE, folks! You wrote some killer shorts for this giveaway!

and also I was going to write something, too, but then that completely failed, so whatever. we’re ignoring my failures right now, remember?Read More »

The Blogiversary Giveaway — EXTENDED!

good morning, cyberspace!

Due to an unforeseen glitch with our submission form and our lovely and esteemed writer’s inexplicable infatuation with the number 19, the Three-Year-Blogiversary Giveaway shall be running until the 19th of October, with the winner announced–as previously mentioned–on the 23rd.

Also, our smol writer would like to mention that this extension of the giveaway’s deadline has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that she has not yet managed to write a short story for her own contest. Absolutely not. She is on top of everything and is not panicking at all.

Ahem. Anyway.

Anyone wishing to enter the contest now has until the 19th, and if you so wish to write a short story for 13 extra entries, you may submit that story either within the form below, or email us personally at with a subject title of SHORT STORY ENTRY. Guidelines for short story entries are posted here.

Thank you for your support, and good luck.

Yours Sincerely,

The Smudged Thoughts Team

Eight Types of Creatives: A Very Non-Exhaustive List

good morning, cyberspace!

Are you a creator? Do you like making something out of nothing (or something new out of something old?) Do you find yourself looking at a pile of tin soda cans and thinking, “Huh. That could be a three-legged crab!”? Do you write books, paint pictures, or draw squibbles with crayons?

Well, then. You, my friend, might just be a creative.

But the question now remains–what KIND of a creative are you? It is my firm–and possibly false–belief that while there are millions of creatives out in the universe, there are also many different types of creatives. So today we shall splay all the many different creative types out on a thick foam slab and dissect them like a frog in biology class!

Let’s dive right in!Read More »